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Rab: *** raabz [~raabz@S0106001cdf15ed0f.wp.shawcable.net] has joined #cars
i didnt know you had variations

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mad max is closed i think maybe because of the holiday there was a sign on the door in printed paper
and beer cabin looks pretty lame like a restaurant
somewhere there is a place called rock bar but i dunno where
bottled water and cigarettes are way cheaper than in america

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erious thats a pretty cool nick
okay do i go to mad max or goose goose
mad max is pretty close i saw it on my walk this morning
plus like, road warrior
its the same of local bars!
that english speakers frequent
er name
i guess mil people go there more and it gets rowdy
so yeah pretty gay
also far
bus there is easy but i dunno how late busses run
k laters
mad max it is

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sin other world, totally awesome and totally lame simultaneously

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i mean im sure they have electronics factories here
but too much $$$ for us to use them, but korea is known for decent quality instrument mass production
like, samick makes more guitars than anyone in the world (most guitars are rebranded samicks) and theyre mostly based here
i walked by a shop
and they had fender statocaster clones
and on the headstock they were labled Fended
it was funny it was like perfect fender logo script too
ore like you track down the factory that makes them
and they just go oh yeah those we made them for these people, handing you some fake asian company info
then your american company tries to sue
and the foreign courts are prob like eh?

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it uses 220v with the grounded euro outlets
some 110 outlets still exist but i guess most of those are 220v
and some residents install 120v subsystems to power american and japanese products
but yeah used to be 110 with us style jacks
possibly without isolation but always hackable
i dont have any really
guitar factory so i wouldnt count on it
if i cant rewire the hakko ill maybe just have company wire me some ching so i can get some sort of ~75W mains converter locally
electronics is almost always korea

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i guess i wait until i see the factory before trying to rewire my hakko for 240vac
maybe they have 110 or transformers
in the hotel?
or you mean like, geographically
bupyeong district of incheon, south korea
oh i wouldnt just because im afraid of spoiled organic nutrients
or more specifically what grows in that stuff
some places smell bad like when i tried organic hydro in deep water culture

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my work digi calipers like pecked a hole in the side of their case with OD jaws
naw it didnt get out, too big
heh neat still calibrated

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right because the bots just undo them
i should prob go buy cigs
k i need to go to family mart and get some waters
family mart and gs25 are like their 7/11

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they have a lot more pacience with that kind of big headed trolling
as long as it sounds remotely smart, like 20 newbs will latch onto it as rare wisdom
theres ops
they just use chanserv
pretty sure there is chan ops
yeah you can use chanserv like an eggdrop
so in a lot of bigger chans theres no visible ops
and bans will e done through the bot
right thats whats its for im just lazy about setting it up and staying logged in

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wait avrfreak was rebooted or what
does that mean he showed up in chan or he had a heart attack and didnt die
that guy loves trolling us too much to die fucker prob lives just to look like an idiot trying to talk shit at us
skype audio quality beats the shit out of cell phones
also it did like 4 hours without dropping
which usually happens 3 or 5 times when we talk that long

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okay so i will nap and test gear and then hit some barplaces
have to try this mad max place
because yeah, road warrior ftmfw

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mod sine is so fucking ugly

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zeeshan: yes
and itf its really 12vac itll look the same
because you wont see slight flicker at 60hz
it doesnt matter
yeah you woont notice
itll prob last a bit longer with dc vs ac
but i doubt its significant
ac will have higher peak voltage/current/power/light and itll be heat cycling so its slightly harder on it mechanically
but rms means average power so literally its the same
its prob a wire filament
but yeah sometimes tungsten
i think standard stuff is an alloy, pure tungsten bulbs are brighter and kinda blueish compared to typical incandescent, art people use it a ton for taking pis of their work

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i think i remember that, shrug
so food places were mostly closed
dunno if its because its early or because of the long weekend holiday
the ones that were open were like ultra korean with no english on the menu
did find two bars looks pretty okay
one is Mad Max which google mentioned is pretty cool
other was like, Beer Place! or something, has big beer barrels as decoration
its just some metal filament
it doesnt know the difference
its just like, i got hot!
timecop: wondering why you think we care

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and this is when i pasted a link to a leather desk chair that was like %50 off or so
which to me is on topic as fuck because were all sitting in chairs, we do work that requires to be at a workstation for like days at a time
and half of us bitch about our backs
so yeah charles is on my permanent douchebag list along with stu
at least teknique is technical minded and contributes when he isnt being a troll
yeah, right?
and then actual trolls could loiter for *weeks*
like, with stu in the channel
it was just funny as fuck because like, on hour its stu like HOW ARE THESE CURTAIN, PRETTY TIGHT, RIGHT?
next hour charles is banning mfkrs for going on about their tiny countertop dishwasher
it was one of the lordpil blog events before he got banned on

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i wonder if he knew i got laid off there like the month earlier
heh i did most of the test and dev labor on the XLS project
i didnt respond
i ranted in the channel for it for a few minutes, noted how wtf it was he thought we were cool enough to just shoot me random questions
ended it by wondering if he still followed lordpils blog
if not, he never got an answer
oddly the only people in channel who ever brought up lordpil were stu, charles, and teknique
lordpil.com not actual lordpil
i still think that ban over him buying shit for his place is hilarious
he was earning that money maintaining arm9 c code
stmeanwhile stu was constantly ranting about decorating his place
and i think he earned his money scanning documents and converting to pdf

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i rab'd
you lack of anthusiasm about answerinf makes me wonder if he isnt in love with you now
which would be understandable, i'd be kind of emarassed being seen hand in hand with him
no timecop says hes in jp so they are kickin it somewhere
or i dunno maybe they have taken it beyond irc, and now they email in private
tho i mean if they were both right here with diff nicks its not like id be surprised
haha i was kind of surprised when stu emailed to ask me about cerwin-vega XLS vs VE series speakers

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okay so im not sure whats up with tips here but i left the hotel server girl like 20%
also she said, no pay price included with room
obviously in this context, to the max timecop
well where were you with this info earlier
im wearing a black shirt with a dead mouse in adidas
i am weird
charles is in jp?
i did, i am
but i wonder if she meant breakfast is free
or theyre tacking it onto the bill
either way im not paying
harles still in love with stu or that ended when he ejected himself from efnet?
what i can make arguments either way
last i know he was idling on freenode with stu trying to act like half of freenode/##electronics is there because stu is a bitch and this chan used to be about decorating his apartment and his daily fav redtube

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i take cam today so i can be obvious tourist

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and besides wtf 50A outlets
BlackMoon: hahaha i always think that when i see those kind of tables
haha yeah
oh i want to make tshirts with an inverting amps and two 10k resistors
i havent decided if i want to put the UNITY label on it or not
probably at first
BlackMoon: stabbed in the forehead and surprised smiley
BlackMoon: thats why it would sell and unity isnt a hippy word
its more hiphop/jungle stuff
hippies would say ALLTOGETHERNESS or something
k tshirt is fixed i guess bbl foods

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man i want to bone the girl who didn't sell me the other small xxl tshirt
she was super sweet and bowy with short bleached hair and no english
i had to bust out the pen so we could haggle
i think she said she couldnt sell it to me cheaper because her boss
wtf outlet
its for 240 high amp and low amp connections i think
like there us 240vac 20A service and i think 30A or 50A
BlackMoon: at exjob we had 50A 120VAC service installed
its huge 3 phase style twisting barrel connects
yeah i think the prong angle on 240 has to do with current
the higher current plugs wont fit into lower current outlets but it works the other way
but yeah i dont even try to remember
i think there is like 5 standard american outlets
besides 3 phase

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boxers pretty much is commando
two boxes
two boxes will work in more situations if something has to be different for unforseen reasons
and what it takes maybe 1/2" more area?
oh i thougt you meant a double width box
with two big outlets
od i hate when my tshirts are clingy
thank voodoos i didnt grow up in the 60s/70s

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but they fucked up
they should have dropped the saggy and kept the baggy like pretty much everyone else
everyone eats yogurt
its good for you and has beneficial bacteria!
heh also the retrosexual (metrosexual backlash) seems to be hitting the junglist types
mfkrs in suits and hats like they in a 30s PI movie
anyway this 80s retro rocker thing is retarded and its gone on waaaay too long
like a whole generation of kids sterile from tighty whiteys and pants too small
fuck that
i just wear them when i go to massives
over my boxers to sneak in pipes and herbs

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loose pants make movement easy, and they move air cooling you
i only sag when i forget to wear my belt
anyway look at what people wear when it matters
soldiers, samurai, etc
its loose clothing so you can move
dude samurai practically wore dresses
sagging isnt really related to size
most people i know where loose clothes wear belts and just have their pants right above their butt
not pulled like 1/3 up their back
almost ALL emo/rocker fucks wearing tight tight pants sag
really bad
because they literally cant pull their pants up and move around at the same time
its backlash against hiphop culture

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uh if google knew theyd be closed
this is like los angeles insider info
fuck kman
my zombie might mouse xxl shirt is like american xl
wow kman was a typo but i guess in this situation it works
luckily my xxl unprinted shirt is proper
hahahah @ rocker kids with their tight pants and shirts
fuckin idiots
like, yeah man we took this from hiphop because its comfortable
look at samurais
wasnt about looking cool
shit i dont care if I wear BDU so big they look like a camo skirt, is comfy yet punk
like, kids are wearing pants they have to sag because they cant pull them up over their ass
and then the inseam is like cutting of circulation to their balls
and their penis is prob all squished flat
fuck liking the baggy look
its functional
tight pants restrict motion and can irritate skin and are hot

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ts a guitar factory
and everyone goes by like, two letter initials
and my ME told me to find the engineer, his english is good and he plays a mean guitar
i can drink heavy i just dont like too
few times
whatever fuck dogs im just not trying to eat a cat
ha wtf
cats are like people eating a cat is cannabalism
rigos tacos is cats
and its the most famous tacos in LA

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but weve emailed and his written english is okay
and he seems pretty cool
also hes paranoid about china CMs from past experience
so im like, guy coming to save his life
well lots of shit and managers said bow and hand business card
but i think i left my stack on my bench at work
and i used the two i had on me for luggage tags
To show respect when shaking hands, support your right forearm with your left hand.
yeah weird
Address Koreans using appropriate professional titles until specifically invited by your host or colleagues to use their given names.
yeah usually they do that with techs and engineers
going to try and let him know im a poor kid dont have much money
Direct eye contact between junior and senior businesspeople should be avoided. This is seen as impolite or even as a challenge.
fucking spent how many years trying to do the opposite...
Do not cross your legs or stretch your legs out straight in front of you. Keep your feet on the floor, never on a desk or chair.
oh damn

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also most girls dont even know what a speaker is pretty sure they think the sound comes from the tv screen
whatever its like, halp halp, come on the bus with me back to my room
i have to try and figure out how late theyre open
also i dont think i can fuck around to much tonight
factory president guy showing up tomorrow here at 8am
still being in bed with random girl would prob look bad
tho its a guitar factory
so maybe i get extra points
oh fuck
well i hope project works out and i can stay
the cto made a joke about me staying here
the way the prject is going, i wouldnt be surprised if it happened
break the ice is like, lets get to your factory so i can get on this shit and maybe make you some money
i guess DSP guitar costs waaaaaaaay more to build than normal guitar, heheh
not really
bow, wait for handshake
i dont know any words i wont even try
well i can bow kinda first time

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inittab: turn that shit off if its lagging
yeah well its not like im gonna ask guys
i dont like guys
like even in a friendly way most the time
no i mean in general
i dont think that stuff is cheap here like in china
hi i have a laptop
i should sell the tv and tell the hotel it got stole while i slept because i cant lock my door from the inside
i guess, the only times i can think of that happening i got laid like, first time hanging out
not from the inside its pretty wtf

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well they prob cant beat me up
im nuts i go berzerker you gotta at least have martial arts
in which case im prob knocked out in two moved but whatever
no like lucha libre berzerker
my friend is maybe 3" taller and about the same weight but prob less fat ratio, hes afraid of me
because he saw me wrestling around with other berzerkers in group homes when i was a kid
haha, oak lockers on the floor, oak beds moved across the room, desks exploded
people literally running around the room to get away
but yeah someone with the right training would take me out pretty quick
should i watch that?
i have it on my usbhdd

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about english teacher or my dad
yeah she not very technical i dunno if she knows that wont work
maybe her volvo has floaties
its way newer than mine
i wouldnt mind her older nerdy vulva
i kind of want to see her life partner first tho
something tells me shes not the butch one...
then im all over it
except for the commute to wtf nowhere in ventura county
i dunno when its two butches theyre both usually half assed
like honestly some of the junglists girls i know are more butch
just because they wear baseball hats and will beat you up

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lame im not used to typing addys into browser windows and having irc go away =\
k bbl
hat you mean make up some shit that sounds spanish?
im not bilingual mfkr
my dad wouldnt let us learn spanish first so we never did
my english rawks though
ha english teacher said if something happens and i get captured by north koreans she will drive her volvo here and save me

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i would have been so pissed, taxi on a straight highway then a super long bridge, like yeah i couldnt have figured this out its like the only fucking way off the island
sucked because when i was nice to the taxi drivers they wouldnt understand and theyd go to grab my bags
ahahaha wtf
so im tripping because korean almost sounds more like spanish to me than japanese or chinese
like the syllabals flow smoother so they talk faster like native spanish speakers

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hardware is a PC or something embedded?
haha yeah getting new programmers for that stuff is usually like, start project over
oh neat
possibly also neat
i think im going to walk by that little shop area built into the retail fronts
like, taxi from airport is so expensive because theres like 20mi of highway to the city
incheon airport is out on an island
so like, if i really got lost once i was in the city, taxi prob would have been like $10 instead of $80

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BlackMoon: yeah at home google maps is like ++awesome
i have it on my phone, i cant get lost, and i can avoid traffic like whatever
like before electric daisy carnival, the 101 was backed up from the venue into the valley, stop and go (like maybe 15 miles)
so i got off took a canyon road to get into hollywood
took some in between streets, hit like 100 stop signs
but i got there prob hours earlier than if i had just went fuckit and did the traffic
heh wat
oh that kind of works
you dont want to sell it to them or what

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it zooms out and gives like 7 hits in seoul
thanks google
im in incheon all those places are like 30 miles away

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i prob walked like 15miles yesterday, 1/3 with maybe 80 lbs of gear, and my feet feel fine
type in breakfast with the map on my hotel

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i have honey and sesame covered almonds
i ate all the dried chili magos
ha i once ate a whole bag of these almonds in like 3 hours
then i checked and its like, 2200 calories whole bag
(fort reference, killing a whole bag of croutons is like 800 or so)
Rab: until you slip because youre squatting spread legged on tile
or its a locked bathroom
the best
you cant fuck with that tread pattern
no man thats dimples because their designers had to justify their paychecks
prob cheaper than the two tone layered inner sole material

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i did play with the buttons thats why i powered that thing down like fuck this
the butt spray went across the bathroom
bidet was cute just made a little arc the fell back into the toilet so girls could reach down and do their thing
no it had a power button
i had to figure out how to turn it on
no i think it just beeped
pretty sure my manager wouldnt be happy if that ended up on my room bill
the entryway light is motion sense
also there is a slot to put your key weight
that enables certain power outlets
and turns the room service light from like green to red
i cant lock the door from the inside
its like wtf guys
it looks like it maybe did but it got fucked
so basically you just have the deadbolt
which is only usable from the outside
i dont have cold beans

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no you have poowater all over your crack dripping onto to your butt cheeks being absorbed by your boxers and pants
macegr: i know what they look like =\
guess in china factories its super bad to go to bathrooms on the production floors not specifically for the office workers
so today i guess i make sure all my programming hawrdware works
i hope they have 110 at the factory pretty sure the hakko wont like 240
prob have to series wire the transformer coils =(
no the one at work
everyone uses weller magnet tips
when i got there this 936 is just sitting there unclaimed

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wonder how i find breakfast
this isnt like spanish where i can fake it =\
inittab: yeah because i have a job to do im not trying to direct inject foreign bacteria into my ass
okay yeah
because spraying water on your poo, spreading it all around, prob dripping some poowater on the nozzle
it was developped for people with hemoroids
macegr: looked mostly like pastries i don't think i saw a resteraunt
honestly i just been to my bathroom
because yeah i normally poo before taking a shower so inittabs whole its cleaner thing is like double silly
also how the hell do they clean in the little seam for the toilet mechanicals?
answer: they never do because they cant

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read wrong
ha afrotech delivers
a the red led is cute
i thought there was gonna be dr pepper inside =\
so afrotech doesnt know about semiconductors yet?
overvoltage blowout is my fav
oh also the toilet is like super digital
avoiding all features
except normal handle

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my room has an a/c
its dry in here
thats why i really liked the underground swap meet
having a fan on you while you sleep is annoying anyway
everything is the same price here
haha i asked about a massage in my hotel they are like 100K won
which is more than los angeles, but i guess hotel is more expensive about everything so prob the same price
dude its the hotel
i doubt it works as much and i can prob bargain down someplace else
yeah bit better
so thats easy at least
base 1000 ftmfw
prob get way ripped off just for being an american
i dont do well dressed guy
i do double knee dickies and a tshirt
this is like, my formal clothes, my work uniform, my social clothes

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maybe every morning
haha last time i did this was like, 2 cups of it to drop weight for football
like when i was 12
macegr: my manager and two vice presidents
prob kill almost everything
why not
its diff than stomach acid
thats prob why it works
stomach acid obviously didnt work for shit
i am i prob drank a teaspoon of water while showering
wtf fan death wtf are you talking about
it was 85F with 150m visibility at 4am when i got here
i guess at 149m, they dont fly
which is maybe why my plane went directly over tokyo
(hahah kr air has tv that will give you gps info for the plane on top of high res relief maps
but yeah it wasnt raining
it was just moisture in the air

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money is low right now, i even underpaid rent $200 =\
if i had left when i was supposed to itd be like whatever
yeah but i would need a awhole day
i can maybe go today
my factory isnt back frrom vacation until tomorrow
thats why i had to get to the hotel my damn self
but i get to kick it for two days
guy who went to china is like, off the plane, into wtf
i dont think factory vacation is a national holiday but i dunno
like do you know if they had a 5 day weekend
trying to send me to seoul to look into some windows =(
dont say these things to me you know i get bored
theyre not there on the weekend are they?
i dont think ill be able to get a whole day off during the week, just today
srs i might give you food poisoning
i have a big bottle of apple cider vinegar
they said to drink it as soon as i feel any kind of sick
so i already drank some

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macegr: not really
you prob would be more, but not particularly
also i could prob pass for some manner of asian if i wanted to
same as i can pass for being brown
im like, non specific but not totally white like that
haha i had to draw pictures to buy a 120-240 plug adapter
i would draw it
and put 4GB really big in english
danielson: prob because you crashed instead of rebewted before it got saved
ive always thought that was 1000% retarded in a weeks uptime world
oh that
that works, even tho there will be active explorers in the task manager
i was half expecting it to open a FM window
no incheon
maybe i can if i stay longer
i get paid middle of second week and im probably staying 3 or 4

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rab: no im pretty sure i hate it
i never eat the trim stuff slash salad on the side anyway
there is dominos like 2 blocks from me
yeah this is a big city its like every big city
im in north incheon
rab: typically i will take lettuce of my burger or taco or whatever and add to the trim bullshit
its like two miles long
if youve ever been to an LA indoor swap meet, its exactly the same
80% random garments, jewely, perfume
dude everything is like childrens clothes =(
also they sell anything with english writing on it
like, no man i dont want you 2xx shirt for some art school in canada
whatever id prob do it
i took a $3 bus instead of an $80 taxi i would have been reimbursed for
just so i could get lost and have no choice but to learn this part of the city a bit

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hahaha wtf
stupid webirc
need some morning bbq
i dunno if they have that here
i need google maps to be less korean

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omfg efnet web client has a bug it eats your first letter after you switch windows
saying 'she is cute' really sucks
macegr: what do you mean did my bosses finally do it?
they been trying to for weeks
i pushed back the first time, and the factory pushed back the second time, same reasons
some girl in a youtube link for a horrible song
also the girl i didnt buy a tshirt from at the giant underground swap meet
yeah i remembered everything (enough to get me patted down at LAX) except my shirts
XXL unprinted black shirt is a bitch to find here
cost me $15
i dont even know what that means
i am not having tons of married friends and the ones that are arent having big weddings because like theyre real people who value money and shit

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how many address lines does it have
use the high bit
instead of the low bit
basically add a bit
no you shouldnt unless you only have a single byte to read the 16b with
then yeah

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oh i thought you were already doing stuff with a uc
1 byte discrete memory is a latch
or a d flipflop
oh, yeah depends on the interface
well you can prob wire addy and latch lines up creatively to use it as one block
dunno the pinout so cant say but usually it works
one of your data lines would be a chip enable
like your high bit would actually be a chip select, instead of an address select
or something
yeah man im half asleep not opening any datasheets now
its two of the same chip?

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oh man
im reading work emails and someone just put home made potato salad in the downstairs kitchen
hungry =(
prj: one byte memory is a register
i mean you can use sram but it'll take more operations, typically its better to put very small size and often used data in registers, and save ram for blocks of data
you should only use 1 byte of sram per block if you already used up all your spare registers

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pretty sure those are 78/79/317/337 style regs with slightly more specific parameters
they might be the same aside from theyre just made by national

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pretty sure acceptable values from that table are generalizations based on temp rise
anyway, 24awg is probably oksy but id prob use something like 20
smaller wires break easier, less likely to surive catostrophic faults

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