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fuck juggalos
thats all i gotta say about that
theyre going to break your shit
you meant 2' and 4'
youre going to fill it with a giant bending string of neo magnets now?

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omfg how many pfets have you used already?
i thought you were already doing psu switching with them on stuff

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yay friday

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omfg bad hip is bad

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prob whatever eda for kids defaults too

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Suttles said some of the oil still pouring out came from vents deliberately placed to keep icelike crystals from forming that could block the funnel. BP will try to close those four vents in succession and reduce the spill, he said.
wtf loose fitting cap + holes

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they should have used shears to cut off the bent junk hanging from the top of the pipe
then sawed it
so it wouldnt be this shifting load on the saw
theyre do the same shit they did at a few hundred ft 30 years ago
they figured out how to go like 4800ft deeper but didnt think of any new ways to stop this shit
wouldnt it be fucked if the finished the relief wells but the pressure was too high to make the concrete work
then wat =\

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heh lots of tek gear has custom parts
like weird 70s custom packages
tho other hacker mentions a guy on one of the tek groups who used to work there, i guess he gets a lot of the obsoleted stuff they would throw away otherwise
bp is dumb

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fuckin neodork

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macegr gets stuff fabbed by them pretty often but i dont know if his stuff has drills that small, most of his stuff isnt so dense
dunno country might as well be a pcb house results are similar
china = mass production quality for very small runs
america = excellent quality w/ fuckups
korea = wat we do guitars whats a pcb we need your tech here kthx
im not here enough to know wtf youre talking about so im assuming FPGA goatse

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