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yay encee2 is alive \o/
needs os

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no its just a neat way to mount a drive
and if i was using it for a media pc, maybe
seagates arent ever too noisy
lian li anti vibration
these go on the drive
mine are symmetrical but whatever same shit
then see how drives slide in?
holds them pretty snug

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anti vibraration mount on the tiny lian li is impressive

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industrial stuff
kinda, audio electronics =D
tech in a new product engineering department
let you know in a year
and really thats what its supposed to be but a good deal of it is current product support
like you develop procedures for service techs
or fix some problem or add some feature to an existing product
there is almost no industry in america =(
i havent sold anything audio in awhile
those chipamp and preamp pcb i sold to mrtube

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if this project had a boss hed be like hahaha no go do rev b
are you asking personally or how long hes been around the chan
hes been around a lot longer than me
ive been around maybe 6 or 7 years?

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guys i got newegg
timecop: order nearly complete!
one more vref decision
i dont like this shunt bullshit where you gotta put a resistor
i got a precision one for the signal processing stages, but the one i got for the psu needs external resistor
fucking $3.50 bounrs trimmers
theyre 100ppm/C
the murata ones are like $1.50 but theyre 150ppm/C
and the pots have the worst tempco
so looks like ph2dmm is ~$25, not including batteries and box

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