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no its just like a lip so it doesnt fall into a pipe
seat post spacer for a bike
lathe is simpler
no its a simpler machine
its way useful tho
theres a lot of simple barts that are way common and can be done on a lathe like whatever
on a mill its a hack

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blackmoon: can you get 6061 bar locally?
oh hmm
i need stuff like 1.25" diamater
bit under but the stock should be like that
i guess s/bars/rods
yeah thatll work
maybe zeeshan does get this job
one is
the other needs a flange
and need to be cut
but i can do that
what bolt holdes

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alot of systems will have two limit and one homing switch per axis
make me a spacer
well two
actually ill get moon to hax that

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guys is my stove supposed to shock me?
feels like 30VAC or something

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mach and emc both do step/dir
its the most common homebrew setup
thats how it calculates speed
so you can multiplex inputs

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zeeshan: im pretty sure the gecko servo drives are step/dir controlled
they have integrated PID

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it depends on the driver

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you shouldnt manual machine with jog wheels
plc stuff, maybe works with yours but prob not
okay so hook it up
and use parport for step
damn you are all happy on the weekends
zeeshan: it depends on the driver
but the gecko ones are setup to use step input
your computer generates step signals
the step driver eats them
and generates the servo control voltage and tracks the encoder
does the PID
yeah some systems do analog, you need a card or breakout

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why are you pasting parport register descriptions
stop already
wtf hes wkr4k5r
i can ban him just for following me around to channels he has nothing to do with
ive used it
i have the linux shit
also my little atom machine is whupping every other machine on their latency table
kernel speed is some hack
i think it might be their realtime thread
and 25khz is pretty slow jap there is going retarded slow
oh hmm 25KHz is about right actually

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03:19 < wkr4k5r> that lpt is parallel
03:19 < wkr4k5r> its junk
yeah because, haveing like 20 pins controlled in realtime is junk compared to decoding a serial stream before anything can even start to happen
its low latency
were not talking about pushing printers
serial port is serial data
parport is parallel
it just happens
you have to decode serial
wkr4k5r what does age have to do with it
its a low resources low latency io port
which is more useful for many things than a streamed data port
hi what do you think everything uses to get configurable io

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zeeshan: so yeah try and find out if the plc uses normal rs232 in some form or what
then see if mach can do stuff with that
it prob can but its maybe to specific for what you want to do
im pretty sure emc can do it but its not like default vanilla setup so you gotta learn the shit the reconfig it
you set it
either manually or with switches
so itll either wait for you to home it
by jogging or MDI
timecop: kinda
most CNC have machine home and workspaces
almost nothing is done in workspace coordinates
nothing is done in machine space
sometimes youll call out an G53 machine space movement if you want to pull the spindle to a tool change location
after getting waaaaay far from the work while in G54-G59.x coordinates
and the linux hackshit never fails

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yeah , /connect irc.freenode.net then /join #emc
itll work you just have to know how to set it up
no you want to run on a true realtime system
instead of praying xp doesnt fuckup
tho i would see if mach does rs232 interfaces
it is but i dont think its reliable enough to run long cycles
also i dont like my controller to have so much bullshit
config on mach is way easier than emc if youre not used to fucking with all sorts of linked config files
you are really annoying
no one calls the AB and C axis pitch yaw and roll
its not a fuckin arcade fighter jet simulator
sucks to be you =(

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and can be directly interfaced by standard cnc and console programs
your thing is for companies with lots of money
estop to parport pin
okay so wire estop to relays in series with all your controlled relays
anything programmed will be less reliable
well you want estop to be software
again, limit switch signal controls a relay in series with the controlled pump relay
then i would use a microcontroller and interface it with rs232 or buy a breakout that does that same
Cables and speakers can also benefit from `treatment´.

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reliable, and interfaced by popular cnc programs
interfacing hardware requires a few dollars in parts
how do you get mach3 to talk to the plc
maybe this ab shit has virtual comm port
maybe theyre just bitches
and its just a programming port anyway
that you cant do anything with in realtime
that would suck i would be pissed
you want to do one pin comm from a pc parallel port to the plc?
from a system meant to switch systems over periods of several seconds?
what about collant
what about switch feedback
okay look
your parport should drive your step system
you should rs232 to the plc
to control everything else
and get switch io
if you cant do that the plc thing is useless buy a hardware breakout and use those to switch your contactors
hardware breakouts are usually rs232 or parport based

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zeeshan honestly we dont care
if you want us to make you a PLC maybe wed be more interested
seriously i did that like 4 years ago
neither is dx
honestly youre here so youre here to learn or help or troll about electronics
so no one cares so much about degrees
tekrad is an ME he can do digital and programming stuff fine
zeeshan: so can we
for pennies on the dollar
with parts we select
like i said im not really knocking plc
but like, if you cant use standard rs232 commands, its a weird dongle
like, when the world ends
and i find one of these things
well its useless to me
well controlling parport and rs232 is easy

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you can program this shit to do something based on rs232 input, right?
and you can get it to send rs232 bytes based on trigger events, right?
so now you need to RE your things proprietary comm
well with a $2 microcontroller
when the estop is active
i can do whatever the fuck i want
for as long as i want
in context of any other io state
wtf is ladder logic srsly
nothing programmable is plug n play sir
easy usually means gimp
im just saying if you cant feed it normal rs232
its crap
its a proprietary dongle that costs money
so yeah these ab people have a gcode interpreter?
or maybe its a plugin or driver in mach, hopefully it doesnt cost money

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you need like, relays, darlintons, optocouplers, DC PSU
link or it doesnt exist
i would do like, a latch for outputs
and a tristate buffer for input
put them both on the parport extra pins
does it have rs232
the connector for rs232
pretty sure emc can do it
and why is it a problem

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just another piece of junk to program, parport got a lot of pins
no idea whats grex
wtf contactor a relay?
how big a relay
like 20A or what
haha what
how big is it
yeah its a relay
so rs232 to the plc
rs232 to the plc
all the plc has to do is read an rs232 byte and turn something on or off
it seems like drama
work has lots of money
you have electronics skills
link to your plc

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for what
step drives?
o servo drives
small servos, id prob still try geckos
i dunno much about big servos
sculptor maybe knows but his stuff is maybe too high end
no it should be optocoupled
fine to direct connect to parport
to do multifunctions
switch power supplies, turn motors on and off, actuate coolant and compressed air systems, operate quick changers
read limit switches, read estop, read encoders, read pendants
so do rs232 to the plc
pretty sure emc can do it, mach can probably do it
so youre just using a plc as a breakout
i dont even know why you need a PLC for this, unless it has some pretty beefy output switches

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usb and windows xp does not sound realtime
you should learn to setup emc
i guess, its has a lot of clickies
emc and mach both do this
emc is prob way more configurable
handle io
emc has like 4 different GUI
what do you mean how
parport, rs232, HID and ps/2 signals
i would wire it into parport
you can get io breakout cards
dude thats just like, io to relay done
yeah fine then io to io done
well whatever it is your computer has io
mach and emc can use them
emc is a bit more hackerish
but its running on a true realtime system
xp for realtime is kind of a joke
itll work, but it has some quirks and i wouldnt call it 99% reliable
blackmoon: ya, totally

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think it even comes with different shaft inserts
yeahi dunno but i think this was waay cheaper than $100

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actually i dont remember if it was all the way across AZ on the 10 coming back
steppers are multi phase motors
you can
its done
you cant use standard feedback algorithms
like if shit is fucking up you cant try and give it more 'power'
you need to cut feed back
its just not used the same way
on a typical servo you use it to control the speed of the servo
im stepper systems its almost always fault detection
but you can use it to throttle the steppers
basically overide the programmed speed
theyre not really expensive though
ask in #emc on freenode
theres an encoder digikey sells
easilly adaptable

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`nico: status of tripping on strangely colored sandstone rock formations
just buy one, remove the knob, throw on a rack plate, add nut, put knob back on
we would just hack meters onto ours at exjob
`nico: its almost all the way through if i remember right

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should i have my headphones on for this cow shit
omg there is cow on that cow

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rhetts_: have you even sat in the drivers seat of one of those mustangs?
its like wtf
are the doors like 18" thick or what
and you kinda sit low but it has that huge dash
its like something in between a miata and a tank

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timecop: it prob has an integrated controller
so you dont control it with a pc
you just get code onto it however
sd card, rs232, ethernet, usb flash, floppy
could be anything
well, china
thats kinda cool
well that car drives like a truck anyway
like, handling of a truck, cockpit of a miata

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when did i meet you
damn then maybe its not running since 2006 iunno
pretty sure youre not supposed to drive it like i was driving it
jezus fuck it has no z
seems annoying for tool changes
no not literally, its not bad
right so its enough for doing work but it might be a bitch to change out tools
spindle is prob good, its good ballscrews, runs on plotter and gcode
not sure

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what rhett wears?
rhett is always wearing what im wearing but opposite
tho dress nice means i wear the black/black pumas and a tshirt without holes
no grease stains or patches on the dickies
tell her to gtfo of ohio
i dunno why that just seems like a cool thing to say
then come back and tell us what she says k go
its like oil and pigment
i dont have a honda
and jezus fuck id be embarassed to be seen with you rockin that shit
which honda do you mean
i havent had the accord in like a year and a half
and i got rid of the crx when i moved but that shit hadnt moved since i dunno 2007?
srs wtf

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thank god none of us actually put any work into it
haha it outputs a completely blank no src page
one.com has some php safe mode shit enabled it breaks like everything except core wordpress
but it just breaks it a little bit
which is kinda more annoying
need to move my domain away from there
i have to like sign some shit and mail or fax it or something
that shit is so cheap tho
makes dreamhost look pricey!

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hey didn dreamhost have some panel to do domain dns stuff
where the fuck did that go
timecop: mean!
omg my mediawiki has been fucked

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called you an expert
wats 3 wisemen
hahahaha awesome
heh jager
car bombs are kinda good

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way better than that shit schematic image

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pls2zip and host

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do they even make games for macs?

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damn i should have went to all today
they have these big 120vac relays i wanted to get

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timecop: he didnt do anything he just stuck LEDs and dc motors into it
then he reshaped it and does the same thing but its the same circuit

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ha neat
squeeze to change current
is he going to change the resistance by squishing it or what
yeah serious
i think he just demoed it stupid
its probably not like 0R
he was just sticking leds into it
so its resistive so he could have strecth and twisted it up and reconnected to change current
adjust motor speed depending on putty shape

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defeat the strong glue
fuck your grandmas imac should have built her a pc
you dont care about granma
same thing
omg even worse
haha so you just put that onto the glass and pull?
the lcd im thinking
pc in an lcd frame
yeah thats not gonna overheat and ruin its drives and PSU
why not?
so its glued on behind the painted black bezel?

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macegr: quick testing, long averages, haha they were probably testing with 'bars'
anyway fuck apple
to me that says it can be up to 100% worse
is dvl the broke shit?
macegr: i dont think jobs can do decimals man
yeah its all junked up
you have to fix it
its like an IT nerd puzzle
measure how
youre measuring all three
no i measuring what parameter with what

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i dont think anyone uses it as a phone enough to give a shit about how it sounds
quite honestly
in any case its not SNR and dB through an audio signal path anyone is bitching about
engineers at apple are facepalming
thats what anechoic chambers are
if theyre faraday caged and for rf they need to point that shit out
thats not what im saying its for
im saying they tell me they have 17 anechoic chambers and show me rooms full of foam, im not just assuming those are for RF

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dont buy hardware from a marketing company who pretends to be software company
i would laugh if the prototypes had insulation or plating and they made them bare steel for looks/$$$
also wtf @ 17 anechoic chambers
thats like, what, WE DID IT WRONG 16 TIMES
also are those like, faraday caged or what what the fuck were they trying to point out
like wtf does sound pressure have to do with phone reception

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if you stretch it its not the same media anymore so its yours!
im pretty sure that shit wouldnt hold up in court tho
show me jungle bass in anything else before it
in the late 80s hardcore base was revolutionary and its just like, house kickdrum through fuzz
theyre a marketing company
if theyre gonna go down, theyre going to go down saying theyre the best
and thats why theyre going down
i mean they said they were shocked to find out the bars were calibrated that way
so theyre retarded

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why its a party at his hop
prob get more business that day then just another weekend
well theyre fucking good graphics
submitting your dox to freeclouds
i wonder if its like audio

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neat they have all my bills online
living in the future rawks
macegr: you have a sphere of present
+ latency but cmon dont be a semantic prick
ha my friend is afraid of going to dnb at ron d cores shop tomorrow
and it probably will be, 110F even

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mfkr what are you talking about
i dont want no corpy mfkrs running my power
hmm paste where i said i wanted to know why they didnt care

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there is a phone thing
man fuck this phone shit
there now i enrolled in paperless billing so now what i dont even have a paper bill theyre just making shit up this is a trick

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wtf i paid bills and like its not showing up on bank acct
fuckin lazy mfkrs
The One-Time Payment System is currently unavailable while the LADWP is redesigning and upgrading this system for credit card and electronic checking payments. We anticipate the system will be back online in September.

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the shaft from a broken jerome baker designs bong, with a diffuser stem wrapped in nichrome coils across 120VAC switched with an optotriac driven power triac
period is like half second or something
i prob did like 10 steps or something, so it switches full cycles
instead of trying to chop every cycle
i used it it worked okay
was mostly to test the triac module and the avr slow pwm
whatever it cracked its boro still worked fine cracked
anyway that was like, weekend attempt at full glass airpath vap
also it needed more nichrome
haha that shit put coil marks all in the glass

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yeah it can eat stuff

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stanton bought one for me
they should still have it, the other one was other hackers, i think
i dont care really
since we dont sell the stuff i work on, no one gives a shit, everyones uses leaded
heh the orange kester
green kester just sits there
i bet all they have is green kester over in the service and warehouse facility

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like when i found out how those things worked i was like CMON NO WAY THIS WORKS
relieving to know that it doesnt
i tripped they have them at frys for $80
i almost want to buy it because its awesome but i already have one
most people at work have magnet wellers, we have two 936 and mine is the only ESD safe one

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black people: making stupid white music better for 100 years
my dsp guitars have banjo mode
jakkito 936. tektronix ****
now what we have nothing else to talk about
rab: have you gotten a 936 yet?
or are you still fucking with the magnet wellers
the guitar tech i work with is like HEY MAN HOW COME MY WELLER DOESNT WORK
so i showed him how it works and told him i used to just bang them on my desk if they stopped working or got stuck at max temp

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white people did rap first
second of all, rapping is a vocal style its not so much to do with music genre
nine inch nails first album was mostly rap
thats nice dont you listen to inbred music?
rab: haha
rap came from beatnics
bunch of fuckers reading poetry with beats in the background
its the first time black people stole a musical form from white people

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yeah what rab said

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which seems ass backwards so i wouldnt be surprised if it didnt mean that
but yeah on caps the negative side is usually marked with a fat line
black and green are standard colors for ground
white fill with open other side in any other cirumstance would definitely mean open side is black/ground to me, instinctively
yeah thats not standard either =\
because ive seen negative as square i guess to match the label on the cap

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you need to reverse engineer the circuit around the symbol to figure out which way
and use that one as a key to do the rest
there is no standard
if its not totally clear, the cad designer is a dick
because its prob the standard lib part in the EDA tools theyre all using right now
or when those boards where designed i dont really know what youre talking about
i told you
yeah look at the caps you took ouy
game studio?
IT dep?
that should be neat
decent network im sure, prob some stupid high end workstations
so find another mobo like that and remove one cap and check

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haha like what?
whose kids?
you had them over?
they climbed your fence?
call their parent, tell them youll call the cops
if they do it again, call the cops
its vandalism
youre not public property
and even if you were, thats not especially creative
so in this case vandalism is bad
(creative expression on public property = good vandalism)
you have fish or what
coi or what
hahah wtf
theyre prob all broken inside
the_gfr|w: no standard for board marking
next to a pin?
anyway i dont know

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prob more like cigs and salsa verde
man i have like zero plans
i would be getting of a plane in 2 hours than figuring out what to do on sunday in korea
haha if i had a china visa, id prob be on a plane there instead =\
theyll have a mark

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anyway good opamp is a pretty generalized term
opamp could be good for something because it has shit slew rate
incubus: look up some video opamps
fast slew rates, still pretty general purpose
fastest slew rate amps prob suck at a lot of other specs

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its a hard choice but i think id have to go with the one on the bottom
the one on top is too serious, yo
also the one on the bottom has that semi translucent white girl thing happening
more than youll probably ever need?

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i think thats the stuff in my anti bacterial hand/dish soap?
i wondered if it really worked
i dont even know what that is!
i dont think we do that here

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holy fuck
liquid fabric softener
i use sheets guys
in the dryer
everyone calm down
oh cool

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isnt he dead now?
we kidnapped the other one
its the one were we invaded panama for like 2 days
and outed the f117 stealth attack thing
yeah goofy shit
def leapard or something
bet now the killer enforcement tech is like gmail/myspace/fb search database

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Mexican drug traffickers' first car-bomb attack against police
its not their first carbomb they prob do this shit to each other all the time
against police
you think when a drug mfkr running his whole area gets carbombed, they call the police and the press?

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danielson: it means theyre burning your brain
to create the modulated sound pressure
sounds like nerve cell damage to me!

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you can hear results of radar frequency oscillations in a system
yeah man
thats not microwaves being heard because of a given freq
thats just the sound of pulsating burns
haha nice
haha yeah i bet if you figural out your optical nerve ending sizes
theyre in the same range as optical wavelengths

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when you try and resist then they can fuck you up for real
danielson: you said what would happen if
if you do it youll prob deflect the bean
likely itll deflect and lose focus and wont do anything to the cops anyway
or itll just be too long of a range
in any case theyll kill you is what will happen
pretty sure they would tell that GHz cannon operator what mirrors can do
all microwaves do it tickle or burn
penetration depth is related to wavelength

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timecop: you dont like real hardcore do you
sounds like 1998
well no i guess 1998 would be 45min just to see it underrun
danielson: ?
well explain what it is no one wants to google for your lack of descriptive skill
oh that thing
im laughing that shit hits something stuck on your mirror and burns your hands off
mm is like 300GHz or something?
danielson: duh
youre an idiot
one will just take out his 9mm and unload on you
thats what they want you to do
the non lethal shit is just to provoke you

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lets get it on doc, and watch the spot get blown, i be the sick lunatic with the develish poem, from the mist of the darkness i come with this, hit you straight to the chest like a primatine mist, resurrector why, the fanatical type, im like a bat in the night when its time to take flight
and then at the end of that he is like OPEN UP THE DEVILS HAND AND HANG HIM FROM MY TESTICLES
hardcore heads were kind of like metal heads
dressed in black denim and wore lots of studded leather accessories
whats up with that extra UI panel on that strat...

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man fuck
drum n bass is all the way in anaheim fuck all that
okay other drum n bass almost in long beach
oh shit theyre getting down at ron d cores place
not like, hardcore punk
i will find some
do it

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