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in RGB clusters, least few levels of brightness
rab: its LA coliseum downtown, so we didnt have to drive like 4 hours to get there
we had pirate ship and pirate girls at the jungle area \o/

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i had GA, but like usual i just wait until security has no choice but to post up in one spot then hop the barriers to hang out in artists area
so at the end when they were playing all the hard hard shit, i was sitting on the security side of the barriers like knees almost on the subs (like 10x20ft array on each side)
iunno how i did that as a kid without earplugs heh
oh besides the motorized mount lights, everything else was high watt LED arrays

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when they could get similar results from a power tool?
rab: omg soundsystem at edc was like flopping my nostrils and sucking air from my lungs
lower lows ftw
no sec
2 days, 2pm to 2am

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i do it all the time to make harnesses for stuff or speaker cable or whatever
yeah rab real men braid

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twisting wires with a drill gets you on hackaday?
damn i didnt know i was hacking anything
i thought i was just twisting wires with a drill
hahaha @ hackaday not knowing if it works and calling it possible snake oil

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dx^: when is next interview?
this week?
i need some sort of bread generator

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my mom also has same name
wtf shiela
no one has that name for real dude
sorry to burst your bubble
theyre liars

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inefficient angle of trajectory
youre weirding us out
fuck so its weird to wake up at 7:30pm
throw away the tv
im never bored
im always behind
now everything is closed though
i wonder if that laundromat place is open 24 hours
i dont have towell cape just boxers
i dont really want pesto sauce on whole wheat pasta
mfkr im not going to do a cape
haha exgf had superman logo trampstamp
because she had S name
no this is my past, not yours

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hmm what?
no one wants to solve your ballistics and chem problems
im hungry i slept all day
`nico: its just not exciting

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so say 400C, temp on the road is prob changing more like 40 or 50C
black asphault, its like a 10% diff its enough to be significant

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yeah like when you have welding goggles on
oh hmm maybe
thats makes more sense i think its like ~1000
shit glows in my vap at 500F
the element prob gets a bit hotter
thats how you do metal identification
have you dont that?
you can grind all diff types of metal and identify the type and grade of iron/steel by the spark pattern and density
so yeah 600C, maybe 1200F
so my brakes are prob nowhere near that

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if you drive by brake feel
so in normal conditions theyre prob close to a warpage state
because i drove a fucking ten billion lb volvo
its the rear discs its fucking annoying
least they still lock up all the same
yes drive by brake feel
like you feel how the brakes change while driving
and drive accordingly
so triple it its still like 5-10%
which is straight retarded
and not even normal operation for warped brakes
so thats ireelevant
but offers clues
because glowing happens about 1200F?
so assume theyre normalloy half as hot
wait im finding a pic to firther destroy arguments
so like ~500F shit starts glowing
so i doubt my discs glow, seriously

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i thought you meant those grinding pads they sell rednecks on TV
sounds right, its like $20-40 for my honda stuff
oddly the shittiest (small, solid) rotors cost the most
more mertal iunno
i need to replace the volvo
yeah you do
yeah it happens to me on hot days
doesnt happen at night
bullshit your normal brakes arent at ambient
which only destroys my argument
but honestly shit gets way hotter than 20C on hot days with direct sun
say its around 250F average
then ambient is like 15% of that
so yeah it makes a difference

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that will fuck caliper seals can depressurize your system
i used to rage at exgf because she drove her failstang like that for months
(by rage i mean curl up in a ball in my seat and scream SSSHHIIIIIIIIIII)
lame nico
you sand the rotors youre taking off metal with them in a cool state
so now theyll warp faster
dude its your brakes, you kill people
thats what failing at brakes does
um on a vented rotor yes it is
and it doesnt matter because wraped rotors dont stay wraped the same
mine dont wrap till ive been driving on hot days for maybe 10-15 minutes
now way youd ever feel a mil of warpage
oh wtf
bullshit they shake when he stops theyre warping
just go have them turned
like $8 or something

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so yeah maybe better to just go to your newhome
just wrap them up good they are prob fine with high ambient temps
yeah just shock i think
powered down, i dont think temps get high enough to hurt them so bad
well theyll get 120F in vegas easy
because in july, thats what ambient is going to be like
wont be direct sun probably so i doubt it gets way hotter
yeah ^
right its prob fine
oh its just in your jeep?
i thought youd be driving biggy uhaul thing
just keep it out of the sun
if sun hits it thats bad =\
wow neat
wtf @ brakes
yeah my volvo does that but he makes prob 2x what i do and has a car should be taken care off

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like we stopped at a gas station
i saw three awesome wavy haired southern french chicks
all kinda like my friend from elementary/middle school
like at the same time, me and midwest kid in random truck are you like DID YOU SEE THAT
then i slept til like south texas
scary place
`nico: if you stop in LA i can prob show you some neat places
anyway vegas is going to melt all your gear
ha even tho im joking you prob shouldnt take it as one =\
its kinda fucked up in a big truck
because you have to drive so much

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also the cutest one had a bra on under her camo bikini top
and she had her bandana over her face because they always put dnb on the dead grass
because wed make any grass dead anyway
so when do you move out here
SF is prob good west coast transitional city
you get cooler nights and it prob never gets past 90F much if ever
and you maybe even get some seasonal hints
`nico: driving?
stopping every night i guess
we did that in 44 hours!
so i have no sense for how long it takes normal people
you guys have a place yet?
hey do you know how i remember when me and my friends drove cross country?
i prob says like 100 times already
'hey whatever we dont have to stop in new orleans itll always be there, we can take another road trip'
this on our way back weve kicked it two weeks in NYC and then had adventures in FL
week after we get home, katrina fucks the other LA
we did that i think thats the way the 10 goes
through baton rouge (i think, i slept)

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like we never been a fan of him live
dude it was no one
he didnt show up
and there was easily 20K people at the dnb stage
at peaks maybe way more
dont think so
we are too but we just dont give a shit
tho my hip is actually fine
like really im a grown up junglist now because when i stand 12" from a subwoofer array, i wear earplugs
well, the whole night
even at the little club show respect every thursday
turns the MC down, keeps almost all the bass!
`nico: as awkward as it is, its nice to see little junglists
at big shows, because at the weekly and monthly thing, its 80% the same people
like, 16 year old in camo top and little cargo shorts dancing *all* day is neat
just cant touch, cant hand her the pipe
dude the new models have always been cute
since i was like 5
please grep logs for awesome related comments by rab

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`nico: omg first day (10+ hours) of electric daisy carnival
like 5 hours of dub step for every 2 hours of drum n bass
i raged
i almost gave my day 2 ticket to the cause (sold for hotel cost or get someone else in) and went the fuck home
day 2 was pretty awesome tho
stfu im getting to you
i dunno they did it at the show like whatever
no but prob a good thousand
dude youre being a fucking tool
you break it up into smaller pieces and you do it fast
theres nothing magical about it
you can drive thousands of shift brites the only troubles they give anyway are because of power
`nico: thats not bad!
day 2 was only about 1 hour of dub step
day 1 was so bad, i looked forward to dieselboy
me and my friend between us prob seen him like 30 times
fucker will trainwreck a mix and look bored about it
but he did okay
shy fx didnt show up
so they stretched evol intent and 12th planet

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its annoying
iraqis hate americans because we supported a madman with chem weapons in the 80s
then we killed over half a million of them trying to fix it
and called it helping
yeah i guess we totally run over mad civilians when doing escorts for contractors
probably poorly documented
you know its amazing more shit isnt blown up here, we are like 300 to 1 in terrorizing via civilian murder vs the enemy

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