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guys srs question
where the fuck is my hakko

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yeah itll make browsing parts way faster
if youre doing a pcb no schematic capture, enable ref-packages
and thats it, thats like all the footprints, i think maybe just 1st party but who knows if libs were ever first party

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right click on the main lib dir in control panel

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in control panel make the dot green
if theyre not in control panel, add the directories that youre keeping them in to the libs path

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macegr: ehehe @ wirewrap

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black = death
iec cables ive opened are always black=hot, white=N, green=earth
even then europe ended ones

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ya i know
isnt there a part that sucks too

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because thats all i can think of i thought maybe he had protips
whats that
i was trained by occidental college how to use one so we could test out moonshine in 10th grade
i got to ditch the whole day to babysit it
i dunno if these things are good or not
i just want to feed it like, water and weed and possible honey ale
hahaha my gas chromatograph is gonna be all fucked up
no idea what i even want yet
i just dont want to pay like $5000 for it
i still dont have an AP thats prob more important...

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800x600 96" LCD ftw
thats all i can think of
`nico: beep
how to purchase a gas chromatograph
thats why im asking him

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4-20, April 20th, Bob Marley Day
bob marley day?
he has the same bday as hitler?

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i soldered some at 325C
those were the ones that did the worst, like 7mini at 2A and then almost 4min at 3A, never opened
thats not good either!
it doesnt matter theyre way out of spec
and a few just didnt open at all
at 200%
a couple opened in 5 seconds
thats not even worth clicking on thats so lame

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i got keef on my face =\
also hi
blackmoon: wtf is up with smd 1.5A fuses doing 3A for 3min+
i thought it was the china fuses, but the ones from mouser were doing it too
like about half of them just werent opening up
dukenukem: useless ic
i dont use them for anything!

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oh haha its mostly just those big arrays
neat aqua leds
hahaha that chip has a window
i wonder how long this board has existed

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hahaha @ 1/23 duty
oh like a V follower?
what brand of shit was this?
never heard of it

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