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the gerbers
seen those
pick and place alignment
alot of times theyll put them off the board on a 'tech strip' or whatever they want to call it
so they panel like 9 pcb or whatever
and then along an edge theyll have a long strip with two fiducial whatevers on the ends
yeah big pcb i see them on the boards usually, prob stuff too big too panel anyway

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blackmoon: haha @ 12 shapers

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the backlights

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haha thats what failed on that 3" $1200 bruel and kjaer strobe tube
electrodes just wore themselves down too much

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yeah some mofo with a disease is in my vagina so lets cut him so i can get his blood infections along with his semen infections
wonderful idea
Jaap Haumann
umann's device was designed to resemble a tampon for ease of insertion, and consisted of a hard cylindrical plastic core containing a tensioned spring blade primed to slice when pressed against by the tip of a penis.

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well shit got fucked up
thats my official diagnosis
external xrystal?
haha wtf xrystal
late mornings ftmfw
fuckin external crystal
what are you using for reset pullup
this is avr shit?
oh right
if you reset it does it fix itself?

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