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are you watching the jobs apology?

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what else do i need from mcmaster besides screws

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i <3 new jbass pickups
okay tiem for dnb

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23:57 < Eggsalad> rhetts: Explain your controlling algorithm, mfkr.
haha i taught him that

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wtf fanwing

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naw man
its people
audio marketing is made out of people
they work on the other side of the building
but its like, instrument amps and instruments, so its allowed
how do you think algorithms for eggsalad were developed?
no they are mostly musicians
i want to do microcontroller stuff
somewhere is think i have a stk600 i dont think this was a dream

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timecop: thats how they say 'it sounds like it has a low pass filter'
warm/natural/throbbing = lpf maybe ~12khz
explicit/detailed/defined = midrange cut, 'Rock' EQ
sharp/bright/precise = no high end cut, not enough bass

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