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then the drivers and sense input would usually be seperate hardware
either interfaced with parport, serial port, or some sort of card
ive kind of just messed with intergrated controllers on standard cnc machine centers
and then real low end DIY stuff
theres a lot of stuff in between i dont have any experience with
the router at exjob was some in between shit
some dos looking control software running on winxp
its usually a cabinet of DIN rails
thats like saying c isnt what you put into the microcontrollers

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depends on the controller
probably has an engraving mode
gerber based?
interpreter more than drivers but yeah
some controllers would prob get confused by the gerber header stuff and just stop
in an rs274x file
also they dont have most of the standard mill paranoia code
at the beginning of the file
but if you just deleted that stuff the vector info prob works fine
not really
dunno guess controller would be gcode interpreter and motor drivers and sense input
and some realtime system in the middle
computer is usually the gcode interpreter and realtime system

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rs274 interpreters usually
it is
gerber is rs274 for photoplotters
no it doesnt
it holds aperture data
which is the same as tooling data in standard rs274
in rs274d/x, you can draw the tool shape you want
and there is no Z axis, its just an on off thing
because its rs274, its just vector data
rs274d has apertures in a seperate file, so the main file is literally just use this tool, go these places

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well, always
so dont ever do that
but if you have manuals and can get support, and youre careful at first like you should always be
then its pretty easy
gpf: tool into table
game over
find another job
unless youre at exjob
then continue to work for another year
perform no machine maintenance
get small personal loans from the boss
get your own little office pod build overlooking the shop
rab: nice
rab: id do something like that, or a plate of black aluminum with wide angle 10W leds
before i fuck around with that flexpcb again
haha @ obamanos
fuck replacements
just keep it clean, fill the zerks, make sure the cable connectors and fittings are intact/sealed

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does yours have little black plug instead of an rj45?
wtf is abb
youre learning from the manuals?
yeah good
yeah this is still at school or newjob or current job or what
werent you freaking out looking for a job a month ago
oh maybe more than a month
cool congrats
anyway as long as you can get manuals and get ahold of the machine manufacturer, shit is pretty easy

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timecop blowing his load early
cant really =\
im going to be on a plane for 12 hours then in a hotel for a weekend
can rest them, have to clean up place more for friendgirl and finish some internal docs for work and blehblehbleh
srsly i have no idea what im going to do on a plane for 12 hours
ive never undocked my work laptop i dont even know if that shit has a battery
last job had the router on a network
and the machine was hooked up with ethernet but the cad/cam pc was wifi wtf =(

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shes cute.
i want to put peanut butter all over her

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yeah srs

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i can get that for free from work
what does ren mean
in german renn means race
i know because my whole life almost, ive had this laminated wood wall hanging with big porsche logo
and its all like PORSCHE RENNAUTOS Hergestelt en Deutschland.
or something
i need to take out the mfkn trash

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i think because youre not on the bots and they rejoined
blackmoon: heh
i know pleia2
shes the on on the left, shes gained a bunch of weight
shes cheated on the dude she married
the one on the right
anyway he once bragged how he stole pleia from some other dude so i was 0% surprised
ill try and krab the korean one
i can get legit spanish and chinese from work
for 3 months at a time i think
oh shit i need to request my guitaport

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omg nico @ big easy

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but i was pretty amazed how much i knew, just from hanging with guitar people and playing with my bass
didnt think that skill would ever be useful eheheh
haha alex jones radio stuff is funny
he has airwolf music on in the bg wtf

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and you have a standard magnetic pickup, selector switch, tone pot, volume pot signal path
oh weird
should send it home to get fixed or replaced
its old or something?
i only get discounts in one product per category per year
ive used up my bass amp
i dunno if that counts for guitar amps too
also im going to point out that i got that right before newrules
anyway need to go store bye
ive never played with people
im not tone def and ive been fucking with bass for like iunno 5 or 7 years
also had guitar friends more than half my life
was pretty neat, they stuck my on guitar project and i have a guitar tech to help me im like, hmm ok

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tecan: fuckin job is punting me to korea for two weeks to make sure dsp guitars turn out awesome
also its like 1000F outside wtffffffffff
yeah, me on the left there
the alt tuning stuff is pretty neat
you can set tuning presets on the fly, referencing off the 12th fret
yeah new variax is a real guitar with the DSP system piggybacked
the dsp mode has like 10 diff vintage guitar models, and then you press in the model encoder knob, and a relay clicks over

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grizzy: try using sox, try opening browsers or doing high load stuff, disc copies, tons of bittorrent, whatever
if it distorts, research setting your system up to use jack server
possibly you can plug sox into jack server, but it shouldnt fuckup
and you can swap effects in and out of jack live and it wont distort
it has a goofy graphical patch bay thing if i remember right, easy to use like propellerhead reason, not nearly as pretty
hello unit41
i didnt read your nick in that line i read 3 min ago else i would have spoiled then

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im sure you can but it prob wont be a consistent 22ms itll prob distort unless you run some sort of realtime system
jack is a realtime audio system
maybe sox does it
it prioritized interrupts
if the kernal doesnt think your shit matters itll shelves it
and you just introduced distortion
pretty sure lunix kernel can be like fuck hardware interrupts
what do you mean no
just use sox
rab: i used to mplayer everything
rab: i still use mpui mplayer frontend on winxp/win7
and vlc as backup
but i use foobar2k for music

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crazy maybe i will try spanish or korean
that what i will do on the mfkn airplane
ive never undocked my work laptop
\i dont even know if that thing has a monitor
i hope the battery isnt toast
because if you see it they can prob change context visually and you recognize what changes in the sentence
meanwhile the thing that stays the same it burnt into the greymatters
im assuming thats how it works, from everything i seen
well it makes sense
learning stuff a word at a time from a book and a teacher was lame
i took like 3 weeks of japanese i was like, what
but im smart i cant fake this?
because thats realtime shit
install jack server
im sure theres something that does it
that works with jack
keeping 22ms on a non realtime system might be a problem
even if its a problem 5% of the time during moderate or heavy use, thats annoying as fuck

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ha, alesis
bunch of people at newjob come from there
TRS jacks are annoying, theyre cheap tho and they work
it might not even have analog buffers if the chip is setup to do that

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get a speaker manager
god i want a 2>6 speaker manager
im about to go to exjob and just ask them for that XTA engineering sample back like its mine

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oh shit i didnt know soundforge could do vst
thats cool
its a wav editor wouldnt expect it to do much streaming audio stuff
audacity is pretty good shit
why not
ha exjob shipped it with some products

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its like no load its prob the only time were its not a hack

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also don't mine old ragga amen breaks stuff
thats kind what stuff mostly was when i found out what dnb was
i hate how much dub step is coming up here right now
grime is so sloooooow
like, i really do like some of the hard tracks mixed into dnb
but like, as a few minutes in a long set
i went to a massive at LA colliseum few weeks ago, two days
they fucked up and people didnt show first day
ended up being like 6 hours of straight dub step
felt like 30 hours
rupert__: not much, means the input switching and input buffer preamp section is okay
its probably an issue with the eq section or power supply
i dont think both amps would have failed the same way
but the psu could be fucking up, and that could be fucking both amps up the same way
yeah thats a very good idea
i gotta go laters
but it doesnt eliminate the power supply really

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yeah continuity test isnt consistent
i had a fluke beep at me because something was lower than 10R wasted like 30min thinking i had an open speaker
just the tweeter?
youll blow it
it just takes one tone high enough gpf_1
if its completely clear of the crossover frequency, it takes the crossover mostly out of the equation as far as power difference between drivers
and if it was like 3-6dB higher than the average content, it could be enough to kill the tweeters
i blew up like 4 berylium e8b tweeters and laybe 6 titanium e8t tweeters
they almost all died at the same power levels
and thats ramping up slowly, like maybe .5dB at a time
hey man what i listen to would prob make you scream
sub bass with harmonics all the way up the spectrum
rupert__: then eliminate the speakers as a problem entirely first
i gotta go
teknique: mostly drum n bass, for almost 10 years now =\
and non of that 'intelligent', sunday morning shit either
a little liquid is okay, but i like that techy, hard shit
with the droning bass

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k i have to go tho =\
my guess would be speaker protection circuit, tweeters, filter/eq circuit in the amp (weird)
you mean its some twisted copper with some plastic and prob some connectors at the end
he has the speaker open already, heh
dmm the tweeter, if its open or above different from the other one theyre prob fucked
ive never seen cable attenuate high frequency completely
at power levels
into standard speaker impedance
i could maybe entertain an argument of a couple dB loss
but it wont make your highs completely cut out
and it wont happen all at once
it wont itll look fine the coil burnt
if its shorted or open, or not in between 3 and 16 ohms at DC, its blown
no ohm test it

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that works
pull them out, play a 5KHz tone through them at low amlitude, say like 150mV
if you dont hear anything theyre blown
you can just dmm them too
either depends on the engineers and the budget i guess
have you tried them again since they blew?
you may have engaged a speaker protection circuit or blown up a fuse or something
sometimes they just fuse the tweeter
maybe stuff like lamps?
or relays?
no lamps
enough current and they glow, which increases the series resistance and cuts power to the driver
home speakers
also sometimes they will integrate like a relay circuit
which will pop open at certain voltages

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In my more than 20 years of reviewing, I have not reviewed an audio component that produced greater sound quality per dollar than Monitor Audio's Silver RS6.
i bet they gave him those speakers

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