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whole foods generic pickles = the suck
they didnt have bubbies whole dills
they have these bubbies green tomatoes
but theyre weird you either have to like cut them up
or you have to bite a little hole in them and suck out the juices
if you just try and bite into the pickles tomato it explodes all over your face
seriously its fucked up
no i dont thats why im pissed they didnt have the whole dills
i want something pickled that looks like a dick but doesnt act like a dick
because they are win

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every day and wake up and drive to what ive considered (out loud) to be my favorite place in the world
also i found out that las virgines and vitory blvd are the same basically
so like, i can ride my bike 2mi on a trail from work in calabasas to neat hom in the valley
*near home
but then i have to ride like 4mi through the valley on busy roads which sucks
damn i gotta feed the girls

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the styling is more modern and less extreme in the rear, but its neat in the same exact way
i didnt think the 3 was so light
civics prob weigh more than that now
its funny how mpg is improved but cars are like 1000 heavier than in the 80s
and gov wants way more economy out of gas cars
yeah but then you have to put in a cage
and get harnesses
yeah i guess
i really want a golf tdi
want to wait until i have job for like a year and in the middle of a project
well yeah
might just get a truck

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those are rotatable too
the zeix and azenis are directional
you have a bmw
it prob weighs close to what my car does with at least 2x the power
prob more like 3x
volvo 4 is pretty hardcore
transmission leaks, works fine if you keep it topped off
and the brakes are about done, front discs and pads
i had discs and pads front and rear done like 8000mi ago
its 3000lbs?
not like 3500?
you have a 3 or a 5?
i thought you had a big one
they usually look the best
those are awesome
its an MGB GT

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volvo needs new tires
one of the sidewalls is all chewed up
not since like a year and a half ago
that engine was used up, also needed new motor mounts
volvo dealer gave me $1000 for it
think im going to get some of those
falken sincera, is like their touring car shit
so maybe these will last more than 10K
(falken = cheap, sticky, so obviously they dont last long)
the zeix 512 on the crx was <3 tho
hahaha 13" performance tires
i carried them to the car all at once, and they all fit inside the crx

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urmom is a doghippie
u r
that wasnt going to happen until my lease was up
like aug/september
thats about when new girls should be done, too
if korea factory gets their way i wont even be home most of aughust
whatever i like going places

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i hate it when they dont give you a piece of cardboard with the frozen pizza
you gotta like whip out a cutting board and shit
tons of pizza?
this is whole foods whole wheat cheese and pesto
omfg this shit is good
how is pesta hippy
pesto = douchebag, you fuckin redneck

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porn is more rewarding
way more consistent at least
wtf callouses you can afford lube or a pocket pussy
so its 10 again and no #1?
that 5947 is linear or pwm?
ooo pwm

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that was two diff questions
like other guy and led guys two diff guys
yeah so basically its a fet drive project
so i think i want todesign something thats like, full supply BJT driver w/ bypass for direct io to gate for logic fets
then its basically like, use whatever fits into these holes
because its ridiculously easy
fets to drive fets?
speed but it prob doesnt matter
avr is sink source so im not so worried
he has parts stocked tho, i dunno what hes using already
wtf are you bleaching
i kind of hate that stuff

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vide or vidie = look at
i need to finish that book
clockwork orange, its like czeck slang or something
he says it a ton of times in the movie
status of asking other guy about stuff for me and rhett?
also i need to do some kind of contract/schedule for led guy
oh but what this guy wants a schematic and code for, its what i wanted to do for rhett anyway

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you know so we dont have li-ion fires on peoples stomachs
well then i doubt you were being honest
i wish

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hahaha @ sculptor with the pumpkins lyrics
i guess they have a new new guitarist, taking one of my guitars on tour for beta testing
so there was a mixup in china and they installed fast blow instead of high inrush fuses
and ive replaced it on all the guitars that have come in since i got there
it does, RGB through lightpipes to light up the labels on the side of the knobs
anyway some of the guitars weve had since before i got there still have the fast blow fuse
basically the ones that havent blown up or i havent broken down for some other reason
this USA built guitar bricked as our guy was handing it off to him
haha @ almost sending our guitar to randomly brick at a pumpkins show
macegr: on an SMT fuse before the PSU caps?

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nominal to the max
kevtris: hi
macegr: also hi
ha 500K input impedance

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change a dropdown and uncheck something and try again!
also sliders go left

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but what about all the people
hahaha what
timecop: factory says they want me for a month
and that they can arrange site seeing through the travel agency for when they are off for their holiday
and then my bosses are like WHAT A MONTH NO WAI so we see what happens

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did he murder it or what
he was defeated?
cut paste type stuff in the box on top?
how does comcast work on win7 then

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dx^: like when we were younger
omg mom got an A or B at microsoft office class woooo

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literally like 10% looks like poop in the shrimp
in general i dont like bugs but lobster and crab are okay with good sauce
they almost have no flavor is like ocean tofu
dude its poo
im not down with bugs
i kinda like those little octopus
i couldnt eat them all the time
btw i cant drink milk now
because friend girl keeps calling it pus

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what head dx
thaats the block
ar: you die
no theyre not!
theyre just under developed
because yeah theres some challenges there
some people would call those failures but i dont
almonds and lemon
do it
with leds?
or what
cook green beans with almonds and lemons
roast the almonds in salt and pepper
then saute them and the beans with some lemon juice
or you can just use lemon pepper, you dont even need salt then
dude dont eat fish
because the ocean has been fucked for decades
we need to leave it completely
monsters and shit
okay rly i think it mostly tastes like rancid cold cuts
tho some bigger fish cooked perfect is okay
but in general fish tastes like bad meat
hey maybe its why i was an emotionally unstable kid, shrug
shrimp is ass

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thats a spark plug?
man you fucked that shit up
go get some screw extractors
follow the instructions
if you dont have the exact drill for the largest extractor, buy it
you drill it out
then oversize drill the hole and helicoil it or press some threaded plug in or something
damn what have you been attacking that shit with
problem solved
spray that on for three days then remove it with your fingers
you really dont understand do you

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5% codes yeah
brown black black black in 1%

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urmom is sorry
i think i have but was still neat to see again

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