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check see if they have old ones posted regularly
yeah live
oh if youre paying they better give you that shit
damn i have 3 PCB i want to order but i dunno when im going to guitar war

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1 10 728-1007-1-ND IC RTC I2C 2-WIRE 8-TSSOP FOR TIMEDORK 01.41000 $14.10
thats in my cart thats the shit you want?
also email shipping addy, i think i already says that
but whatever im going back to sleep
its funny i got extra shit for one friend, i got crossover parts for rhett
i got 3 bourns plastic guitar pots for my j bass
no i think its real
yeah i think i ordered something for exjob once and it sucked
findchips it
not always

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and i strip the ends and throw the 240 plug on one end then we pick up his strippers
theyre like these crazy german things for 8awg up to 1/0awg
(i needed 14awg)
fuck cordless man
i have some japanese thing prob from the 80s
has a controller box with knob and no torque ratchet
was some production line thing from when we made shit here
have you tested it yet?
unless its calibrated it could be any range and they break in too can be kinda lame
timecop: examples of random trash

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yeah its not great
it doesnt let me put alternative parts i dont think
so its pretty useless
well the old part manager was fast
so it was kind of cool
this one doesnt add that much more functionality
gimme the chip name again
im looking through old orders sec
web order history is pretty badass
110728-1007-1-NDIC RTC I2C 2-WIRE 8-TSSOPFOR TIMEDORK01.41000$14.10
haha that hasnt been in any order lists for a week
haha so when i got that wrong IEC end i called my friend like whatever i will just make you a cable out of a 15A IEC cable and the 3 conductor cable you bought
hes like cool dont worry i got a $180 crimper so were good

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look on digikey for pulse brand power transformers
theyre not smt but theyre small
theres prob other stuff but those are available and cheap and look cool
i have it
wouldnt it be awesome if i forgot your chips
i totally had it overnighted too because of that IEC cable fuckup
so chances are high, i didnt even realize until last night
wow awesome, yeah because i made a new order from BOM manager bullshit

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heh @ wryyyyyyy

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so youre saying welding on alcohol means something
besides being an average welder
anyway brits and CHP did the study with real cars and potsheads vs alcoholics
alcohol always made people drive worse to some degree
weeds effects could be either or nothing
yeah i used gentoo a long time
so it being up there, especially how its become just another distro, basically destroys this lolwats credibility
i have scallopped potatoes

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haha gateway drug, weak
`nico: s/weed/alcohol, truth
`nico: s/alcohol/weed, truth
doesnt mean a thing at all
most of irl driving is feeling G forces to judge grip
and then

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urmom is:
japanese eskimo topic
rab: has north colorado invaded south colorado yet?
sounds like LA weekly
ive been smoking my personal grow stuff for months now
well two months

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dx^: did you see that rachel maddow recap of the same shit 30 years ago?
fuckin redneck teabagger

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microcontroller, sot23 fets, connect shit, there is resistors and a cap
some programming i guess

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macegr: status of maker fair devices
you did a throbby xtal orb?
thats pretty neat

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sculptor: yay friday!

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