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bethesda wants interplay to stop selling 2d fallout

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i think it depends on the size and metal
like mild steel is prob pretty easy to bend and weld
other stuff not so much
extrusions are neat

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timecop: like how come you cant link to the part in digikey order
what kind of psychological fuckery is that]
like you have to paste the shit into search

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but i didnt care anymore
no u

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that shit looks medevil
like instead of the knife dildo in se7en
they would pop out with that, id be just as disturbed
its the reel thats been sitting there for 12 years thats never been opened
yeah i saw

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but yeah 4000W 4R is harder on the amp who knows maybe killed them

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we had 50A service at CV, and 4000W china amps
they were 4000W 4R
i was testing an 4000W 8R dummy load, i didnt know the amps specs other than 4000W
it did like 3800W 8R 1% THD
did you make that up or paste from logs
anyway the toroid was like 10" across and almost 3U high
it was 4 1000W doig turns
*dog turds
timecop: anyway the toroid sounded like it was gonna rattle to shit
like a ford probe launched into space on a rocket
and one of the level meters would spaz out
mass producing those amps would be a nightmare, a joke
ours worked, tho
(engineering samples, like handbuilt then rebuilt after hipot QA, prob few times)

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if youre not driving like 20 speakers in an array, 9000W is retarded
only thing sounds worse than audio in a car is audio in a rattling car
well yeah obviously
how many of those amps do you think they actually sell?
prob not much more than they give away
dude you buy these from china and mark them up like 500%

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SMPS + class D
thats how its done
thats prob peak tho
because no one can test the fucking claim
need a whole other engine in your car just for the amp
12V 100A supplies cost a ton
lab supplies
who cares
it wont last
you cant put it in a sealed enclosure
youre dumb
you run like 6 12"
or 810"
dbdrag is homosexual

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This amplifier can draw HUGE amounts of current - in excess of 500 amps - you MUST have a very large high output alternator (250-300 or more amps) AND 3-4 Group-31 batteries to power this amplifier (we suggest XS Power D3100s or Stinger SP2150s). Without such electrical system upgrades the warranty is void as they are a *requirement* to run an amplifier this large. We suggest installation only by professional and/or experienced installers for this ampli
its a scam
how is a power supply dropping out going to destroy the amp?
its not
unless the amps are off she shelf china shit (theyre all made with cool extrusion chassis) and they just blow up randomly
and they need an out

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they usually have good dsp preamps
doesnt have aux in?
timecop: thats not bad, its 4x chipamps
if its not for quad parallel system, thats dumb
youre just going to break speakers
it doesnt say rms
so its not
it says rated output

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there more to life than switching voltage from a digital io
whats wrong with that
you can get ones with better gain
but you only use them when you need them in a lot of applications it doesnt matter
current makes things less immune to em bullshit
you have an idle gate, someones cell phone goes off it can pump that shit off and switch your switch too slow
burn it up
youll be like wat

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watch ti will have comparable shit right
itll be like 1/2 the cost
high voltage high power
it makes the saturation voltage limitations less significant
so its high impedance input
well youre an idiot

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just stop stepping on them you dont need cerdip
didnt he accidentally order cerdip something
fuckin awesome
.020" nice

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heh @ 100M
thats like your 0.5pF cap
$11 amp
in like 6 months nico will be eating those like ceral for breakfast
with milk
holy shit
damn were almost pimped out like stock market assholes now
yeah but its good shit
the assman ones or what
oh right you didnt have prob getting those
thats the i am a mfkr amplifier

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timecop: http://www.national.com/analog/amplifiers/precision_op_amps
thats kinda neat
just the way its organized
wonder if they do it for vregs
yeah they need like 10 of those on a page for diff parameters
ion chamber
whats ion chamber

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GNAA tokes?
it does lead to carpentry
danielson: normal SCR?

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fuck cheap shit i get precision and low tempco stuff
i think im totally going to take a little coffee maker and grinder, and 1/2 cup popcorn popper to work
srs coffee breaks
(been air roasting coffee from single original green beans, takes under 10min)

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timecop: email that part number so i dont forget
how many did you want?
youre being me at least 10 theyre like $1 arent they?
well just email qty
broke it
anyway mine looks fine
well youre buying 10 then
im ganking 5
they better be good!
i prob order tomorrow
i have to order stuff for those boards for digi-tal i lagged on for 2 months
then iunno there was other shit i needed
oh pH meter hax
im going to 180 from original design

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danielson: hahahaha
i dont think hes used win7
its pretty
ya rite
were not using each 32b pixel to its highest potential

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heh american production (yay)

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thats medical stuff wasnt it?
i will have to come visit
im maybe up there in a warehouse for work a little after that
also where the american production CNC contractor is located couldnt be more awesome

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`nico: oh i heard you picked a newjob, congrats
or at least macegr says
maybe he is wishful thinking for his community mecha project

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