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what i didnt get tha lost

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havent seen
ocal google maps are like, too korean
fuck why does efnet.net web client always cut off first letters
got bus lines to pop up on the map before
they prob stopped running already
`nico: ty bye

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`nico: hi from korea
automated frosting dispenser?
or what
`nico: taxi from airport to hotel was gonna be $80+
so i was like fuck that and took a bus
bus driver didnt understand and took me way to far so i had to walk back like a mile with all my stuff
reimbursed when i get home
i think the factory pays for the room
imi not paying
anyway incheon is pretty neat
i dont mind busses and walking i like getting to know new cities
theyre kind of all the same, heh
like, one part of a big city will be more diff from other parts of the same city than it is from certain places at home
i miss my cat =(
`nico: i might take bus down to this western style bar
what is beer tent
like i really know wtf a pagoda is

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bash > cmd shell

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what like i have to keep the same nick and/or host mask?
dunno how well thats gonna work
i need to go find some foods
korean bbq is supposed to be #1
i didnt even know that was a new game until like 3 days ago
because like, yeah, fucking rts dorks

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guys i'm here!
haha i was at incheon airport and taxi drivers were saying itd e like $80 to get to the hotel
so i was like fuck that and took a $3 bus
language barriered myself like a mile to far, ended up taking a pretty neat long walk through northern incheon with all my bags
hotel pupyong, pupyeong, popyung, bupyeong, and bupyong are the same place =\
that almost became a problem
'i forgot to pack my shirts =\
haha they have a giant indoor swap meet underground, prob like a mile long at least
they have almost no XXL shirts, and i think i bought the only unprinted black one there and it was $15 =\

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