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likely but if youre doing shit fast enough it matters, youre prob not using FR4 anyway
that things response is close to DC
but yeah, all standard landing patterns are oversized compared to the chip
as long as you dont go much smaller than manufacturers suggestion youre prob fine

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also the landing patterns are usually a bit wider then the chips
and always longer
and usually surrounded by some sort of courtyard or edge silk that provides even more padding
those are 0603, the boundary boxes for the chips are prob bigger than an 0805
and thats pretty typical
ive seen pads longer and with more offset from the center, ive never really seen issue soldering to any of them
stuck like how many traces and how much copper ares is close to the pad prob matters more for consistent reflow
yeah it looks cool
also it DRC checks better in several situations
also in manufacturing, outside corners tend to lift and inside corners can get cracked or over etched easily

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theyre just .1" pitch incriments
you mean for axial pin parts or what?
why dont you use that ipc app
i know
probably but who cares
just make one
spend more time looking for some standard that has what you want
just use the manufacturer landing pattern and pad it a bit
well ive never had an issue with it ever

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seriously youre trippin just make them off datasheet drawings
there is no industry standard
or theres like 3 or 4 different ones
which means there really isnt one
also different pad shapes and sizes work better for different soldering processes
also wtf inch standard you know you can convert mm to inches right?

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hahaha my job is half TESSIT and half FISSIT

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test it
i bet this is #1 reason for junk pcb revisions
so wait

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what like new or reworked?
even reworked its maybe okay if the connector is new
its not like the connector is going to scan the cable then see the red wire and go MFKR I GO THE OTHER WAY then kick your ass and fuck your gf

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and we basically put ourselves within reach of the offshore manufacturing companies
er, countries
danielson: haha

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and shipping the batteries to china, where the amkerican companies are maiking shit with the a123 batteries
like nothing is set up to make a lot of anything, anymore
which is a long term comittment based on kind of dreamy assumptions
or youre just accepting you wont make money, at least for a long time or maybe ever
which people wont invest in, not on like a wide scale
the only way manufacturing returns to america is if our economy totally drops out

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the prius mod people?
anyway shiftbright redone with fpc connectors and smd rgb would be pretty neat
1/4 the area
the only reason its big is because the connector
you cant make good products in the US danielson
not in mass production qty
small and kinda medium runs i guess but its hard
Made In The USA = corner cut somewhere
theres no reason his company would be different if they were lucky enough to be competitive
like high end shit is usually made someplace in asia thats not china, and it probably has chinese assemblies in it '
what about sourcing materials

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shiftbrites are two years old now?
macegr: status of status
snap together heatsink/diffusers?
FPC would be neat
flexible printed circuit
flex cable/pcb
with those little latching connectors
very popular in the portable microelectronics

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blackmoon: performance is kinda random, depends how the mobo is wired up, latency is the big issue
i got a dual core 63b atom
its the lowest latency computer compared to all linuxcnc wiki entries
oh like a mesa card
usb is the 90s timecop
but yeah fuck everything else
old school

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macegr: 85% chocolate possibly addictive
fucking throw them away
what kind of ram?
k work tiem
blackmoon: 1.8 is prob good enough for CNC

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sucks there is buckets of hydroton in my shower
one of them has 3% h2o2 in it
because he is trying to be offensive in order to divert attention
he succeded so now you are trolld

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timecop: nice company tattoo
multiply shit, arent you supposed to be banned
yeh duh
so tc is into azns
yeah she looks like mid 30s maybe

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just download it again?
probably faster than looking through stacks of discs
well obviously you dont delete blade runner
wtf because its blade runner
it doesnt matter
cant you just have someone press brakes and blinkers and stuff and check with a DMM?

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sounds like a nightmare to back up
have fun ripping data off like 1000 DVDs
that should only takes like 2 weeks or so
buy it
wat are you retarded?
the drives are still like $300 arent they?
i dont even want to know what media costs
and then you have that whole issue like okay your data is backed up ph you want to get to it? hahahahaha
why dont you just delete shit
there isnt 50TB of good movies total

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