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http://www.sfvcmhc.org/html/erickson_center.html haha my placement has a website
level 12 mfkr
Through individually planned educational programs and a caring environment, the school staff encourages a positive learning experience.
my ed plan was kick it with the principal and talk about motorcycles and tatoos

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not for bench work
its prob the best bench supply available if you want to eliminate power supplies from a design or troubleshooting problem

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economy is bad reza

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timecop: if its like the shiftbright stuff, its like 10bits pwm and 8bits adjustable range of set currents
interitu5: if the drivers are internal its prob current regs
or maybe those are the ones with resistors

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obviously pitz

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blackmoon: haha @ flkcutter
it almost looks balanced!

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need fewds bbl

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came home smoked hung out then we both had to go crash out
so i been sleeping
answering voicemails
need to go get some foods and a pack of natural organic light cigarettes
mmmm $8.50 cigs
$2.50 for cigs in korea
where is that fucker pitz
suki^[tm]: hi
see that guys hardcore
fuck autorejoin
interitu5: no one goes into the north
thats why its the north
yeah but i wasnt going to canada
and north canada is like wastelands
i still need to go to BC i only been to quebec

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yay home
omfg the east to west jetlag is a bitch
of which status
everything seems okay
cat is super happy
tent girls dont wake up for 45 minutes
the air coming out the exhaust duct smells like theyre doing okay
no friendgirl cleaned all those up i guess
also litterbox is more cleaner than ever
haha my cat found my jacket and nested in it
for awhile, my friend picked my up from the flyaway bus and we picked up some Wicked OG
dude its like normal dank is almost dead its almost all kush and hybrid kush now

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