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dx^: yo

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oh huh
maybe thats why there arent so many usb ones
doubt it
thats prob all sorts of driver mess
but i bet if you go to linksys or dlink or whatever they have compatibility lists
the scanner on the copiers at work usually email us
exjob too

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anyone have a eth/usb print server?
meh, want that but usb
they had all sorts of wifi shit at frys im like wtf i have cables

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yeah fuck that im doing assembly
like .025 pitch or something

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blackmoon: http://darkertechnologies.com/image/ph2dmm__pcb_20100509.png
sot23 opamps = neat
sculptor: sot23-3 is pretty standard transistor package
like all the to92 stuff comes in sot23
and mcp6001
the 6001 is like .23 and comes in a bunch of diff pinouts

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its lighter

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