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zeeshan: progress on fat rings?

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japan is like california after we breakoff

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youre on phone or what
Sen. Franken: Stop the Corporate Takeover of the Media

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unless you mean keef
even thats not pure
okay fine
`nico: weird permanent mild anxiety mode
because of trip
like if i dont say anything prob no one else checks
but tomorrow im going to find out if we have to delay stupid trip again
my place is way cleaner tho
oh im def going
just a matter of when
shit id prob have to quit and run away to not go
bet the operations manager would come to my home and like just drag me onto the airplane
no i dont think so
lemme check spambox
btw i am in love with this man ^
i wouldnt even vote for him to be president
because hes so awesome theyd just kill him in the face at the inoguration

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everyone gets the cough
its synthetic its not the same

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instead of inhaling paint off computer cases?
thats not what i was talking about!

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prob in some sort of maniacal record time too
i have to move that painting
krylon on computer case panel, ftw
oh and i guess he also used green paint marker

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shleves. fuck yeah.
i may have to upgrade from particle to ply =\
oh, yeah i got some of those
i dont even really do that for friends
like ill say ill do it
but everyone is lazy and not proactive about it and i dont like the work
pfft i routed a failboard for that fair and square

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because its ingested
and water extraction is probably the best method to get the THC out right now
anything that the THC dissolves in doesnt come out
so alcohol and butane extraction works awesome, but youll never get that butane or alc out
butane extraction is the only thing thats really illegal about there
i guess state attorney general was cool with everything but he was like, they do what with butane? no way fuck that if they have butane with medical herb, bust them anyway
and theres tons of howtos saying how to make it
almost all claim that its totally safe that you just have to wait long enough for the butane to boil away
ive never met *anyone* who doesnt complain about dry thoat and wheezy cough after smoking butane extraction hash oil
that shit is nasty

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its subtle
its way stronger but its spread out over 3 times as long
and cannabutter can be anything
i seen it butter colored with barely any herb flavor
and we used to use this stuff that was like guacamole green
tasted like dank
theres a whole day on vacation in NYC i dont remember because of og kush cookies

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also rab ate week cake as his initial experience...
well, mostly rab is pretty level headed
but that was straight retarded
eating it is what hardcore herbalists do to get *fucked* up, because almost nothing else does anything except maintain
weed cake
but it was prob weak because rab remembers the experience

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