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i might check seoul out on the weekend
troll macegr's bossguys
it's supposed to be more touristy, less gritty and industrial
so I prob wont like it as much, heh

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yeah its neat im in Incheon so there is factories and shops everywhere
but the commercial district is prob cleaner than LA
like, they leave their trash bags against trees on the sidewalk, and its still cleaner than most of LA
they took me to mcdonalds!
iunno they have mad cell phones tho
samsung shit everywhere
but everything is basically the same price
some shit more, some less, but it basically averages out to the same as here
i dont mind octopus
and i hate seafood
but yeah
i dont think ive had a big mac in like 5 or 10 years

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TekniQue: initial production support at the guitar factory =)
hahaha factory boss walked in when I was testing all my programming/debug gear
and I was testing my backup gear at the same time so there was twice as much as there usually is
and he was like woah fuck that looks complicated
heh, 'it's only complicated when it doesn't work'
im done for today tho \o/
just have to mail bossguy my hours

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k bbl updating home base

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omg guitar factory is neat
PRS and ESP and Schecter guitars everywhere
also prob like 3/4 of the floor workers were girls
much more interesting than the ones up in the office
they scored this little cnc router with enough table for two guitar bodies and an auto tool changer
bossguy took me and his two minibosses to mcdonalds =\
i dont think I've had a bic mac in like 5 or 10 years (!)

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but i guess being .5" thick is more important than being functional or worth what you pay for
my mom can't afford apple bullshit because shes a real person
k bye!

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why dont they just have a genius fix it
there is an ipad at work
for development
i talk shit =)
the best one is 'theyve had small touchscreen tablets for at least 4 or 5 years and theres at least two touchscreen tablet netbooks on the market.'

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avr and perfboard

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oh man dont encourage her
which already has ftdi

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decoupling/reservoir caps
yeah 2L bottled natural spring water

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vut ist zee prablom
they should make every kid learn audio grounding techniques before they are allowed to fuck with anything
single point grounding and elimination of loops saves the world
guys i bought water it is like LOTEE Icis DMZ
why is the water called DMZ =\
maybe so americans buys it
i dunno!

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zeeshan: they make small 2 axis tables for the carriage
so you load an endmill into a spindle collet, and put your work on the xy table on the carriage
its only good for small work and im betting on average they dont have great precision or fit
but prob okay for quick/dirty

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time for shower then i meet guitar factory boss
whats very young like 8 or 20
like, tools on a spindle?
what do you mean live tooling
haha wow
efnet web client just swapped my two posts
i asked what do you mean first
this shit is on crack who the fuck do i complain too

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he fucked up and got caught but he wasnt a terrorist
i dont even think they caught him using any of the CC data he had
ha the rolling stone article about the guy who caught him was a pretty cool read when i was like 14

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theres hackers 2?
he went to the same community college as me =)
valley kid
so this is pretty recent?
hackers 2 is today?
whatever that guy got fucked
if he ever does something malicious again, i would have to be way fucked to be called unjustified
so how could it come from twitter
wtf are you talking about =(
or like, the revelation that the NYT writer did it came out today
yeah he wasnt treated fairly at all
if anything he should be rewarded for exposes major security issues in the phone system
mfkrs can put on a jumpsuit and walk in and out with white papers and manuals, the phone company should have been punished severely

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which is like, weak muting
if that really is the bass response, then yeah those might be epic
4 jaw chuck and a lot of time
and finish work
get a mill attachment for your lathe
then its just about doing setup to get the 3 angles
use a regular bolt and a washer?
whats wrong with it
get a file or a grinder
make it happen
so buy the part from the manufacturer
for how many?
but not surprising, they prob got ripped off too

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why does it only plot to 10hz
thats a fuckup or pretty meaningless data, they need to fix that shit or make it clear what the fuck theyre trying to get across
damn 50mW at 16R
thats kinda okay i guess
thats like sony low end bud power ratings
they have two diff caps and the plots are similar
but i want to know how they came up with the off axis plots
the earbud angle seems kinda neat
aybe they mean KHz but in that case it looks like the bass and mids on them are like 30-40dB low

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on the laundry service form, under the gentlemans section, there is an option for panties
so i can clean my shirts for like $1.80 each
no i cant find another entry heh
oh hmm
there is no prive for tshirts
hmm i think for some stuff maybe you need a quote
i guess i should ask

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10K won bills are like .25" longer than 1K won bills
koreans = smart

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whats bad about it
we drive in dense traffic at 80mph+
thats fucking dangerous
that thing prob goes 10mph and its on tracks
damn ive only spent like $40
would be $120 if i fell for that taxi trick
h and i guess $30 on tshirts
now i kind of want the light fabric short sleeve button ups everyone is wearing

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embedded flash from .net
sounds awesome where do i get mine
or maybe I wait for Indiuno, a Indian rentacoder powered open source electronics platform

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my silver sharpies dont have pocket clips?
store tip down
sanford fails me.
i only brought fat dual tip black sharpie =(
i almost bought the 24 pack of color sharpies at costco
kinda pissed me off because on the back of the package it said sharpies come in 32 colors
i was like, wat why you rippin me off
prob why that shit was at costco

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only revx has devine right

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this mfkr got flow
he seems pretty sober in this one
Rev. X returns with a psychadelic experience straight out the Garden of Edan
heh, edan
he all fueled up in this one
boogers all his bible

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he did that shit with the dylan guy
like all post apocolyptic with no adults
jeremiah or something

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Rab: did you go back home yet?
it was like 90F and 500% humidity when i got here at 4am
magnetism, or gravity if reworked a bit
malcom jamaal warner isnt

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i doubt they would use anything except clear acrylic, it would absorb light
so yeah weird voids seems like the only way to do it
yeah its got some darker spots
hmm yeah so maybe its a diffuser running up the length of the pipe
maybe they mean gravity
i seen that shit too
im made of it

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i wonder if it is hollow
cant tell from the docs

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macegr: but like, then its not a pipe
its a diffuser?
thats kind of neat i wonder how they did that
maybe some sort of multi layered twisted thing
i dont think you could get very even distribution with just a lens thing at the bottom

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yeah it was only the 60s
they were just starting out and air logic
light pipe?
haha 10mm OD, nice

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that thing literally had about 50 vacuum tubes tho
the manifold on the engine controller was like abstract sculpture

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they have less tire too
yeah, prob setup for more hp at high revs
at least it feels like youre going fast!
my crx was like that
only 60hp, but like 90ft*lbs of torque
and all its power was under 2k
it was almost the opposite of modern hondas
cvcc carb/intake/head
yeah theyre fun to drive with a 5 speed
you gotta push them hard to keep up in traffic, merge onto freeways
mine didnt rot, was abused
south cali car tho, not a huge problem here
cars that rot here are just bad about it (old porsches, datsuns)
but yeah that transmission made it fun
geared to about 110
yeah it only hit 105 going down a slight hill on the freeway

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SUKI^[tm]: you have the 6 or the 12?
yeah that sucks
uh huh
you cant pull the smog gear off?
or its just a diff motor
its geared longer or what
well that works out i guess
is it a vacuum hose tangle yet?
dude fast old cars pull about the same as todays economy cars
only exceptions really are exotics and american muscle
but anything sport, youre lucky if that shit gets to 60 in under 10sec

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old cars = time
unless youre filthy fucking rich
because old car labor is $$$$$
yeah man, five dollar signs

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aaah, right pitz
wiki outed you
sure i maintain legacy electronics
shit thats my job inibetween the digital guitar shit
buy new ones
get a new car
now you know why its straight retarded to buy a jag
to bad you didnt ask anyone because the knowledge is quite common and the butt of many jokes
first of all if you bought an actual etype
without the money to refurbish it
well youre a fucking irresponsible asshole
and dont deserve much help
obviously not enough
so you need $3k in switches or you need to hack it
if you dont have the money, youre a fucking asshole you shouldnt have an etype
that would be like me buying a 928 then crying when i needed like $3k in parts to replace the heads

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wtf is SUKI^[tm] doing here
i cant even remember that fuckers real name
i dunno i think i made it kind of clear that its you being here
A religion with over 500,000 members should have more than one person talking about it. I think this is just an attempt of someone trying to make themselves feel important since they have no other reason to feel good.

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heh have you ever driven a motorcycles?

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probably not but that might be the rating it dies at after 2 times
oh shit
hahaha nice
i think i spec'd like +-.005 for the ID and +-.010" for the OD
OD doesnt even really matter
about the length?
cnc is just other issues
haha @ rotating knobs to move lathe gearing around

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yeah but if you get one too small eventually itll fail
so you want to be overkill about the energy/current ratings
the datasheets for those things usually have info about how long theyll survive in what conditions
its kinda of hard to determine the energy of a spike, you have to know whats loading it then like integrate the area under the spike waveform

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but yeah something like that maybe even eliminates the spikes after they hit a certain threshhold
like, 50V spike prob wont hurt anything very much, and if it damages your small relay, you need to replace it anyway
depends on the mov rating thats why i said big fat ones
yeah 400v on a 24v system is not a happy place
if you dont see a spark on a relay closing, youre prob not looking close enough
well so your relay is probably fine
well run it maybe 5000 times and take apart the relay and check for damage to the plating on the contacts
if it feels degraded you need to fix shit

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so yeah contactor spikes can kill your small relay switch, the indicator LED, and your 24v source
prob should kill them, carry on
oh if youre really unlucky and the small relay has total shit voltage isolation, maybe also kills your bjt relay driver
if this happens you prob did *something* to piss off the voodoos
id use huge fat ones tho, i think those degrade with use like other tvs devices

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make the cap more useful
are you using the same symbol for the coils and the switch
or is that different relays
or what
so its like 3 relays
oh yeah i see the other K2 now
all on its side

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snubbing it could make it worse, actually, as youre diverting current away from the coil and providing less initial energy to actuate the switch
on the coil or the contacts
kill the spikes on the coil if they're a problem, dont worry about little sparks on the switch contacts
if the snubber makes the switch sparks worse, decrease the resistance or the capacitance, you might end up switching it to slowly, which might cause damage to the contacts and eventually weld them
100nF and 100ohm sounds pretty reasonable, tho
like if you can audible hear it switching slower, thats bad

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i know so i have to learn it
then i have to figure out wtf everything is saying
uh no macegr
not being able to read it at all is prob a bigger problem
translating shit prob isnt a bitch once i can tell letters aparts
yeah i prob kinda know what those look like already
like i guess the 2/3 character blocks are syllabals
arcs where
across the contacts?
snubbing the coil isnt gonna do shit about the arcs in the relay switch
thats like 100% to do with the mechanical design, the material spring force and plating and thickness

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but i slept since maybe 6
he gonna meet me here at 8am
hope not
no they had monday and tuesday off
so 3 days at the factorymad max was closed =(
and beer cabin looked lame
damn not enough enter key
need to figure out how to read korean

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its just the bump from where the epoxy was dripped onto them
or whatever that stuff is on ceramic caps
i guess its ceramic, duh

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mkecc: 2
er sry 9
you can get 1000V ceramic discs pretty easily

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hey is this thing on

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