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sweet you are prob in
lots of my recent schematics and pcb i design lots of optional and bypass stuff
at once?

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macegr: aol LED guy found some other way to do it
zeeshan: usually but thats the kind of details they fuckup in docs
make sure the description and part number matches the diagrams

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and you basically just cloned lordpil
fuck i gotta buy smallpipe
sleeping bag
what else

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New popular words
1 "Vuvuzela"(5) timecop 16 Jun 6:51
timecop needs to add a show all one one page clicker
alternatively you could just grep your logs for [your timestamp] <renesis>

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well dont make up lies i dont think ive ever used the phrase 'school you'
site:lordpil.com "old school" About 14 results (1.22 seconds)
site:lordpil.com "school" About 133 results (0.23 seconds)

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renesis knew exactly what to say, mentioning "school" 906 times.
haha me and moon have both been kicked from the chan just over 100 times
longcat: i dropped out of high school too!
i have three AS degrtees tho
well two and one waiting for me to go to the grad office for my paper
swish: ha made up, search the lordpil
haha @ hammering join

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least chan activity while im at work

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