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timecop: wtf phones
they just changed all that shit at work
no idea how to get into my voicemail now
also new phones dont sound as good
and they dont have bigass LCD with pixelated company logo on them
i think this was a step backwards, better be cheaper

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eggsalad: fuck yeah.
eggsalad: k
eggsalad: no u look a little potato.

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oh cmon seriously stoppit
eggsalad: garlic hummus + pita chips #1

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wai am i up
i guess i could go work super early, leave early

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used ones from ebay

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ima put all my scopes

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paper roll doesnt happen until after you hit enter huh

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xp powercalc doesnt work on win7
timecop: make it work
but powertoy calc was perfect
but i dont want juarez i wanr next next finish
googling this blasphemy
cmon ru srs
where do i type in what i want with letters and numbers
the paper roll seems gimp, no entry
dreamcalc is fail, ti emulation without the ti
when i type where does it show up

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yeah well i can do all of them
and they all suck
ubuntu is an okay distro, for being deb based, its amazing
emc devs on ubuntu so drama free linuc cnc means ubuntu
i dont like gnome
yeah its good for that
you should try xubuntu on a livecd
xfce can do most the stuff gnome can do
but its a lot lighter, a lot more focused
win7 is pretty neat

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