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also got this ninja turtle strap pad

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you can set max current easily by adding output impedance but it may fuck the response of certain amps
timecop: youre joking, no?
wtf do you think that chipamp.com shit is
LM3886 = big fucking opamps + mute
for less temp drift probably

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macegr: omg emailed from aol.com and he never emailed back with his website and product links
perryman`: almost all modern opamps will current limit

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oh damn i better buy stuff and finish stuff ms office stuff before drum n bass

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because it is!

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when i light roast them, its this totally even straight coffee flavor
its kinda awesome
well whatever
i got $85 sunglasses and im about to buy $90 guitar bridge
(bridge is shiny)
no more buy
i can get us keyboard from us sony site
worship the price spread

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because your eyes are being burnt by the cathode tube rays emitted by your lcd
how much
oh mfkr 2000
u r a mfkr
guess wat no
maybe by end of year if i save up enough but then it means no laptop except eeeee and workthing for fucking ever
well whatever i still have to shoot contract thing at first guy
i got half way done then decided shopping at guitar center and sleeping were more important
timecop: haha
well fuckit
i got tomorrow off
so i can hit the coffee
tokae sent me jamaican blue mountain beans

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prob enough battery for a movie w/ a usb hdd going
look at the res vs the size
but portables are like the only think sony is okay at
macegr: i dunno stab it with steel and fire?
wtf bs what else are they good at
mfkr i had a cdrw mp3 player that went like 100 hours on standard alkaline aa
it said 90+
it went 100
sony = good at something
this was like from maybe 2006 or 2007
o damn no way
it looks like an x505

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but timecop, USB Port!
well whatever
i just thought the ! was funny
timecop: what laptop, make newegg links
wtf gateway havent they died yet

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im clicking stfu
how much
looks like they have way more on the korean site
i really <3 my sumsung crap
omg like same prices
hey i like their letters
you should tell your friend that
what laptop should i get
hi i read that so now say useful shit

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fool this idea is old
you had it two months ago and i said it was good
you are like me with speaker bots
i have this idea at least like twice a year!
i dunno i havent done it
it would just be tank controls and some weird serial over speaker comm shit
and some battle and winner uploads his music code
timecop: maybe prices are just fucked for your weak japandollar

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anyway this shit is going to be awesome
possibly madness
and thats just at the factory
whatever cats > dogs
so i think i want to buy a samsung laptop
while im there, prob way cheap right?
say wai naow
fuck srs?
cmon srs?
korean shit from korea with american money is fucked?
show me example with numbers and google conversions (obviously w/ pics)

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fool should be careful what he wishes for
rab: plane tickets are purchased and schedule forwarded to korea factory to find place and figure out rides
next month

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blackmoon: hi for a few minutes

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