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man this bass is too like percussive not like, drony and deep enough
guys i wish i had video of the sanfrancisco ireland dj girl who was like lipsyncing over her funny bass music
then she like gave up and gave the mic to the mc and he didnt do anything for like an hour

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damn i am late
seba from sweden
and the insider from the uk
this one is starting out okay but the other two songs i heard were kinda meh

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get the bar between centers
do you finish OD all the way to the end of one side
then saw, flip, throw in collet
but i dunno if you have that
okay i guess you do
anyway dont worry about finishing the edges
just get the ID and OD and try and cutoff tool it
then break the edges with a small file
or send to me ill do it
as long as you dont go to deep
itll rip funny
on break through

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so the spacers should be pretty
whatever this shit is light
fine make me one spacer
full length
lemme measure it
do you have collets?
or just centers and jaw chuck
nice, 4 jaw
kinda useless for this but cool anyway
you can do goofy shit with that 4 jaw
and a lot of time
parallels are for mills
or weird setup shit
anyway just do one spacer
go slooooow
and just use the 3 jaw chuck

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i would prob take a bar, center drill and put on a tailstock center, reseat in 3 jaw vise
do like 3" of OD or whatever, rough and finish
see the gap between the handlebar stem and the heatset bearing?
there is like 1.2" of seerer tube exposed
and i dont really want to drop the stem onto it
but yeah the headset bearing pops out without a spacer
so youre making me 1.25" of spacer
pfft, lame
the seat post spacer ill do a drawing
no one does
because theres like 20 ways to do this
i only have like 4
anyway gotta go
nm lemme see who is at dnb
anyway those forks is like CNC steel and carbon fiber

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click on the link and look at the first 2 lines
yeah obviously, # in url means go to here
fool i gotta go
you know drum n bass is tonight
just break the edges
nothing too deep just try and make it look consistent with a sane angle =)
no just a normal machinist

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hey how are my fat rings going
remember those spacers
wtf i told you
there mfkr i made you a website about it

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thats fine but it wont work for everything
prob too much heat
but i mean, my machine has enough power to wel chips onto aluminum pretty quick
iron i dunno

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because its unforgiving and expensive
chipped it?
you can in the finish
thats exactly why i wouldnt use anything else on a CNC
exceptions being drills
it chips usually, HSS and cobalt-HSS will dull
and instead of breaking, they will bend
and the circular motion keeps them from breaking, so theyre bending and twisting at the same time
what like stubby boring bars?
do you peck or what
like how do you clear chips
so much open area it doesnt matter?
you have to peck and use lube
yeah youre feeding too fast
or spinning to slow

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fuck cobalt
carbide prob does it better
uncoated carbide isnt super expensive
oh for drills
yeah except for small drills carbide isnt so easy to find
oh huh
i bet that works great
but great at chip clearing
and wont produce heat on the walls
no i wasnt being sarcastic =\

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thats fine
slow but its usable
in the body and the shielding

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25 centimeters a second
inches a second
seriously i think that is prob 3 or 4 mph
pretty sure the huge gantry router at work did like 1500+ ipm in rapid
and the haas shit ive worked with slams around stupid fast
can prob get a used one for 20K
like a minimill or something
that shit is like towards 100K new
w/ options
and i dont mean your pic because its not loading

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but you could do it better with CNC
anyway i think its a half assed conversion
im not saying it wont improve the machine
because it will
but a proper cnc lathe is a 3 axis machine
its debatable
because you may not be able to control it like a C with any precision
but you need to be able to track position
dude bar stack machine centers are like, godtools
it should be able to
you prob can set it up like that pretty easy, heh
i think it might be a standard setup gcode for some controllers
thats sloooooow
read what you said then say it again or else yeah, slooooow
dude i walk like 100 times faster than that

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if a cnc cant send up proper fault flags its kinda goofy
not really production capable without totally babysitting
right because maybe the speeds is the same on average
but its jittering a few degrees
i go to anaheimautomation and daydream mostly
just ebay haas servo
for $500 its prob way more than 2hp
thats basically a machine center part

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spindle is C or you did it wrong
not lol, serious
if you dont servo a spindle with speed and direction control, you did your cnc lathe wrong
you need to be able to track it
it needs feedback
if you cant thread with your cnc lathe you did it wrong
if the controller cant fault detect, its a toy
blackmoon: no but im pretty sure i can program it!
anyway cnc lathes are amazing to operate
dude if youre going to do a tach you might as well do absolute indexing
and if you do absolute indexing, might as well have a motor that can slew
some serious DC or brushless shit
dude if you put an encoder on a controlled motor, its a servo
to do repeatable thread cuts
you need to be able to track error to a few degrees

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but yeah we have a little machine shop
has a pretty big bench mill
that someone CNC'd
no one knows the story really all those people gone
just convert one you have a lathe
but yeah when project dies down me and head ME guy have to redo the shop
make sure everything is cool
then do some safety training shit with the techs
the lathe?
or his mill
its 3 axis

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oh right
so you always hit the same ref
that seems so obvious its like why arent they all like that
oh thats why i guess
threading up to shoulders was some fucking anxiety source
because of the way the engage lever for threading is kind of wonky
im always afraid itll stick and need a wiggle or something
spray cutter in my face
yeah i think so
it would freak me out how lathes will just move metal
like even if it couldnt cut
something was going to happen you cant just have two pieces of metal taking up the same physical space
fucker so had a sweater on tho
kind of had it coming
when i finish this project at work
well, finish this crazy part because this project not really gonna end for a couple more years i dont think

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because yeah if i kept to the original plan, id be coming hom tomorrow and almost nothing would have gotten done so id prob be back on a plane like on tuesday
haha dogs
that must be a pretty high end lathe!
just from feel, im pretty sure all the stuff ive worked on was all straight cut gearings except *maybe* the threading screw engage
i kind of want to get a multiple dog clutch assembly tattoo'd around my ankle

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so i didnt bring anything about parts up today
and op manager ejected is out of town before he ejects to china to be all pissed over [censored or something]
-1st ejected
and korea started 5 day weekend
so like, korea trip is 1000% likely for this saturday night
theyre not even in town to pick me up so i have to make it to the hotel myself
longcat: trip has been pushed back twice because of manufacturing logistics
if i leave this weekend, parts might not show up for a week, but i can get shit done and if i stay another week or two itll be all business

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