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get a 3 pack
and use it all over (not on just your hair)
and people will be like DAMN MFKR YOU SMELL PIMP
also you will be clean and naturally disinfected
haha i love that show
but its been around since before the cartoon
after the comic strip tho
so maybe
Saponified Organic Oils of Palm, Coconut, Castor Bean and Hemp, and Organic Essential Oils of Rosemary, Peppermint and Tea Tree
cmon you want to rub this stuff into your body
i has good taste
k nite

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macegr: ha i got the block diagram
pretty neat
i call him up tomorrow
firmware for that should be pretty quick
oh huh
i had to take a shower
i have coffee on auto too so ill be okay
yeah teat tree oil soap ftw
this is just trader joes shit
but this...
buy that

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rovio is dumb
hes dumb the same way over and over which is annoying
like hi you ran into the bed doing it last time doing it like that
you were right in front of home
just go home
haha i told it it set new home
and it looked at the sky and drove forward and prob almost decapitated itself on the bed
hmm it make parking sounds and its charging
i guess it found home
k lets see if it can find home now that i reset it
looks like its smashing the bed again

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macegr: yeah!

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i have my bathroom and closet back this is so rad
macegr: they shipped my phone with some scanlife bullshit
that reads all sorts of barcodes and dot matrix codes etc
i guess marketing people are finding retarded shit to do with this
anyway theres no way the cam on that thing can scan anything well enough to be usable
i can email pics with my samsung thinger
blackmoon: ya, rite

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new girls tucked in and fed
newphone cam is so horrible
no you want pics?
its low light but its just bad even for low contrast
i think i poked altium a bit when i was at cerwin-vega
it was around for sustaining products
i want to learn pads but i cant really ptototype with it
like on the cnc
oh but that is the new cnc box
the atom d510 with the video driver issue in xubuntu
that whups *everything* on the linuxcnc wiki for latency
the 330s come close
and this athlon 64 thing with a billion gigs of ram

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well, hopefully
one day
multiplexing could be accomplished with like $.25 in transistors
if you has the avr setup on a breadboard would prob take like 5min ti impliment
with an arduino i dunno youre standard around with a hand ful of transistors like WHAT DO I DO NAOW
and them someone is like GO TO EFNET #ELECTRONICS THEY WILL HALP
and you will interrupt our conversations about guns and little girls

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with no exceptions unless you are a girl
with full body nakkid shots
with your legs spread so we know your not tucking
and the date and a captcha written on your tits
then possibly, we will help you
it wont be easy for you
because you dont have an electronics background
except now its like
well if you can build shit with it and make LEDs flash we will be impressed
if you start asking us questions about shit thats in avr datasheets
we will ban you from the universe
lets just say sometimes led projects go a very long time with absolutely no end
asl him for help
he has about 6 years of experience

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you learn
also youre a programmer and you manage to troll us enough to actually finish projects
see now timecop is a perfect example
has proper irc tact when neccessary
originally new nothing about electronics
and mfkr is laying out pcb and doing actual real analog circuits
so i mean if timecop doesnt need an arduin, fuck all these arduino mfkrs
its avr and usb serial
all avr run basic?
because theyre free
interitus: embedded electronics is basically the most advanced form of electronics that isnt rf
to be good you have to have firm understanding of digital and analog concepts
so people trying to do it who have neither background should be executed and ground up and fed to the voodoos

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were saying arduino accomplishes very little honetly
anyway this channel was always pretty short with mfkrs doing c code on microcontrollers having no idea wtf a capacitor is or what current means
since arduino there is much more of this
and also an attitude that its totally okay to be like this
interitus: then the amount we can help you and want to help you is very limited
all of us having spent the better part of a decade minimum learning this shit
his blog is not so updated
lordpil is king of blogs

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microcontroller hardware is straight easy
the easiest
1000% easy
thats why we are not impressed
there almost is no 'setup' in designing uC hardware
the *work* is in designing the system then implimenting it with the firmware
so really arduino solves none of the work
like if microcontroller hardware is too hard, gtfo of electronics
serious i can do a pcb for a uC in like 30min
from nothing its like connect the dots
top level design and firmware is the world
arduino doesnt deal with that
if arduino offers an IDE that is further removed from the hardware than c, then its even more of a problem
i prob still have half somewhere
some of those tall xtals too
and some random zeners you were using for who knows what
interitus: hi avr studio can be used with c
yeah i do that with perfboard stuff
its the best IDE ive ever used

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you know why arduino is retarde?
because now there is a bunch of non techy mfkrs with macs and LEDs who now think they can do microntrollers
so now you likely have a ton of straight retarded demo code
you should
yeah no not really
theres should be tons of setup
initialization is like 1000% of firmware

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teknique: was it lope or joellama you met up with?
when you lived here
also that oxyclean shit does work
wow funny i thought you were tekrad
then i tabbed completed the wrong name at you
that must have been confusing
also yeah i think tekrad is the one with oxyclean protips

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bic 0.7mm and a scanner
this was obviously no circle template era
my undo feature has burn in =\
zero.1 swapped the limiter and the low end hpf

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you can see the ccd refreshing haha

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because stanton did it
because its the best yo
so driver support isnt there and contrators to dev them not really either
sec i found some cool shit
hey i know
i can let other hacker sell it
he likes ebaying shit
i give him 33%, hes still enemployed =(
thats the shit they wanted me to design in like 3 months while doing the grunt tech work too
and they were all WTF when i did it then they laid me off =D

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damn i need to sell this krk ergo trash

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prob why its so fuckin expensive, could add it to anything and cut the extreme flavors
i sucked with little handguns
if i got a 45 id prob get that

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used cars are never totally fine ever
i think thats what i shot with rhett
oh hmm gun book i didnt think about that
haha yeah paintballs guns that could field strip in like 5 sec were pimp
i need some mfkn coffee
so i light roasted this jamaican blue mountain coffee
it like has no extreme flavors it just tastes like straight coffee
which is really weird for a light roast

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i want to ask gun question
like what 9mm handgun is super reliable
so im pretty sure that starts an argument or something
glocks are expensive
no but glocks are more expensive
thats not expensive and im pretty sure any glock ive seen that i wanted was waaay more
cmon gotta get one of those compensated ones shoots fire out the top
which means a glock 17 is is $500
thats kinda expensive
from where
thats not that bad
i dont want a used one

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which is 7.5R, divide 6V by that its less than an amp but not by much
i would probably just make it
it doesnt need to be a regulated supply or anything
in fact if the psu drops out with load its prob better for the driver, heh
yeah i need to go there more, theyre local
bunch of slackers, same guys since forever, real fun to be in there
its like half geeker techs like me walking around, other half is like totally random
wide eyes, bit of the fear, like WTF IS ALL THIS SHIT
freenode has guns haha
which is better?

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so get a bunch of those
youll blow it up
that can be a good time tho
for how many motors?
the coils go through 30R resistors
and its prob slow enough there isnt that much overshoot
the diode in the fet should catch any big spikes
so theres basically 4 30R resistors in parallel to ground, through the coils

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but if you buy a supply for average instead of peak its kind of a coin toss
its prob fine it just wont be fast
and theyll get hot sometimes
mpja.com or something
check sparkfun they maybe have some little step driver board or kit
you can troll them and they will help you

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the big resistors keep the current from getting out of hand, they just limit it they dont regulate it
the 30R in parallel?
im guessing theyre lower voltage
and thats just crude current limiting, so maybe they can slew them faster like that
like you get higher voltage on the coils and then they start conducting current and the voltage drops out
yeah 6V
like it prob works really well with the steppers theyre built onto and with the right supply
yeah its def not efficient but these are little guys
i saw the big resistors on the back and wondered what that was about
theres a lot of devices and app notes that will chopper drive steppers
ar: its not consistent
but if you do like, 5V/7R, thats about the max current
er 6V/7R
its like an amp per stepper, both coils conducting
it will, everaged over time

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its got a big dip on their and looks like an opto
could be a tiny chopper drive, ask him if he can give you a schematic for the drives or just the labels on the chips
opto isolated bridge
current resistor current limiting
just keeps them from burning up
you need to use that driver with those motors
its just a voltage switch

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most drives spec like 4x to 10x coil voltage
use the current spec for the steppers to do the psu + some headroom
its current regged so even tho the voltage is nuts, it cuts out as soon as it gets the current it wants through the coil
yeah depends how youre wiring them, series or parallel or if you even have options depending on stepper
i blew my Z channel on my xyoltex couple months ago
been running it like 3 or 5 years iunno
but yeah apparently thats awesome reliability for a xylotex
they might be 1V steppers or they might not be current regulated
if theyre not current regulated you wont be able to make them go very fast

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kevtris: http://darkertechnologies.com/image/new_renhome01.jpg
you cant see under it!
want to get a big piece of like 1/2" glass to put on top
so it overlaps the edges maybe 4"
kevtris: yeah i just moved in didnt have my couch yet =\

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its like a big touring case for a plasma TV
on casters
so my feet are under it i guess i take my socks off and since i dont see them i dont pick them up
the_gfr|w: m = 10e-3, u = 10e-6

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12:38 < LennyNero> use silicone filled crimp connectors
12:38 < renesis> it has a lot to do with the tool youre using and your general skill with small tools
12:38 < Rattl> hmm
12:38 < Rattl> interesting
12:38 < renesis> like, you have a JST, AMP/Tyco, Molex crimper ($200-800) itll be awesome

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