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kinda inconvenient
each bit is like a gate or what?
its prob like 4 or 6 transistors a bit
theyre prob going to start to get worse
more dev money going into solid state
and its amazing hard drives work at all after the first few hours
its prob too big
available package technology

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interitus: the piranha w/ 100mA, yeah
because theyre lambertian
kinda pointless to put that on a 25 degree led
man im totally afraid to open the side of the pc
that stupid vid card is being all huge in there
hard drives are ultra precision mechanical
but they been doing it 1000 years now
so they know what they can cheap out on and what has to be precision
yeah flash is the same kind of manufacturing shitfuck
but they just started
and its on a much smaller level =\

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oh hmm
going to pull this 120gb idea thing i put in those two 500gb samsung drives in raid1
haha @ SD card raid
stus coolest idea

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gotta wonder how much energy it takes to produce and transport panels

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tea time in england
everyone putting the water to boil at the same time
danielson: for what?
15A * 120VAC outlets, 20A * 240VAC outlet
or gtfo
gas stove is so nice
the idea of going solar is 10 year payback
then you prob gotta buy new panels

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inittab: its called waves, research it
couple feet above the ocean = youre already dead

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naw just kidding nothing super exciting about pads
it costs like $10k or something stupid it makes me not want to learn it even if it is easy and does pretty much everything
mentor graphics pads
its an EDA suite like eagle or other examples
ive actually thought it was pretty impressive since i first saw it, but i dunno its hard to lean something new when youre happy with your existing solution
think tekrad is the only person here i know uses it

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only tuesday
so all the people at work on my project have shifted from a QA/reliability focus to this sound design focus
and its like everything stopped breaking all of a sudden
well whatever now i gotta find shit to do
mostly ive been reading pads manual

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