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i told friendgirl i should put a pressure sensor on it so i could have a standby feature
and shes like wtf are you that lazy?
yeah so wtf im going to tell my weed shop their cookies and soda didnt do shit
they need to get those 10x strength brownies

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they have ones with 7seg displays now but i dont think any of them are feedback regulated
i wonder if tekrad ever used that opto triac board i sent him
holes for the wires on that pcb are way too big shit is like for 12awg or something

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no i mean hide my bongs like clean them up and put them in their sacthings
then hang in closet
so i dont use them
fucking stem on ms browns bday bong was bit too long, resting on the bottom
and i dropped it straight down on the carpet and it snapped off inside im like what
pretty neat is gold fummed and then thats pulled vertically up and down all around the shaft
i need to remake the digivap
so it sits on top
like, pushbutton encoder knob and 4 digit 7segs
then i dunno if i put the switch in that chassis, want to do aluminum extrusion
or run a little cable to an opto box with an IEC input and an outlet and some big fat triac

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hes a japanese eskimo
we should start a pool on which his mom and which his dad is
perhaps he has two days
or perhaps days
omfg you cannot defend timecop in a discussion and be taken seriously ever again
*discussion about race
guys i feel ripped off
i ate two peanut butter weed cookies
and a weed drink (rastaberry ice tea yo)
it said it has 140mg of thc
whatever that means
and the peanut budder cookies had 4.5 weed marks out of 5 for potency
and im not even asleep
i think i zonked out on my bed for like 10min
i havent even bust out the coffee roaster all day
no man im lazy about the vap
i have an end table by my couch i should set it up and grind like 1/4 up and hide my bongs
no i has to take it places sometimes

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if you dont know it explains why youre such a jackass and you named yourself after jean claude van damme
whatever hes local and hes a douchebag i hope i never see his wifebeating ass
how do you know hes racist
i wonder what they make the hip joints on valkyrie fighters out of
i need to get me some of that
yeah but has he ever discriminated against someone solely on their race
and not because say they were smelly

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stoled from freenode #electronics
"The symbol is intended for IAEA Category 1, 2 and 3 sources defined as dangerous sources capable of death or serious injury, including food irradiators, teletherapy machines for cancer treatment and industrial radiography units. The symbol is to be placed on the device housing the source, as a warning not to dismantle the device or to get any closer. It will not be visible under normal use, only if someone attempts to disassemble the device. The symbol
basically if you ever see that youre prob already fucked

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wtf are you tripping on
my dad?
my dad = the captain
he bought a headshop right before the northridge quake
so we started calling him the captain
(captain ed's is local smoke shop been around since like the 60s or some shit
macegr: who my dad?
i would assume so but i guess one of my bros friends saw the stock before it was destroyed

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hmm yeah i need mustard
damn @ croissant
change w
italian flag.

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asagio is some stinky cheese
k i will try that next time
i like all those
w/ honey ham on triscuits

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in any case mogami is good shit, reliable, i dunno why youre all happy to be throwing the cable away

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technically XLR can do it
neutrik XLR contact current is stupid high, 10A or 15A, something like that
neutrik speakon is #1 for speakers, tho
if you mean feeding signals to powered speakers, im pretty sure the capacitance in the cable is *nothing* compared to the capacitance of the input circuit
if youre feeding it to a passive crossover, your amp prob doesnt even see the capacitance
likely being very low impedance output
so really wtf are you talking about?
the only time in audio cable capacitance *really* matters is when youre loading a phono cartridge with it
because they are meant to be loaded with between like hundred pF and half a nF or so
and crappy RCA cable will be like 50-200pF/ft

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rab: the whole plan was to spend a saturday hanging around juggalos
so i mean its pretty fail right from the initial concept
do you want me to ban you?

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oh i guess its an old version problem

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some random samsung shit iunno
by yourself

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i was gonna say
im downloading tiny opera for my phone
guesses on level of failure?
its java + opera
its broken
samsung seek
its text is all slanted
is new and sometimes free
id never buy an iphone

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he emailed me like 8:30 in the morning with his phone number and thats about it
i didnt get it until i came home that night, emailed back like hi can you tell me about your project and how you want help
no response since

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.The webpages are compressed by the Opera servers before serving them to the Opera Mini browser so it makes browsing on cellphone upto 10 times faster. Opera Mini can be downloaded from mini.opera.com .
wait was
u dooz
whats it about

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ha what
impossible trace?
the fucking a/c in my room is supposed to send up some sort of flag on the lcd when the drip tray needs to be emptied
so it never did that
so now its in a carpet puddle
so now i have to jack it up on blocks again so i can have it drain through tube into a tupper box
you did ground on top?

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want to see the smps layout when youre done

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first ones looks better

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icp troll'd
insane clown posse
juggalos are a sex pistols category of punk
but with bad clown makeup
and numetal/goth clothing
but whatever realms is all shock hiphop
and yeah sex pistols are retarded
hey good hiphop is epic
those dorks are from la ^
the third dorks story is truly the saddest
like what you never even talked to her

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make a tank
light engraving

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ha onboard controllers
its just little
maybe a 20lb machine
its prob enough for PCB
assuming you can get a decent xy table
dont even think about making your own if you want something that can produce ~.001 precision cuts
hey thats a neat cutting mat

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blackmoon: sweeet

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it is
for anything except light engravings
steppers in printers are prob around that size

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typically in engineering it takes a lot of money to do something cheap yet nonfail
like initial development and parts sourcing and testing and etc etc
like if youre doing personal stuff you maybe fuck yourself cutting every corner
there is no bossmfkr going WTF YOU NEED ANOTHER 4148?! so be happy and splurge

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but yeah if you just want cheap and functional, ebay and craigslist
the prices for new motors listed are quite cheap if you can use their off the shelf parts
i want dual D shaft tho =\

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rab: size
nema size is basically the bolt pattern and max mounting footprint of the stepper
like, depth of the motor either isnt spec'd or is a range
for example you can get nema 23 motors in 2", 4.5"
and theyll all mount to the same bolt pattern
stepper strength is mostly related to size so like, for each nema motor category you get a range of power ratings and depth
it depends how their wound
you get get similar motors with similar power but diff coil inductance
so the voltage and current are inversely proportional but prob end up being the same amount of power
someone who used to hang here got motors from http://anahiemautomation.com/
i want to prob buy from there when i upgrade steppers

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what hes the ones shooting people
theyre not banning it
theyre closing down like 450 shops
and leaving 150
so a lot of grows are going to break down soon
anslinger needed to justify his departments paychecks after the end of prohibition
when money was being thrown into social programs and cut from everything else during the great depression
no there was nothing to bust in the 30s
because there was no more alc prohibition
so his department would have been closed down
so they made marijuana illegal and no one stopped them
because no one knew it was mexican street slang for cannabis

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someone gonna make a marijuana fortress when the partial ban goes into effect

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do you get warmer in the summer?
or it just gets less cold or what
or i guess at night
in the summer here its like up to 43C for a couple weeks usually
and at night because of the asphault and concrete is stays warm
heat comes from below you, itll be like 27C at night
because theres bunch of mountains all around us so we dont get moving air from the ocean
downtown LA is always like 5C cooler and the beaches like 10C
most of the summer its awesome to be out at night tho

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thats what im looking for
but itd be nice to fill a bucket in 30min
instead of an hour
no man i need a little blower for a tent and a hepa filter
i think we are talking about two totally different things
so your heating comes from you water bill
oh and i guess power bill, for blowers
thats prob so much less smelly than gas
(we use heaters like maybe a month a year here if we even have them, so they stink like dust for a week)
ha pwnt

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fuckin europeans
my guess is northern europe
another 100gpd RO filter for $100
haha i have like the OEM version of that
i need a blower

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signal/busses/etc | analog and digital grounds well spaced | power and digital trace crossovers, traces between digital and analog, misc ground traces to kind of block out different areas to isolate power and signal | chassis/system/real ground
dunno if it would work awesome but seems sane, iunno
layer on bottom you want pretty much unbroken and connected to system ground at one point
iunno that kinda depends on details

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grounds on top staying pretty clear of signal and power stuff
isnt that like 20 layers samn
i would keep digital shit total clear of the analog shit if you can
even the grounds, i would put them on the same layer just waaay gapped
then kind of bring the polys out to a point and pop out on top with via farms to you arrays of random caps and inductors and resistor footprints

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put pads to join grounds with caps, resistors and resistors
that way you can drive yourself nuts trying to find a solution that will work in every situation
3 ground layers?
by the RF shit, RF | RF ground | RF power | chassis ground
by the digi shit, digi | digi ground | digi power | chassis ground
iunno kinda depends wtf you mean by RF and if itll like vias
i would put ground underneath and via up to grounds on top

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kids will be the only people who electrocute themselves

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length and width

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typically you want to give highest priority to the feedback parts because if shit gets into that trace it can fuck up your life

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then yeah you gotta move the caps out a bit and the trace for the caps and inductors
R44, R42, C112
and same shit on top
damn i would rotate the inductors, put them right at the chip pins, put feedback to the right of that maybe .1" away at least, on top go under C108 perpendicular with the feedback to pin trace
then put the output caps to the right of feedback, about where they are now on the X, but more where the feedback parts are now on the Y
then bring the inductor trace poly to the caps

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i think pads has it
like, the router app
haha stanton had that scs3.d they called Da Scratch
and the the app for it was called Da Router
i think they were going for street
but it always came off as arnold to me
you know because hes on tv everyday like GET CALIFORNIA TO DA CHOPPA GOOOOOOO
the terminator is our gov!
you know this is proof that reality is just some biproduct of your imagination
everyone trying to act like its all normal
timecop: i would put feedback inside the poly trace for the caps and inductors
pull the chip left so those pins line up with the inductors

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also i would prob try and scrub between the to220 pins just to make sure theres no bits of solder stucker under them
timecop: id need to see a schematic
and you dont really get points for style but yeah
no i mean just to see where shit is going
like im assuming tiny traces are feedback and timing stuff
cams coming together to system ground is cool
if theres any crazy current reversals try and kill tho
tho dont go out of your way for the inductor because i dunno i dont think it matter if you add a bit of trace inductance to a big fucking inductor
oh that thing has diodes or fets inside for the freewheel current?
i thought they did?
its shitty for certain stuff
thats a high end feature tho stuff like that and shoving is pretty neat when it works
have they done like bus shoving yet?
where traces will push other traces?

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really because it makes the shit i solder look awesome
the brown stuff?
its dried flux they probably board wash but that stuff doesnt come off without scrubbing
it doesnt really matter i was just playing
just something i habitually do
tho if you put flux on something and dont know what the long term effects of the flux are, always try and get as much off as you can
some flux is fine some shit will eat copper and parts after awhile, like year later your board looks overetch or something
like they eat oxidized layer but oxygen gets under it anyway and they just keep eating it
oh hahaha i thought you did that
theres solder balls
and some dropoiut from a solder sucks weird
that powder solder stuck to the board, i only really see that when it falls out of a dirty solder sucker
well and at the bottom of brass coil tip cleaner trays

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champi0n: get a horsehair brush and cut the bristles down to between .1 and .2 inch
and get some fucking 91% or 99% iso alc and clean that shit it looks fucking disqusting
you mean to L35 and L36
from the soic or ssop or whatever that is?
make the vias on the bottom twist to the right
like you did on top to give yourself space
then bring the trave straight out maybe .1" then do polys to L36
keep them spaces from other shit like youve been doing
then on top, i guess try and move those vias over bit more so you can move the diode right a bit
same deal on top
is prob how id hack that
champi0n: honestly it prob doesnt matter
i just do it at work because its easier to inspect

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