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this is all the normal peoples
wait whose sianna

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bout time they start going on strike and shit

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The minimum wage in Beijing will increase by 20 percent from 800 yuan (117 U.S. dollars) to 960 yuan per month from July 1, said Beijing authorities Thursday.
lets call a month 20 days at 8 hours
its like $.85
thats mostly machines
so month is more days and they prob work longer hours

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capri sun straw?

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ha i gave the zombie mouser in adidas tshirt to friendgirl
i guess i can give the stolen hotel soapdish to my mom

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fuckin lame
the kickass fender pickups are bigger than my mexican fender pickups
not i gotta like, dremel the bridge pickup cavity and the neck pickguard slot

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avrisp and stk500 are tanks

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oh fuck guys

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you can get usb fifo chips

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old i thought i repasted in here already?
oh i guess maybe in the stonerchan

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they prob already have the printers
ultra high speed dot matrix
like youre trying to buy lizard jerky on a tab and they check your equifax

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wooo i got $140 fender sumarian cobalt noiseless jbass pickups
for $100
also hahahah @ computers at GC all broken
they has to like crunch my credit card in one of those slidy things with carbon paper
amd call in my cc number
i had to ask if they had to train them all to write stuff down on forms and he was like, ya
i think i thought that too at first
ya srs
oh hahaha
but he didnt even slide it because they couldnt get it to work
so they just used it to hold the CC and the carbon paper
and rubbed the numbers into the paper with a pen cap
and we laughed how we did this with crayons in elementary school
and we thought it was to like, pass the time
but really it was for when all the computers in the future break they can still collect money
those guys

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someone hoggin the dryers
their loads are done
no i have to put my clean clothes in there

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fuckin laundry
okay two neat things about korea:
money system is base 1000
engineering notation ftw
the $1 thing is like 1/4" shorter than the $10 thing
fuckin genius.
yeah on its long axis
so imagine having a stack
shuffle stomp on table, pull the $10 notes out

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macegr: think of ways to troll your kr company
because yeah im going back def dont want to work the weekend again
holy shit theyve never even come out to meet you
it looks like a 20 people company
well i could do it like this
i could just walk in
and start conversations about the stuff
and when we trade business cards
i give them yours
they all read the cards before putting them away, too
like youre an ass if you dont
the factory i go to has double sided cards in korean and english

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everywhere except there =\
macegr: i have dental pics say made in afghanistan
also i hear they have quite the ak47 and rifle knockoff industry
oh wow tila tequila has stalkers i would have never guessed that would happen
hahaha juggalos
well her fault for showing up
blackmoon: thats what they do owhen they like you
because its funny
its like colbert at the press club dinner that bush was at

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we should drop corvettes on the world and defend against foreign sports cars being dropped here
right now we are losing foreign sports cars are pretty cool
i see one of those carbon fiber glass hooded audis in a parking lot here i get stuck i just stand there staring
we cant do that
we can break mach3 like 60 years ago we cant make a cool CF and lexan sports car
italians been doing it since like the f40
hi done
old even
please get out of the 80s macegr
new porsche hybrid has clear wheels
and tesla is giving up at sport from what ive heard
wow they are playing goldie - angel on the dnb radio
like its 1998 or something
so yeah fuck giving money to banks
let them all die
but im down with giving grants to american manufacturing
instead of abandoning all our mil bases we should turn them into factories

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again, guns, bombs, networked stealth fighter jets, floating fortresses, occupying the entire world while we drive ourselves into the dirt
id rather fail at making corvettes than fail at taking over the world
we are
its not sustainable
f117 wasnt a fighter
f22s can talk to each other
could end an entire bomber fleet with just two planes
one runs passive and picks up targetting info from the one out of attack range
too bad no one cares about bombers anymore
no you need a10s for that
only if theyre already in the stone age

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im down GM makes badass cars
paying taxes to make corvettes is way more awesome than paying taxes to bomb mothers and children and make domestic spy drones
thats just how i feel about it
so anyway its not a lie we own the company, we already got paid back for that part
thats smart business
why use your own maney to pay someone back when you can use that money for development and logistic bullshit
mfkrs need paychecks
what so they are failing?
so they are performaing to the normal american standards of manufacturing

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i dont like old cars like that
and im pretty sure if they hadnt pulled the guy out the smoke would have killed him
jet lagged
2 days off, $400 speeding ticket w/ extension to pay until like october
ford never took money and i think the other two have both paid the money back
so they paid back the loan and we still own gm

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^ like 5 miles from here

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rab: haha parts werent there almost got nothing done, have to go back
saw that coming
no not really
because i kicked enough dirt that company brass is there right now fixing shit
and im not going back until theyre ready to turn the factory on for our order fureal
sat around and binned china parts for 2 weeks
so yeah, saw it coming

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fuck that everything would still look like the 50s
just stay in ther honda and vw sections
then it works like that

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no one can afford to manufacture or purchase shit that never breaks down
almost no one then

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chrome isnt transparent
trust me i been dealing with bullshit chrome for weeks, they used some sort of coppery undercoating
chrome is def covering that completely, when it chips its super obvious
im glad i wasnt the guy in china dealing with that

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