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yay i changed latina jbass tuners and bonginess on the A and D strings is gone!

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they prob move a tiny bit along their axis if the motors arent aligned, but they dont seem to move at all laterally during reversals

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blackmoon: yeah but in normal operation they dont really move
they parts they fit into are close so theres only maybe 1/8" of stick showing

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the sticks?
they dont move

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timecop_: rubber is fine
new taigs use solid plastic sticks
4 of them per motor, in between two metal parts
mine uses little hollow sticks, they havent failed
anyway gotta make that digikey order

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its a G0
G0 doesnt take a feed
G0 goes as fast as the machine will let it
can this guy read rs274 or what?
the machine is slow because it sucks or its not tuned or its not broken in
i got new jbass tuners!
need to order those new SHCS for the bridge
that doesnt sound like anti backlash it sounds like vibration damping motor coupling
anto backlash needs to interface the leadscrew and the axis table
motor doesnt matter so much
that sounds like a typical motor coupling tho, low power, prob fine unless the machine totally sucks
larger shit they will have metal ones that are like sliced to allow for misalignment

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hi wat
is this about your chips because im ordering them now
200mm/min is...
8 ipm
i race the taig at 60 ipm
pretty sure i still use 45ipm for reliable rapids
and yeah my machine isnt fast
its prob fine for a lot of cuts if it can hold that speed loaded
whatever thats retarded
you want the machine to go fast so your rapids dont take forever
when the tool lifts and moves through air to a new position
watching a machine slowly machine air is lame
i typically machine between 1-20 ipm

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direct ship, raw jamaican blue mountain beans
from canadia

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