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wooo 35 line digikey order
its funny i always expect it to come in a big box
its usually like, half a shoebox

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and i use word a ton
for reports and shit at work
is like, samsung cam into gimp into word add arrows and textboxes and shit do bullets pewpewpew
i was told my report was awesome but a bit too wordy for the koreans
]more bullets pewpew

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you got a bare pcb?
or you etched it
dx^: haha i did this three rail switcher, one buck one boost and one inverting rail
and i put a cap so they oscillated at 30KHz for efficiency
no this was long time ago
anyway i was so amazed it worked
it mased this laser blaster noise when it powered up
then it did like, microrattlesnakes
i dunno how to use powerpoint
im pretty good at excel
im like fuck word is that shit really neccessary?

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so by lighting measurement standards, cool white + blue + red leds is towards that ideal absorption curve
its not like, pinpoint efficiency, but you dont have to worry about starving out some essential trace pigment science has no clue about
er not overdriven cool blue
overdriven cool white
okay now i bet all that makes more sense now

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660 is what pops up in searches
its rare
640 is pretty common
450 i think is common, 430 not so much
dx^: consider overdriven cool blue LEDs
so they are even cooler blue
its like, blue, dips down in the green area and then big wide blob of phosphor, yellow that bleeds into amber and you add more reds with other LEDs
its kind of a 'rock' EQ curve
HID is like, 'dance' EQ curve, boosted in the middle and then bits of red and blue

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you think if i call digikey they will break a 50 pack of mil spec pots open for me?
my guitar just needs 3

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need high, sometimes heroic ESR caps
er, low
high performance (!)
smt gpu caps are usually pretty nuts

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background war

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omg my 30.1K 0603 are backordered
to grow what tho
it definitely works

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yeah i dont believe it
but try it
thats prob fine
man fuck wars i got important shit to do
dsp guitars ftw
why are we talking about retarded shit

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try and get it to lock, go to the edges of its range
lots of direction changes
two steppers at once
yes i think but it wont work awesome
haha some retarded shit depends on your prob or fsb speed or something
mach is lame
it might be the thread
realtime thread might be 25us
its a very fast pc?
is it running other shit or its a dedicated install?
anyway choose the bigger option
does it say hz or seconds?
oh yeah pick the slower one
go lowest you dont need speed at all
did you try lowering acceleration at higher speeds?
not really you want a machine to be able to rapid as fast as possible
yeah you adjust that and it levelas out the slopes on the ends
in that graphic

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no man did i say hey i have this neat 6ch lab amp
thos it would be awesome next project
because i forgot
timecop: haha
and then
did it eat itself
then back?
and it spazzed out or what
yeah so try 700
just fuck with it

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tmx1: active speakers are better for soooo many reasons
o ya
i wanted to build like a 6ch lab amp
so you can connect pc 5.1 output to them
and use software crossovers to quick prototype active setups

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