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they would if they could, sir
and i think europeans do shit like that on the regular
and theyre cultured
were brutish thugs, all of us
with our guns and bombs and iBullshit
anyway im going to mfkn drum and bass

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dude how many people you know celebrate loses?
i was hiking like 1/2mi from anything i heard people yelling and shit from houses and apartments all over

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most people just go home when they lose
'[location] is gonna be a quiet town tonight' = those guys are losers

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not to mention like 80% of all technology and 8th largest economy in the world
lots of unhappy cows tho
yeah actually you do
also chicago
want raiders naow
Mexico = stolen native land
well blacks know that and thats why they will happily jack your ass and put their dicks in your gf
was that it thats your whole point?
because its not like LA is unique, in fact this makes us practically european in our passion for sport
dude chicago
danielson = out of touch, bashing LA like the sheep who ruin it

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there is drum n bass dj's i like in the dubstep room at thursday night drum n bass

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i seriously think thats what it is, same shit in chicago
at those raver massives id go to for drum n bass, like 8 or 10 years ago, there was always like 6 sherrif walking around the thousands of drugged out ravers in a little bubble
people selling everything all around them, people ODing and dying on the dancefloor, traffic jams fuckin up san bernadino until like 10am
they cant do shit
the radio said they declared it an unlawful assembly, wanted everyone to go home
like, they just won a championship in game 7 and the man is like GO HOME LAKER TARDS hahahaha
the odd thing was they werent letting people back to their cars so i dont know how they were going to get home =\

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i heard on the radio lapd moved in in riot gear with the foamy grenade launchers
its stuff like neoprene
yeah theyre supposed to shoot them at the ground
but they never do
i was drving as they won so i only heard how it started
but it sounds like they have that shit on lockdown
prob just few arrests
prob be someone got beatup a little bit in the news
its the cops
theyre having a good time and people see cops but its gets so like theres so many people the cops cant do anything
and theres a lot of people *hate* cops
so a chance to tear shit up in front of them and not go to jail is pretty fucking awesome

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haha truth

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fuck cheech
chong is the real winrar

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