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oh haha my EE friend who got laid off with me had lunch with guy who still works there
its like, everything we said was going to go wrong did and now they are all struggling to deal with it
that place is almost like an electronics comedy movie

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phone sec
and wtf im the tech on the project so yeah nothing happens if im not there
pretty much went down like last job except this time i had bunch of remote manufacturing experience
hehe @ building shit from 5000mi away
fucking stoner
they are buying me plane tickets to go to guitar factory
well its not china so it should be pretty awesome

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so theres a soic20-ish MCU, dual core DSP, some rams, independent buffers for 6 piezos pickups, dual gain preamp for the magnetic section
bunch of codecs, some logic junk got the midi output on rj45, most of the power supply
no i basically took over at the end so i had to figure it all out real quick
no thats the li-ion pack thats another PCB with little led fuel gauge
its pretty neat

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like if your connections are 1" and you have lots of stuff grounded the capacitance might even help in a lot of places!
tekrad: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2728/4461200128_d262947c91.jpg
heh, thats work stuff i guess theyve blogged images of the pcb

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the strings dont go through the plate i think the ends are held in that saddle piece
you can breadboard 30mhz
kinda between 1 and 100 MHz depends on circuits level of crack abuse
if its some high impedance analog shit its not gonna work haha

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like when mine dies i dunno wtf im gonna do
what if i spend $100 on another and it sucks
i will cry, no bullshit
i have a braun wet dry, i <3 it
it wouldnt be disgusting if they threw them away after people tried them
they would prob have to charge a little more selling them like that =\

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damni almost drove back to work to get my phone its sitting on top of some storage bin
like 2ft from me
hahaha @ matte or shiny
aaaaaw jeah
its just fucked you cant try electric razors before buying them

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just let it grow out and clipper it 1
be like, distinguished
or some shit
i know thats what im saying
rawk that shit
bleach it white, start wearing woven leather loafers
kevtris and ac are baldy gansters
i dont understand this ups delivered to my post office
Service: BASIC
haha, poverty plan
fuck getting a sig they dont even drive to your place

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last a couple weeks
and theyre wicked sharp for awhile
i hated shaving with razors
so i just trimmed with no clipper guards
then i started trying electric razors, mostly they suck
but i got a braun wet dry, like fucking $100 or something ridiculous
omfg that shit is awesome
as long as i dont dry shave after two weeks or something dumb like that, it works awesome
disposables are basically one time use
those mach 3 things were really good
because they were open back they wouldnt get clogged
but yeah srs fuck dragging sharp things across my face
technology pls
yeah i dunno
but they were far enough apart and open enough in back they wouldnt clog after a half stroke
those bics you have to smack around in water every stroke or they become useless

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i need a haircut
like its all long but pretty even length
should be shorter on sides and back, doesnt matter because i tie it back
thats what the beard trimmer part is for kevtris
preshave then shave
probably i dont shave my head
i imagine after couple years its like sandpaper
most people i know would buy bags of bics
and trimmer it down with a 1 or 0
and they use like 4 or 5
dude they have lime green mini bics here
but not big ones
theyre so cheap tho for a bag of ten

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i have a brain wet dry electric ftw
starting out weightlifting is pretty good tho
if youre doing it right, its low impact, and itll build your endurance
and because you have more muscle burning energy it boosts your metabolism
youre basically less efficient
yeah i need to work out and eat better
thats why i built that bike
yeah they are
wtf UPS gave the package to the post office?
thats new
fuck up your back if you dont
i have shitty upper body compared to lower
im totally built like a football lineman =\

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aaaaw jeah
my bike crank is in the city
that truck took forever

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