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dx^: take it mfkr didnt you ask for 53 or something retarded
i told you that wasnt enough
no way you should make less than 10k more than me even in buttfuck georgia
heh k not rly

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timecop: wat
van nuys is in the valley and manhatten beach is across LA on the far side of LAX

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nico come back
im going to this thing called the do over
and every week they have diff djs
doing all sorts of soul/funk/hiphop
like i guess last week was jazzy jff and week before was biz markie and they dont say who its gonna be til theyre there

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haha relay sockets
tube era leftovers

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haruko: avrstudio is awesome software
and its free
like in beer
but also for commercial use im pretty sure
install windows
you only need 4gb
beer is shit
drink wine mfkr
from the bottle, straight to the dome

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i love ice water and iced tea its all i drink
i hardly ever drink soda
maybe once every few months
in the heat its like suicide
but yeah, your mouth dries up with all that sugar, its fuuuuuucked
coke is real bad, sprite is the only thing kinda okay, but water and tea actually help

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im not surprised
a lot of carcinogenic things are just materials your body cant break down
so theres parts in ground meat and the carbon when you grill stuff that cant be broken down
and if they get stuck places i guess thats why you get cancer fucked, or more likely to get cancer fucked
so yeah, fiber stuff probably helps that because its like abrasive cleaning for your insides
and cold water prob makes it worse because when things get cold they kinda stiffen up
seems like it would be harder for your body to break down and more likely to get tangled and stuck than if its warm and goopy
my bros chinese alt medicine dr told him never drink cold water
not even with meals, just dont do it ever

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im not so into flat grill burgers
this is coming from weight loss tips?
if they dont mention the fiber part they lose points
yeah man if you dont have like strings of chemical equations that balance out, im kinda like whatever
i dont think fruit will ruin your life if eaten 5min later
maybe the fruit helps break down bad stuff and convert stuff into usable forms so the body doesnt do it and it happens faster
well you get the shit from eating lots of fruit regardless
because its all water and fiber

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because it has fiber itll fill you up
and acids and stuff itll help break food down
why not
link to .edu or .gov white paper or im just like wat
haha, wow the revelation
i like em well done too
flame grill, fatburger style tho

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on your phone?
thats pretty neat
youre on att?
haha tv
he should

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