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mfkr i has to finish cleaning the kitchen
play tiny violins for me!

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pre-crackish ally sheedy ftw

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oh cmon
do it again then
they might already know who you are
youre kind of popular!
kevtris also
why are you forced too
kevtris: youre links are popping up all around the irc
some of the nes stuff, i seen it on linux/freenode chans
i think mostly the older stuff
well few years ago older
but yeah i click and im like, hey wait i know this guy
yeah most of that shit is usb dongles and checking in with some server

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im thinking this is more likely you fucking up than the machine

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dog will never happen to your code?
but yeah i wonder if they will bridge parallel okay like 3886
so weird i just realized one of the DSP guitars is basically single piece neck/body gibson les paul
heh, were hacking the gibson
life is working out funny sometimes

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tho i guess .75" spacing is highly regulated in europe because i dunno kits plugging shit into speakers and...
really i dont get it
its autoblogged i believe lolwat is linked to it
like you have to ship plugs in all your standard spaced banana or rca shit going to europe so theyre not bananas anymore
because frayed wire in binding posts is obviously safer
yeah i bought 18 because it was cheaper
i had 12 before hahaha that shit didnt want to fit into the speaker or amp
now its kinda too loose should have bought 16
i have all these dual 25W ST chipamp PCB

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22:28 < Macgyver0> When I be rollin I listen to them tracks on my 1985 Akia reel to real bro, powered by a square wave inverter
i know thats why i laughed
22:16 < Got-Ideas> price is not an option for me.
monster cable is shitty all the plugs on the ones some idiot bought at exjob were fucked
plug insulation all torn up, bananas all compressed wouldnt stay in shit
pomona mpd for life

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i dunno people were giving her mad gap
possibly she was someones sister
damn scroll looks audiophoolish...

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like we felt bad because it looked like she practiced
took her a loooong time to realize there was no one else wearing neon colors playing with $3 china novelties wearing pajama pants
that shit will happen at festivals because theres usually 3 to 5 areas of different music
but like how do you end up at the complete wrong bar

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fuck higher highs
i guess standard european pro audio feature is 10KHz LPF
europeans = smrt.
whole last octave is trash
got-ideas: 'best' and accurate have not so much to do with each other
omfg fu you fucking house raver
HAHAHAHA there was a girl with glowsticks at dnb last week, twirling them on strings on the dance floor

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all the widsom of india on one cypress chip

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they suck, they break
wtf are you talking about
smd anything like that is fucked
im not talking about on my own shit, i mean shit from factories

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