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tomorrow i have to go to court and DMV
and maybe work
i havent been to court in a long as time
well, getting my birth cert for my passport doesnt count
not really court just same building and i was on the clock

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macegr: you said havarti cheese was awesome?
its kinda too soft/mild
makes good cheese toast tho
its softer than mozzerella

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tek has some weird fiber matrix displays
70s stuff tho, might be leds
nope havent checked

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rab: is already done plus the little side bulb that died
i go for inspection tomorrow
think im going to buy new tires for it

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wtf jungle dj been rewinding since before me like 10 years ago
its annoying
hey its weird we have a local black emcee who doesnt have an english accent
like i can actually understand him between the big catch phrases
heh short circuit zero current
fuses ftw
i think my fluke fuses are like $8 or soemthing =\

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fuck man its like no one can play dnb without throwin in dub step now

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triforce, neat

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classic ^
see because you switch the letters
and her name becomes guy on a parachute
you are just butthurt because shes like, your leader or some shit
timecop: ya so
its phonetic
damn i have to do garden stuff after i finish fixing failvo

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i hope i can get samsung stuff for cheap in korea
i <3 all their shit i have
damn that is like $80 less than i paid
i guess i have had it like a year or something
use it everyday at work
it sucks at low light
has an amazing mic, and some AGC magic im pretty sure

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i <3 mine
its not retarded small either
you cant take good pics with tiny cameras unless youre holding something heavy in the same hand
i kinda wish the manual focus didnt step so coarse but besides that samsung cam is neat
mine isnt awesome in low light
mine is 10x, does 720p vids, manual mode is pretty hardcore
i never really use the zoom tho
most stuff i do up close, wide w/ manual focus
hz510 or something, sec
samsung hz15w

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sucks that i <3 how the bass bass looks and feels but i guess i dont <3 how it sounds standard
*jazz bass
haha its 2:30 pm i feel like 2:30 am
now i gotta fix the tail lights on the automobiru =\
rab: fuck this plastix flex pcb tab pad bullshit
im just going to cut into the harness and wire directly into that bulb socket assembly, lift the tabs off the flexpcb i think it ate through
i have to take least half day from work to get fissit ticket cleared, i cant afford stupid 80s flexpcb bullshit to spaz out

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yay done
failed to fail
i might take out one of the caps
real jazz bass is .05uF
but i been running .1uF since i dunno 4 or 5 years
wow really just .05"
it doesnt fit
i just assumed the 95 series plastic pots would fit if the big guitar pots did
and they might but i guess its close enough the extra .05" on the pcb interferes
so i did screwdriver chisel and file and cut a notch into the cavity so it fit
but yeah i almost always play with the pot in series with the cap shorted max low pass filtered
and its just not as low with the .05uF

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inittab: urmom is:
smell like dawg poo
after i finish jbass pcb i gotta crash out a bit

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you dont need to do it in your head
just need to learn how to use a calc
electronics will prob teach you more about how simple math works better than a math course
i gotta drill shit

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you should learn if you know ohms law and kinda know what caps and inductors do
but its like all math portions =\

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but i guess if you put the pickup hot wire on the top of the pot and come out the wiper it acts retarded because the low sides of the pots are in paralle
i guess gibson less paul are wired up like that so when you put the pickup selector into the middle position, like one pot controls the volume of both pickups
which is retarded (i guess some people wire them reverse like in a jazz bass for less retardation)
oh hmm sec
its changed a bit tho
sot23 opamps are neat

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i think i did in the chan sec
09:43 <@renesis> timecop: http://darkertechnologies.com/image/plastic_jbass_brd.png
oh damn lemme put the schematic its goofy but it turns out not crackish
well half not crackish

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haha im stoned
im looking at the CNC do the last of the jazz bass PCB
and i was totally like OH LEMME SHOVE THAT TRACE A BIT
`nico: did you see primitive guitar circuit PCB?
im upgrading the pots on my jbass to bourns plastic
im making three i bet i can sell the other two at work for like $25
(there was like 3 or 4 standard jazz bass just in the QA lab)

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i just pulled an 8 dip burr brown amp out of my foot
like a $3 opamp
shit im bleeding i hope that was rohs

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this how it was before
except with spaghetti ball of wires
not all neat like in pdf

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timecop: http://darkertechnologies.com/image/plastic_jbass_brd.png
sup0r analawgz
this will significantly clean up the cavity of my latina jbass
the hombres who wired her up kind of left a mess
like 6" of extra wire on the pickups and bridge ground wires
its for my fender standard jazz bass
(made in mexico)
the bourns plastic pots are made in mexico too!

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