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not really
its mostly done
im picking vrefs
this shit is going to be an army of sot23
and maybe an soic8
oh really i dunno maybe two soic8
not really @ 4:3
oh if theyre not in the tape that shit is trash

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whatever fuck all office apps
longcat: heh
longcat: i should have taken pics of the ST chipamps i did when you overvoltage them
they eventually blow a chunk out off the plastic on the top front edge of the chip
i dont even have limit switches =(
yeah pretty sure
i need to set that up
and put the spindle motor on the a relay
timecop: i told UPS to hold all my shit right, from newegg
so they only held 2 of the 4 boxes
and then they put the wrong sticker on one and maybe sent it back to newegg
hub is only open until 6pm so i have to go before work so obviously i was late
now i have to do it again tomorrow
all i got was the acer 17" 4:3 lcd

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pin numbers what wtf are you talking about
yeah transistors go quick
on subamps i worked on, if rail fuses blew, there was almost always blown transistors
stepper mill are slow
60mm per minute
so like 2ipm?
my taig races at 60ipm and i rapid for reliability at 45ipm

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anyway, any system that dwells a machine during screen blanking is fucked
he should setup emc2
you can try that shit from a livecd you just have to edit the config so it scales to your machine
yeah like i said win xp is stupid at realtime
well it should be the speed youre telling it to go
i failed for a day
linux realtime is hardcore, i can do whatever i want and it doesnt fuck up the realtime
timecop: he prob just needs to tune the accel and maybe his steps per inch
or if his machine isnt setup, maybe he just sucks at machines and its sticking and locking the steppers
so like, clean everything, adjust the gibs, etc, assuming its a real mill of some sort
hey my stepper mill been running okay for years
whats units
whats kind of machine
i cant help you youre not tellin me shit sry
if its 120 inches per minute, and its a micromill, he needs to set it to like 20

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voodoos know we should all prob get out more
if the parport is working he just needs to know the step per revolution, the pitch of the leadscrew, if theres any microstepping setup in the driver, the current for the steppers,, the polarity of the driver input signals
pretty easy

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eheheh @ page 1 drawing

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its okay
it runs on winxp so it sucks at realtime
no srs dude
its a hack to get direct hardware access and it doesnt always work
it needs to drive parport at like 25KHz with minimum jitter
and windows xp doesnt do well
screen blanks, the machine dwells
systray popup, machine dwell
but emc on ubuntu does run on gnome
and i can browse web
and open pdf
and the machine dont fuckup
everything else waits
not for this
wtf @ hacker plugs
youre going to datalog your combustion chamber?
haha hes using usb?
and i dont know but xp sucks at realtime enough as it is

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