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no idea

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dx^: yay
job i guess?
with an iron?
normal solder

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drivers in los angeles are nuts but were good
how come WA drivers suck at rain? =(

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ha cart parking

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you cant go to 7/11 and buy beer
you cant buy wine and beer at the grocery store wtf

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i drank like 100 cups of sangria last night
well, one cup but it kept getting filled up
more than 9000 what
ha then i kicked it in the car for like and hour then went for a walk in hollywood
you cant serve wine in PA?
what do you mean not to go

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gen3 prelude?
well, 4 i guess

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thats a v6?
those have to be v6 thats insane for i4s
@ wow or @ v6
the new sho looks stupid
its like, highlights from the current generation camry and accord
which both look stupid
old taurus styling was like a generation ahead
thats kinda why they looked a bit retarded but pretty much the whole industry followed taurus styling
80s and 90s
its weird =\

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no it hauled ass
its upgraded suspension if i remember right
all the car reviewers loved that thing
sounds like a probe
i want to get shocks for the volvo i blew up the old lady ones it came with
haha wtf
you tested or quoting specs?
maybe has extra 2 cylinders and a real head
well, heads
haha pushrods guess not

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which mustang gt?
fox body or the one after
my mom had an escrot hatch
shitty but decent suspension
was like driving a rally thing
yeah boats are usually full of go power
even 80s caddies could haul ass
pony car, not much more is expected
i hate the mustang after
its like a fucking miata inside
except with no kind of view
im kind of scared to get a fun car
like, old car
i drive so much, i get rear ended on the freeway in a z or a crx or a 914 or an mr2 its like, bye kitty
which sho?
oh 94 neat
there was more than a taurus?
oh, hmm i think they did thunderbirds

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