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dioxide: im in korea
its seriously the same as nodding your head hi or thanks
fuckin awesome
looks like i might get like 13 or 14 hours of work in today
need to get a gyro head for my monopod
fuck freehand

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so i just realized, i already bow to people
like the short informal head nod bow
like, because thats just what a lot of people do where i live

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but i like dirt
i got parts!

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venus is bad sir
yeah i dont play basketball so im not impressed
rab: fuck that
how about getting the fuck over differences
and stop trying to pretend were all the same
because yeah thats the biggest fail of the civil rights movement
because its if even proven that people in fact dont come from the same thing
then yeah civil rights in its current form is fucked
simple math really

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so im just going to stay here
when i get around to it i will blow up everything thats bad
and everything will be okay
i like it here =(
mm im not sure about that
i can gaurantee it will improve the atmosphere
anyway when i told friendgirl that when the world ends she should kick it for a few minutes because im going to go look for her first
bushe said thats cool but shes like just going to think positively so nothing bad is going to happen ever
she is trying to ruin your plans

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just float in space
listen to jungle
whatever i read it in The Book
you just need a tugboat and a guy with a shotgun and everything gonna e all right
wrong book
that wasnt in space
gibson was talking about ragga drum n bass like 10 years before it existed, heh
lead is light in space
ell whatever im going to stay here

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hatever when we are in space we will need culture
so moon can make a new language we can teach to 50% of all kids
and theyll all end up thinking like moon
can i be in charge of sound, too?
so you know when its okay to open the other door!
she is not allowed
okay we will keep source material in a vault just for this
but we need a redundant sound system
so it doesnt end up on the real system
and ruin it

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<macegr> then we all throw in behind SpaceX and go offworld
i know drug dealers and thieves
i even know people who know bad drug dealers and bad thieves =(
well no
im not really involved with gangs
however i do have access to junglists
they doont call us soldiers for nothing you know
the punks of the electronic music world
well no you just tell us our weed and our sound systems are threatened
and shit will cease to exist
hell and if you try and take the coke from the emcees...
well you got some shit coming, yup
i <3 that band
god i hope that was an intentional mispelling
jezus fuck moon

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when castro is the voice of reason you know everythings on the edge of fucked

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anyway china has a reputation and they are aware of it
they also know people dont expect much from them
and they will mostly get paid anyway
it makes no sense for them to spend the time to do shit right as opposed to filling as many orders as insanely possible
like its fucked up, but for the time being its good business sense, as no one is setup to do local manufacturing anymore
heh people arent paid slave wages here

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like single digit % yields on some of the parts
im really glad i dont know whose paying for all that shit
like great guys you saved a ton of money, but no not at all because weve wasted a billion man hours rejecting samples and traveling to see the failures first hand
so basically our korean homies are like, see we told you so
who is we
your company or america
well yeah i know about that
but youre like a couple people
were like, 300 with maybe 30 people involved in this project
its almost more of a problem
the fog of communication, and whatnot
sculptor day is tomorrow

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but yeah there was no girls or english speaker people at mad max bar
so i just drank and pushed the jukebox around
ow long does it take
how long does it take
yeah do one step at a time on all of them or big batches
it wont go much faster but itll go faster
im supposed to be inspecting parts
gave them the list of what i wanted to see first, still waiting
im hoping we let them make the mechanicals here for next order
this china CM shit is ridiculous

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oh neat
yeah ill do that this weekend
i had no time at home
work was normal (busybusy) and i spent like two weeks cleaning my place up for friendgirl
she said i did good
i want to back to the swap meet and get the tshirt girl to hang out with me
the one i was going to buy a shirt to small from
just because she was so cute
but she wrote down 30k
and i wrote down 20k
and she said no and made bossguy gestures
i dont know what bossguy gestures are but she made them
so i told her it was okay and we minibowed and yeah do want
yeah kinda i think
like she turned as if she was facing herself and kinda made point NO NO gestures
and shrugged
she had short kinda bleachy hair
the swap meet was literally like 2 miles long and two aisled wide
ill never find her again =(
kinda but she was super sweet
dude all the places look the same
well not all
but theres like 20 tshirt places look the same

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last night i had guiness original, leffe brown, and popcorn for dinner
me and the jukebox
because the beers all had english translations
they seriously had maybe 60 beers fromo 20 countries
no bossguy had to go early
audi dealership appointment
his audi is nice
so he had a miniboss take me home
cool guy but his english is only a little better than my korean
i dont even know how to say hi or thank you
seen it
oldboy is old
hey i hear that alot
i just thought they were making happy noises i guess i should have realized it meant hi
i want to try and learn the characters
i really want to be able to read the signs even if i dont know what they mean
because i realized i was making up phoentic sounds for the signs and trying to read them
thats not good
timecop: its phonetic
thats like saying english is complicated because there are 500K character combinations
which is true but retarded

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i got that guy last ham swap meet i went to
like $120 i think
its little bumpers are worn down tho, kinda move off to the sides
and its BNC are a bit spotty because of the china BNC plugs
(watch out, theyre oversized ID)
nyway yeah south korea is bad for me
like at home it sucks because the smoking area is next to malibu creek
its beautiful so i love hanging out there
but here is like, smoke everywhere
`nico: im at my workstation in my little office here smoking
and me and the factory boss will smoke when we have meetings
and after mcdinalds
im going to ask tomorrow if they always eat mcdonalds
or if its just because of me
maybe next week they take me someplace else
i wont tell them i never eat mcdonalds at home
well except breakfast
`nico: i want to!
im afraid to go myself because most the places dont have any english

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this is the guy who went to china to deal with some active subwoofer for home audio
home audio subs always have massive equalization of the low end
anyway we needed him to run pink noise at a certain level
so the factory didnt have any audio gear to get the gain they needed from his cd player or whatever source
nm they prob has literally 1M opamps lying around...
but yeah, he plugged the output of one amp into the input of another
so basically a 6db bump near roloff because 12db
and you set level of the clipped pink noise by its peak
because it has consistent crest factor (peak vs rms)
but yeah he was running 1/4 rms
no this weekend im going to try
they took me to mcdonalds
im wondering if its just what they do
maybe has nothing to do with me
bossguy here is pretty rock n roll
man i have an ashtray right by my pc
and we all smoke during meetings
and when walking around
and after meals
ham market or what?

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so you couldnt even turn that shit on or off the first try
like, company bitches about money all the time
but buys two of the most overpriced computers you can buy
so the fucking project manager
the guy who is supposed to know enough to be able to coordinate electronic and mechanical and marketing aspects of the projects
he walks into my lab and opens up a locks and points at like the 6 signal gens we had
like, were a speaker and amplifier company
we are already lacking test gear
and you want to sell all our signal generators?
dude if that
i know they worked but i wouldnt buy them on ebay they were cosmetically fucked
they were assembly line QA stuff at one point
like back when CV and KRK used to make shit
yeah and just dirty, banged up
some of them had problems to but i could use them for certain functions, and we needed backups just in case
because yeah we could have prob lived without scopes even
but sell the generators, you might as well sell the company and give the names to china

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it might be ugly but its usually funtional
its basically enco brand, they dont want to kill their rep
yeah they are
mad % off already low prices
hey do shipping deals pretty often too
next time they do free ship im going to score one of their small granite blocks
is it?
all the workstations were dell
these were mules
usually for reviewing schematics and drawings
or gerbers
i just assumed it was rebranded china factory shit
like, alienware buyer vacations in china, finds the biggest lcd he can find, says SHIP IT, gets laid for $20, goes home
haha the screen bezel and the bezels for the buttons along the top of the keyboard rubbed each other to powder
like the analog stick on N64 controllers
so that stuff fucked up all the switches

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BlackMoon: alienware laptops have a huge stack of slots for diff cards
the slows are more area than the slots for the cooling system exhuast
so it all dumps through the card slots
they all stopped working =(
those laptops were a joke
exjob bought two of them
like, oh yeah bunch of overpriced game machines with fucked up reliability and shitty fit/finish
we had like 3 or 4 dead batteries, one good one, and 2 laptops
they were huge and heavy too
i bet the reason it happened is some idiot who didnt know shit asked his kid HI WHATS THE BEST COMPUTER
BlackMoon: like tips to fill the tool location
or a whole box of inserts
hey phase ii is good chinashit
we had a bunch of calipers and setup bits from them at school and they all worked well
which is saying a lot because those tools saw tons of abuse
doubt it, maybe even the same factory

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they call kim jong ils kid CNC
and they mean it like, computer numerical control CNC
because i guess he is all about modernization of the country, so now they are like CNC factory this and CNC automation that and NK will dominate the world with CNC or something
theyre only about 40 years behind...

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cerwin vega, krk systems (not quite, still has a chance), and stanton magnetics (everyone knows stanton is shitty china crap)
k gotta go bbl!

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i got mad 500 won coins
hotel spring bed is ruining my hip i think =\
like its not 100000% fucked yet but i can feel it coming
everything soon, mfkr
thats how i was at both newjobs
exjob eventually hated me for it
because they had lived under this fantasy that they were selling good products
and i basically told them they were idiots not capable of reviewing off the shelf china shit for problems
and basically drove three names worth millions into the dirt
whatever that aint minor when you need the docs
that can end up being mad delays and mistakes

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hahaha youll never go to korea you exist so they dont have to come to america =\
rab: eh?
is that the legalization thing?
seriously fuck all that i smoke everyday as much as I want for reasonable prices
almost wherever i want
itll fuck shit
we dont need more rules
we need them to take rules off the books
everyone is
weed helps everything
welcome to reality
and thats how the medical law is written, too
it says *anything* it helps with
and shit i aint ever seen it make people unhappy
rab: off weed theyd would have prob been suicidal =)

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obviously, this is why we all like you
dont ruin it
neat boss guy and project manager says i did good on my report
if im awesome enough theyll prob make me stay forever =\

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also i eat all sorts of stuff now to impress vegan friend
'im eating my carrots because i love you'
you prob like them
because you are broken
she is too
she even eats the cilantro
so now i do
i kinda maybe even like it now
you pick that off the ground in the wild you spit that shit out
it tastes poisonous
i like pizza with peperoni and mushrooms
and mad red pepper flakes
+ parmesan
i do this like 2 tro 4 times a week =\
then i go eat in my car, stare at the mountains on the top of las virgines road
you need those metals to be awesome rab
you wont find that on the internet because no one else knew it until i says so just now

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macegr: ahaha my gear is about like 3 programmer boards, a midi usb dongle, and i got small tools and hard drives
and i brought at least one backup of everything
so im testing it all, swapping shit in and out
no we have lobster
fuck arduino
we think of shit then it happens
and then we use that thing for all sorts of other hack stuff
like we might reprogram battery holder to be a reference battery generator
so we can test all the gauge levels of the TI chip with super secret battery gauge methods
like most out shit is like, OKAY THIS WORKS BUT HOW DO WE MAKE IT BETTER?
so shit gets creative
well whatever i ate a big mac for them
cant be worse

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i said it was exactly like mcdonalds at home
so i didnt lie
if they take me someplace else like bbq or noodle place im going to let them know its waaaay better than mcdonalds
dude we went to some target/ikea place
parked on top (he got an audi, we went with two of is minibosses)
escallators arent steps
moving hills
we did like 4 floors of that
so yeah
guy is like, hands in his pockets, dropping F-bombs about china CMs fucking up yield and schedules
like in our meeting with his top mofos
seems pretty cool
understand im not there to be political just to make sure bad shit doesnt make it out his factory
i told him i like incheon
there wasnt factories and shops like that at home since i was a kid
these mfkrs are productive, literally, haha

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kay so mad max didnt have english speaker people
not even server girl and server lady
it has group of young guys and big party of businesws dudes
so i had some belgian beer and humped the jukebox
someone needs to teach this jukebox how to rawk out its selection was not so awesome =(
at least the beers were subtitled in english
o boss took me to mcdonalds
thats where i had dinner
(there was popcorn)
too american =(
that was my first bic mac in i dunno 5 or 10 years
and i *always* get them plain with cheese and onions
this had like lettuce and the sauce
wasnt so bad
McDs french fries were my first solid food

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