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also my friday is fucked thats when i leave

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not yet
timecop: NOT YET

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let google get corpy/evil, i dont care theyre just fuckin good
apple cant do that
because like, touch the shit to hack it
^you just have to
its lame when you totally typo jokes that werent even funny in the first place

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windopain: heheh
prob worse that happens is you blowout the ground shield on the probe
and it would have to be hella charged up
and they would have to be ultrachina probes
thats almost all my tube tek can do

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macegr: i think so too, its nice to know im not the only one isnt sure tho
no just make sure the car isnt grounded to something else
or float the scope ground
i dunno man maybe hes got some other h4x shit hooked up
yeah he didnt say so i dont want to assume
car could be upside down in saltwater

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anyway if youre going to have a fucked up unbalanced engine that only keeps itself from ripping apart by antialiasing through more firings,
better to be in love with a v10 or v12 or something that screams
v8 is just two slanty i4
yeah he only noticed one big cowfarm
he was prob delerious during the gaps
he was fucked up by poo smell.
pls2not be a palin
so okay
seepage was found
but its from another well
but they say where the cap is leaking its not a big deal
like wtf how many damaged wells they got in that party

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(fuck the rx8 and micks origin)
dude they fucked up on the rx8 by making it ugly
besides giving it a suicide half door and 4 seats
ttmustang: thats statement is a joke
i6 > v8
its called driving ability and short gearing
suspension, weight and its distribution
chassis stiffne
ttmustang: where i live roads have turns and there are these things called mountains
fuck a v6 thats a manufacturing inspired tragedy
theyre neat
i like the cougar rear glass better
my car does that but with ATF

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pontiac was mostly shitty rebrands with extra plastic side trim
for what was supposed to be the sport brand, they got nothing except the fiero and solstice?
firebird is a camaro
im pretty sure they were all camaros first before getting the firebird rework
and camaro is a pony car its only 'sport' because the 70s happened, everyone was on drugs
the g6 was pretty good i think?
rear drive, decent handling
but it looked shit
i really want a golf with a DSG
fuck a torque converter i want two clutches and a brain
mr2 and miata are true sport
camaro is an economy coupe of the 60s with a motor
and most the time, most the camaros they sell, it dont have that much motor
rx7 is a lost cause =(

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horrible toothpic image
both cherokees i been in besides macegrs had grindy transmission mounts
they were like late 90s tho
i want an i6, tho
almost everythings stays nice when taken care of
bullshit tons of people with cherry stangs of all gens
i generally hate fords but the kind of people who love taking care of cars often adore them

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i had an 86 crx
carbed, 50mpg
1740lbs, heh
hahaha rav4
i laught because of the rear half axles
theyre so cute! like powder coated toothpicks
no way

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ban american in cali!
why do you want to buy a car here
its not going to be thatr much cheaper than the bay
gas in normal in cali
its cheap everywhere else
you guys dont even use it anyway you just play with it
maybe you could take the train
depends how much you want to do when youre in LA, pub transportation is pretty okay now
yeah me too
anyway your car might just be an anchor

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yay nico survived teh cows
its not one its a few =\
its pretty night right now, no?
and yeah thats almost cold dude
no i pushed back a week
so friday
SB is basically as bad as vegas
but our weather cooled down like 15F
last week it was prob like 105, 110 in the valley and calabasas

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those arent so bad because its the end of the wire
the inline splices theyll use for tapping power for small car amps and shit are fucking suicide
tho yeah im kinda amazed the whole worlds storage relied on the blade contacts in IDC connectors for a couple decades
glad we are over that

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08:15 <+TekniQue> these crimps where you have pins piercing solid wire
haha @ slicing into insulation and putting a blade lengthwise against twisted stranded core

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