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aw i hit the unlock button and the lcd blinks on the blanks
like nope too hot LED still orange mfkr
maybe new samsung phone doesnt like friendgirl
yay red
wonder if it runs cooler with the qwerty slid out

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omg guys
my phone overheated
i was talking and it was charging and it dropped the call then beeped at me
and went like stopped charging battery temperature too high
and its little red/green LED turned amber

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doesnt even look half through

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heh new plan is to make the hole way bigger
all other plans have failed so far...
so this thing will saw for days or what

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robot got oil all over it, gonna wash up on the beach

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highly doubt it
pbs feed is streaming through a mac
haha, titalybar fading away
hahaha i tried turning the volume up to get morew drill sound, its one of my fans humming
wtf *titlebar

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`nico: is that the same as the bp feed?
i cant get that shit to work in firefox
cool im not fucking with this wmp plugin shit then
`nico: maybe the robots arent good enough at bolts
also possibly this is cheney and bush like hahahahahaha
they would have to grab on i think
eck0 probably knows
also i guess this way they have more to work with later
you know when this doesnt work well theyre going to have a plan G or whatever theyre on

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`nico: they said loose fitting cap
tho i guess not so loose that it would be a top hat
<3 the technical terminology

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