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timecop: haha
like, i wont comment on how retarded having a glass display on a pocket portable is
but they do some diamond vapor deposit shit on the glass so you cant scratch it
if they had done something like that to the steel antennas this wouldnt be an issue unless someone scraped the edges of their iphone on pavement
which prob doesnt happen as often as people hold their phones with their hands
hands + phone = pretty often
timecop: have you read how their bars are calibrated?
5 bars is down to like -91dBm or something, so if you see 4 youre already like -100dBm

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blackmoon: yeah because theyre going to flood the market with brock swag
also street price for an oz (what the shops buy them for, basically) is only $250
rand doesnt know shit
an oz of swag is and always has been $40

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<@DX^> I've come to the conclusion that I only like my girlfriend because she's hot <@BlackMoon> Tell her that next time she asks if she looks fat.
even get it up on the lordpil
task manager mfkr do you have it

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well fuckit he can change it back on the 11th this is best quote all year
see blackmoon can spell when it counts

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yay friday
timecop: is working

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