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wasnt that a nicholson joker line?
ha right

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and yeah i prob has like 10 of those watches throughout my childhood

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so theyre bustin people for having *any* casio watch

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it has a compass?

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the_gfr|w: shit happens
the captain = my dad

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prob at max draw from the wart and melting the jack because its shorted through pad on the pcb
or maybe its ozone and flux mmm
ozone and soldermask i guess, they clean those mobo pretty good
except sometimes around the through hole slot connectors

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global nuclear war prob wzasnt ever going to happen
tactical nukes is like, worst possible future ever
well its why were fucked
international corporations arent going to make decisions in americas interest
we lost that shit it prob take 2 or 3 decades to get manufacturing back
thats prob best case, worst case is it just never happens

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send me both and maybe i can test them at work
you maybe get them back

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