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its prob not that

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wait hybrid
arent they full electric already wtf
thats going backwards
thats what i said!
well, no id prob just go to exjob and steal a toroid
so youre going to make it an smps project
that shit is lame
guys i gotta call fedex
no golfcart
wtf man you got overlap
no its a hybrid gokart
and im like wtf hybrid theyre electric hybrid what
but maybe gas and electric iunno
no gave me the pdf

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damn dx^etch he called you an avrfreak
you just did
other hacker did a 500W one or something at work
was the only thing worked right on that project
haha he brought it up first time with a variac with no feedback
so like, normal audio transformer, but lighter
neat just $50?
because yeah developing smps could end up costing you thousands
a 56V one?
this is for his blaster cannon

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its just a shitty project to work on if its not really the focus of your project
like everytime a pcb doesnt work thats at least week or three until new pcb will arrive
and who knows how long until you find a new way to blow it up
and then one day you realize its 10 years later and you are an smps company

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i cant remember the sg-something chip, tl494 is the other one
its just error amps into a pwm circuit, so schematics will get all crazy because you can get creative with the protection/turn-on circuitry
figuring out chips isnt so hard, getting the magnetics sucks
but if you want 1400W thats a huge project, PCB isnt trivial, i would just buy a battery charger

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deving high current SMPS is like going to war
youre always afraid shit is just going to blow up
no reason
bigass transformer, diode, and cap?
use an efficient transformer
you didnt say it has to be super portable or anything
then yeah, standard pwm chip
with dual error amps
you use for voltage feedback and one for current feedback
theres two chips its prob like half the offline smps in the world

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dx fails to fail

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no i mean whats the psu for
heh Surface Mount, Bottom Entry

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or maybe i should just do an soic8
because the power led comparator and the rail splitter can be in the same spot
theyre cheap i buy some to compare performance
Quantity Available 22,193
you put a timing cap?
dx^etch: youre doing bridge driver now or what

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hahaha @ Vos min = -4.5 max = 4.5
i dont think ive ever seen that
its always absolutes

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i want this thing to draw like 2mA typical, max
and really more like 1mA
then 2mA oh shit batteries LED

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and by then all is lost
4xAAA down to 3v, its over yo
theres got to be something hideous about it...
continuous short circuit protection
i cant think of an opamp that isnt like that

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blackmoon: can you thinki of any parameter besides output current that matters a ton for a rail splitter?
the circuits gonna have like ~DC response, off batteries
even offset doesnt really matter
like nothing matters
temp drift will be too slow to matter
well id be shocked if everything didnt include current regulation
then again i buy like 3 diff opamps + sexy stuff
oh hmm
but again its like a dc response circuit
the only varyling load besides some micropower(100uA max?) amps and some big resistive loads will be the ohshit battery led

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sot23-5 opamps are fucking rad, yo
i like how they sub categorized the IC section at digikey
not allowed
the way squirters or what
its about fucking time
i wonder if they have sot23-5 comparators
my pcb will look like a bunch of ants

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k time for more adventures in digital guitaring bye

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i dont like dark roast coffee
and most medium roast you can buy is pretty dark
whole foods roasts but theyll only have like two light roasts at a time
dark roast is burnt
it all tastes the same
ive only been roasting it for like two months tho!
so now i got fresh roast coffee, fresh harvest herb
dude stfu you are not as lazy as me it takes like under 10min
and you can hear first crack you dont have to babysit it
kk laters

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so air popper roasting is def win i can do smallbatch for one pot of coffee in 10min
`nico: hi
do you have popcorn airpopper for fresh roasting raw coffee beans?
because you need this!

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