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like sometimes stuff is too hard to climb with that gearing
but with aluminum BMX you just jump off, lift it up around your shoulder and jog or walk up

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like click/creak?
yeah if you cant really feel it its prob okay
but eventually prob need a new bottom bracket
its the bearing assembly for the crank spindle
so it either presses/sits or screws into the frame
and the spindle goes through it
and really the spindle bolts keep everything together
the bolts in the ends and the pinch bolts in some cranks
iunno mine cost like $90 or something
sealed european, it threads into the frame
since the threads eat up some diamater, its smaller bearings
so on this bottom bracket, they used 2 bearings on each side
so its like prob almost a 1" wide bearing surface on both sides
i dunno if thats standard for european threaded style brackets or what
but i think its awesome because im kind of hard on crank bearings

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like, bmx cruiser isnt going to be race bike fast, but its fast enough to get around and theyre small enough you can get through traffic and people quick
ride over shit that would probe break a street race bike
just flip the bike over
grips are cheap
maybe fuckup your spiffy gel seat
bmx arent fragile either
and maintenance is stupid easy with sealed bearing bikes
basically just make sure the chain dont rust and the brakes are adjusted
i rode one daily to school like almost 3 miles for years
yeah in the hubs
if theyre sealed they prob just wont wear out
as much as you use it, mostly stuff like bottom bracket and heatset and pedal bearings get fucked

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i dont do tricks i cant even wheelie
rhett like rides his bike around on his head
because smallbike is the shit
fun on trails and theyre pretty quick for street stuff
i had drivers flag me down like HI COOL BIKE SLOW DOWN MAN
well its cruiser gearings
its basically a bmx frame beach cruiser
i have flip flop hub with two diff freewheels
so i flip rear wheel around and gearing goes from kinda long to fucking long
anyway 24" is neat its like when you have a bmx as a little kid
like, i told exgf to get a 24" bmx to get around chico
and we found this mongoose, awesome bike but a 20"
im like, that shit will drive you nuts after a week
spin your legs like mad youre only down the block

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damn i need monopod
is in car

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my bike is semi functional
needs seat and spacer for fork tube
er seat post spacer, but yeah basically doesnt have a seat without it
i just have plastic seat
can buy a pad for it later
24" cruiser bmx
long cranks and long gearing
i can take pic sec

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macegr: someone on twitter need to stfu
i flaked on led guy for i dunno a week now probably more
so i will send him contract thing and be like hi see what happens
wat work makes me tired i dont come straight home think about OH LETS GET TO WORK
well are you eating every day at least now?
if not its cool i eat enough prob for both of us
when i hit the two slices from the pizza place almost every day, i will think of you

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timecop: i seen it were they will tie pins with a trace directly from center to center and during reflow itll bridge
so it looks fucked, but really it looks fucked by design
like i dunno the heat heats the soldermask enough or something
well yeah its not like them just fucking it up is impossible

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no its rigols fault for making it exploitable
if they dont like this attention, which they probably do
they will learn and new rigols wont be so easy to fuck over
its almost your moral obligation to mod it
not really
they might be taking way lower profit on the 50mhz ones because they prob sell like 4x of them
at least
i dont have issue with them doing a price spread
its at best sneaky but within acceptable business practices

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usually its windows being disorganized not the user =\
k werk bye

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I have
spent several hours composing an e-mail outlining alternatives/possibilities
to your power situation.
several hours of raging ahahahaha
neat ending
i love how he blamed nico for lack of file management

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damn guys rage email is long
hes prob the boss

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has been "doing this for over 25 years", "much longer than you(I) have been alive". You can contact him by emailing ots@floodcity.net
nice youre only 24?!
You must hone your
listening skills.
Coming from a weekend warrior when it comes to understanding
computers, I take your understanding of how computers work with a grain of
12:02 <@`nico> http://routed.net/ots.html
pc tech response to his emails

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iunno i guess i know a bunch about lathes
well i gotta go to work

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timecop: lots of pro audio stuff uses 3886
krk vxt and lots of mackie stuff are 3886
pretty much their only weakness is overvoltage, which can be an issue when youre buying china toroids
ST chipamp are the same, reliable except for overvoltage, cheaper, thd almost as good, lots of diff packages
asm ftmfw
c = automatic transmission
asm = stick

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