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also cap by itself might freak some sources out

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unless you have like 10M resistors in the circuit in front of the adc it wont make much difference
is latency an issue?
a cap by itself wont do much
you can do like a 1K resistor and the select a cap for your filter freq

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data link doesnt work

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_psi_: it just says 100M?
it should say if thats max min or nominal and itll prob qualify it somehow
check what column its in
i would at leat divide that by two
to do any current calcs
double the current

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120 for a quarter second kind of tickles
honestly stuff around 40V is weirder
like ive gotten shocked and didnt even realize
like hmm whats that vibrating, oh look im being electrocuted, how cute
feels like a force feedback vibrator or something

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12:08 <@BlackMoon> id estimate around 50~80v AC
12:08 <@BlackMoon> really don't think she was using it right or something..
and estimating ac voltage in your dream
oh weird
60/120 is whatever
i used to freak out douchebag tech at exjob by tapping across 120vac with my thumb and pinky
touching an amp in the wrong place during a frequency sweep was totally diff tho

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