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wtf wat
you are ruining our country

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ive only smoked like 2 cigs in the last 3 days
than daft punk?
they have to have the cool videos and the amazing light shows because the music is pretty sucky

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macegr: rhett says i should make that for him
heh gets neat at 1:30
want to see the power supply
whatever you can make a better helmet
instead of those bar graph led you can put like, oled display there
why i havent smoked all day
i just need to figure out something to do during breaks at work
like if you dont count the three or five cigs i had at respect

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hmm nm digikey search failed me
theyre 5v max or theyre expensive

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and now your 2.5v signal is 1.25v
which probably works with 5v rails
so use a different ref
okay well i just picked that chip because i like the car
its good and everything
well actually not really
haha 10mV vos

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theyre not rail to rail but theyre not horrible in that respect
but theyre a well rounded amp, and cheap, theyre used a ton in audio
you should have a bunch
tl082 for non critical non signal path stuff
yeah that makes sense
so use a rail to rail amp
i like these guys
let me show you why
this is a fucking gorgeous automobile
so look man
just put another 10k in series with the 10k input divider
er input resistor but that turns it into an input divider

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guys i got a mousepad
life is more awesome
whatever this is wireless and optical
naw trackballs are awesome for cluttered space
they are
well for space games are least
just use a tl072

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going to the N

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all the netbooks turned shiny im seriously like okay fuck all of you then
you get half voltage
hmm maybe not
oh it explained both ways
you get the same or half voltage but you dont have as much available power

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``nico: its called windows and sweat
was like 90-100F and raining maybe two weeks ago
well what else you gonna do stay home?
that happens here here, heh
you have to juke it!
i like to get off then hit the in between streets
so its like, 100 stops signs but your movin
i dont even have mine
i gave it to the guitar tech so he didnt have to keep using his moms pc to upgrade the guitar firmware
because they need that pc to update wireless stuff
now he has it all integrated into his doombench
(his mom does assembly/rework)
whatever i liked it
i prob have an older one
i think i want to save up for a lenovo something
either a netbook or something huge

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looks the same as here
per bedroom
prob not per sqft or amp
that would be kinda cool
having a shop in chatsworth and a little apartment in brooklyn wouldnt be very convenient tho

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so i wonder what happens if i bust out my pipe and smoke a bowl at dnb at otherbar
what kind of van
serauni2: well they might care
see at my weekly dnb thing on thurdays, they dont
in fact bouncer dude is like ^5 when he sees me doesnt even pat me down anymore
and like, i stand there or sit at a table and smoke like all night
so this place is smaller and more a small pub than a punker music spot
youre in brooklyn?
this is the only part of nyc i would live
everyone knows that
well is your shit old or is it not old

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i need to get a hose thing for my shopvac
prob too late
yeah everything closed at 10pm
and by home depot you mean lowes or osh
which are closed i think
i ate too many hard tacos im all lazy
o they are open for 13 more minutes

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get a place
``nico: when do you start at newjob?

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thats like bushing + flange
and hollow looks fucked
hollow would be useful if your flow rate is critical
but i would prob just use bigger filled fitting if i could get away with it
that thing just screams HI BREAK ME OFF tho

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timecop: oh shit do you still need that chip or what?
wasnt that like 5 years ago
perhaps 3 months
you need to draw a pic

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only caught on fire a little bit?
man why the sd fuckheads posting their dnb events on the la jungle calendar

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drew_: i dont really care if its hot when im not around
yeah i feel guilty about using those for my 400W light
theyre like 400w 1/3hp rated
unless you mean those huge pool/shop timer ones

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man fuck my electric bill
at my old place i got this little window a/c with a timer and was pretty okay
now i have this big huge one like 7ft off the floor i keep forgetting to turn off
just need a timer
i was about to make a joke about how a microcontroller and some solenoids pushing the circuit breaker on and off would prob be cheaper than some huge 240V/20A timer

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seems pretty neat
i like their writing characters theyre all curvy and goofy like thai writing
oh, neat
maybe can atually learn it
haha wat!
h kinda looks like a person making h sounds

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you do multiple vias, spread em a bit, heat the fluxed bottom pad with the vias
then you can test for continuity
not really 100% but works okay
toaster oven, thermocouple, triacs, microcontroller
you can test if its common with other ground pins
managed to avoid going to raver massive
kitchen and bathroom are clean \o/
`nico: korea trip delayed +1week again
this time factory requested push back for the same reason i rescheduled it last week

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i do a verify every time i program

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soldering a walwart to battery terminals is hackaday worthy

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not very funneh

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blackmoon: i played with some version of your mods
plus texture packs and some weapon pack

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man i wanna play fallout 3 again

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they didnt get that shit from kazaa
they got that clicking like 100 ads trying to find something
prob had phone dialers in the network property dialog
dont even see ads
like i could tell you about any of the ads ive seen on the net
*couldnt couldnt couoldnt
i rabbed
haha i love that
Because of insurance and zoning issues we cannot accept woodworkers, welders, or automotive businesses or cannibus businesses.
so that means CNC and high temp ovens is okay?
well i wasnt planning on doing that as a business
i know people heat up glass rods with propane torches
then smoke with the glass rods
thats fucking dagerous =\

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dude thats not music
thats porn
and thats dad not teaching her how to use bittorrent and know what file extensions are safe
well fuckem theyre useless just another drone node on the net

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naw even the mil doesnt want us
eventually we will just be banned as an anti patriotic waste of power
pretty sure i have it
panax: analog = comm to CODEC chip
i totally gotta organize my data
get it onto like 2 or my 4 drives
then reinstall the fuck out of this thing
and hire some sort of hard drive maid
some mexican lady @ $5/hr who sorts and puts away shit in my download dir
man fuck kids
prob steal a lot more than that

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i wanna ploay with quartus
i got chores =(
blackmoon: cost of cheapest cyclone is?
$3? what
o damn
they dont make tiny ones wtf
fuck guess not
oh hmm
yeah but i dont mean for fucking around
blackmoon: in mass production $14 is never whatever
dickheads argue over 4148s
that 4148 is someones paycheck!
not like were the fucking military =(

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be fun to do a synth
usually good just do do windows on like 10gb just in case
if its for work stuff
prob not as fast or reliably
grub works, fuck dual boot i had like six boot

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pll is easier to use than intuitively understand

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