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almost all packed
guys can i take circuit boards on airplane carry on?
like, programmer boards
guys help
yeah thats not what i mean moon =\
yeah im putting all the soldering tools and cables and dongles in my checked bags =\
theyre gonna think i want to take apart the plane

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like 500 is a shitt darlington thats like, the worst darlington

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please to design circuits that use real parts
400hfe is prob a leaky fet

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avr should be way better than uS slew
well not way better
i would prob guess like dozens of nanos or maybe couple hundred

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do you have kids?
if you dont have kids, find a better job that doesnt piss you off

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manufacturing like min wage line work
full time?
what is it
well thats not enough to support anyone
setup and operation?
or running a mop
thats two incomes not everyone is so lucky
setup and operation should earn more
thats not hard work
but not always
i get like $22 or something
and overtime
so why dont you take the operation job
if it pays more

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cant be fixed
his job is to try
so his job is basically to fail
the gov isnt even the reason were fucked
its corporations selling out industry
and the reason that happens is mfkrs with too much credit want to buy lots of stuff for the absolute cheapest possible cost
no its really mostly that
gov enabled it
people are on welfare because theres no jobs
theres no jobs because we sold ourselves out
people with money and power are smiling because seperation of classes works out for them
what jobs and how much they offering
prob some shit suitable for a teenager to buy weed and lunch

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i think japan did when they lost the war
the surrender announcement was like the first time a lot of people heard the leader guys voice
is is closed loop or its just radio networked?
thats not the same so much
channel 2 is prob big band music from the 30s
they dont have the blues or punk =(

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US mil drills off coast of korea end day before i get there
yeah they havent yet its been going on almost a week
n korea was saying they were gonna nuke
but i guess they say that every year
srs or else that shit sounds boring as fuck
haha srs

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haha @ palin pr0n scenes
pr0n palin is to cute she got no squishiness =(
too cut
like, tone and athletic

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whats a parport
wtf @ work on programmer
buy it
1st party atmel is like $30
and stk500 clones are like $15
actual stk500 is prob well under $100
well, yeah im saying buy the programmers then do some real wtf projects
you have a programmer

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well then thats why you are failing

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