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wtf sprint.com is hosting drive by shooting ringer

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guys is this way better than fallout 3?

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omg you can mod your weapons with random parts?
guys why didnt you tell me to play this
wat no wiki says yes
All weapons and vehicles on the black market have parameters that can be upgraded in several steps, by building upgrades with weapon and vehicle components. There are over 2,000 parts that the player can acquire
maybe im misunderstanding
parts is like generic energy ball object
there is not some gamefaq yet saying where they all are?
In addition, the player is given a 're-loadable' parachute which is always ready to be deployed, even if it had been deployed and discarded only moments before. This can be combined with the grappling hook and used for a fast method of transport in a technique known as the "slingshot maneuver".
infiniti chute?
do that shit at parties

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do you fly the jet or what
or just get in it
can i has fighter jets?
want naow
are they real?
or semi real like GTA3 cars
what era
harrier with no vtol is like an f4 phantom
does it have the vents?
not if you limited it like a normal harrier
rico rodriguez?

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what if it overruns to zero like lives in SMB
guys is this game so awesome i should get it?
can i get it free or is it some online verify shit i gotta pay for
they shipped my phone with bullshit ringers
the only normal one sounds like a fucking ccfl_man phone
its like 20 morrowinds
or 4 oblivions but i didnt play through that shit
Rip currents "can be very dangerous. It all comes down to a person's swimming ability and comfort level in the ocean," said Patrick Jones, a captain for the Los Angeles County Fire Department's lifeguard division in Hermosa Beach. At some beaches, he said, rip currents can pull a swimmer up to 400 yards from the beach.
haha when i was a kid i didnt know rip currents were bad =\
i used to just swim to the bottom anD PUSH OFF INTO THEM AND POP OUT ON TOP

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zeeshan: what circles again?
and they work
LED grow lights, theyre not as effective as sales bullshit says
but it looks like 50% vs HID might be possible

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some pretty weak ass lights
oh nm that headlight is ok

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dx^: beep beep boop

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and i guess optical sucks because you dont get same signal amplitude when the string is vibrating on diff planes

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my idea sucks tho because you have targeting issues with the lens and now bridge costs has skyrocketed from necessary tolerances
yeah but youd that setup where a normal pickup would be and itd have to surround the string
i dont think itd work so well at the bridge
and you could *maybe* get away with that kind of pickup for a bass, it would annoy me, no way for a guitar
at the bridge the movement is so small, i think with a ccd youd need a lens, and itd prob be measuring movement across a few pixels, and it would prob be pretty fail
heh laser range finders

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well guitar at work has dual core dsp with support microcontroller
so yeah theres like a whole army of coders in the building
it can prob be mono
like 8b grayscale or something
yeah im guessing to maybe 4KHz
really its kind of a full range instrument
no idea ask rab
i know
ill buy shelves and buckets from home depot
put all the dishes to soal in the buckets
because i have to wash them anyway when theyre new (ew lowes dust)
(ya when i say home depot it means lowes, ftw, anyway)
then while the dishes soak i can clean kitchen and cook again
see how awesome my weekends are!

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which would piss me off if it was a bass system because i like heavier gauge flat wound strings
i dont even care how they sound they feel sooooooooo awesome
sound warm too which is neat im always like CAPACITOR KNOB AT MAX to get rid of slappy noises anyway
anyway when one string vibrates basically the whole bridge vibrates
that sounds big tho?
i still wonder if you could make like an optical pickup, cdd and lenses and backlight LED
you could prob just figure out how to get pitch from a few pixels

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how does the mic know which string
yeah, not so easy huh
you wouldnt know which string
so its fail
you need to process per string to do alternate tunings on the fly
you dont play guitar obviously
the string are redundant
5 frets and tones overlap
so most notes are present on more then ones string
it does kind of
hi, thats what i hack on everyday for two months
bridge piezos
dunno if itll work after the saddle
i dont know about robot guitar other than its $5k
and you couldnt do it like that
unless you had to use one specific type of string
gauge and winding style and material

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hmm neat
i wonder if you can cut stencils or something with that
hmm neat
be fun to CNC stencils
guys guys
do you think i can like, point ccd at guitar string through lens and do pitch detection
say the string is backlit by an led
and it would have to be at the bridge so not a ton of movement
i dont think image recognition code will be super hard
because of the consistency
the strings overlap in tone
also everything else is microphonic
because of how it is mounted to the bridge and everything is solid

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he has such odd taste
so anyway
almond milk doesnt taste like milk its like, sugar water with almonds
obviously for the vegans who forgot about milk
soy milk and soy chocolate milk seem pretty win
no idea
maybe just vegan babies

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