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timecop: old

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everything is
but like stamping out those cans, i bet the metal just naturally wants to bend out that way

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ive seen slightly bulged caps on new stuff
normal shrink wrapped cans and those newer aluminum ones
when they bulge from pressure you can usually see the relief lines where they eventually split open

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its possible the cans were domes before they assembled the caps
thats why they include tolerances in mechanical drawings
and it wouldnt necessarily be every batch of caps
have you had any problems with it?

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19:07 <@DX^> what the fuck is potato bread
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw jeeeeeeeeeeah
take it from a bread junkie, the potatoe bread is top shelf, ultra dank bread
its good like egg bread
you know when youre eating it it cant be awesome for you

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its prob enough energy to melt through a bathroom window

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so anyone hear about how they found mad lithium deposits in afghanistan?
along with tons of other common and rare minerals
unfrtunately it is mostly where the taliban are kicking our ass
heh jezus fuck its like that was hasnt even started yet
the russians are laughing

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its prob load dependent but everything digital is hiz
tre: if your layout is good that should be really quick
wtf ps
pls2invest in proper high speed level converter w/ suitable spec @ operating condition

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PDFs are now referred to as kevtris?
kevtris owns ti?
ooh, got it
i should build that limiter compressor me and other hacker almost did before we got canned
it mixes signal into the jfet drive to keep the gate voltage during clamping at a consistent offset from the drain/source voltage
the gate tracking the signal is a big reduction in distortion and eliminates motorboating

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use macegrs bjt hax
oe did that mushroom cloud when someones cell phone got near it
the bjt thing was kevtris?
or wtf are you talking about

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so it clamps onto the screw
thats the Z
the X and Y have screws to clamp that down
it works, the total weeight of the machine is 80 lbs
and its 20tpi leadscrews
after tuning both axis are like .001 or less
cutting stencils is basically unloaded

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timecop: how much?
oh dud for that much it better be able to do pcb and stencils
its prob good light duty machine
ya looking at price lists now
anyway gotta go to court
hopefully volvo tail light rework doesnt fail
for a broken tail light?
he already noted
you could prob make stencils with my machine after a good tuning
not bs
but its light and backlash is like sub mil
.002 is doable on my machine
stencil is way easier than pcb
what you just said
my shit steps at .00025
it has a compression screw nut, when theyre tightened theres basically no backlash
brass nut, consumable
if i had stronger motors i could tighten it even more i wouldnt have any backlash after tuning
im going to laugh if you tell me it doesnt work

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