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ha mg chemicals has an outpost.com link for frys
doesnt work
gallon of mg chems iso is $25
i think vons 99% is cheaper

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is $100 for 5gal of iso at mcmaster
denatured ethyl $80
yeah thats all that pops up for alcohol
i know so i figure is more like $60 if i can find local
enco has no idea what im talking about

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i can nuy 99% in the first aid section
dont want to =\
fuckin junkies

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macegr: went to vons (socal safeway), they had 99% iso hidden behind 4 rows of 70%
i think maybe stock people dunno the diff
thats why they dont have it sometimes
not the same
that shit is intentionally poisonous for commercial purposes?

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whole half watt
sounds like a three arduino project
well im hoping the leds are dropping most of it
i thought coding on arduino was like, pictures and legos

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swedes, heh

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i gave her my twix

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is for manufacturer proprietary madness

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damn i totally gotta give one of my monitors to mom
i hated that monitor

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um yeah just build another midi out driver and send the output signal to both
gonna need another transistor =\
fuck i should just start making arduino shields
do i need to buy an arduino first?
well ill know pretty quick after i start selling stuff

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yeah duh
screwed me, 3 stage plan and never got to the primary task of stage 1
i said if stage 1 goes more than 3 days shit is all fucked up
issues with supply from guess who
pfft thats bullshit
i just had a good time, the factory took care of me and i liked the people i worked with
check again, just the last couple days and i was putting work while i was doing that =)

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i am totally missing one of my allen keys

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i totally dremel routed the cavity for my jbass bridge pickup to fit the newer better fender pickups
single flure straight router bit
got the edges pretty smooth, kinda square
finished with black sharpie (black guitar)
looks like from the factory
naw it came out okay!
i filed the pickguard slot too wide but even that is pretty okay
sec ill take pic

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`nico: did you see i get to back to sk?

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took newbike a few blocks without a seat
no squeekies or creaks, just freewheel pawl and tire buzz sounds
yeah what nico said

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i just make audio shit and talk shit about wars the fbi doesnt care about me

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linux runs my cnc
and gnome, i hate gnome tho
cnc on dos/win platforms can be pretty sad
mine isnt very big
going to go ride the bike

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just biological stuff
and the water might have to be optically clean to work well
ive seen UV final stages in reverse osmosis setups

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19:29 < Arcturus`> but a 30000mcd LED is about 0.8 lumens.
at what angle
anyway im mostly asgainst the idea based on assembly time and driver debug concerns
right but its concentrated in a 2" area or something
so you still needs lots to cover a given area
the tech is pretty even
but LEDs assembly makes it way easier in mass production versus homebrew

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per watt, it should be similar
also with high mcd like that theyre pretty narrow focus
which helps you but you need to get them close enough they overlap
or scan the array over the boards to compensate
how much current
thats about what leds are
HID lighting is way ahead in efficiency, LED and FL are pretty even

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agitator/aerator seems harder
as what, fl tubes?

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what like source selecting?
being able to switch isnt good enough?
you want it to interrupt their shows
so put a motion sensor on an IR remote spoofer and screw it to their coffee table or something

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heh i bought rrio opamps just because they had a 914 part number
theyre not very good haha
prob a few
fruitbag: yes
fuck i dunno maybe
secondary circuits can be made out of anything
youre being weird
i havent had a honda is like a year and a half =(
pfft buildin pcs is for kids and IT mofos
how is dvr gonna do that

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get excited, too lazy to backspace or read what he typed

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razzi: you dont have the resources to do this yourself, you either sell the idea or yourself to a big company thats setup to do this

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yeah i liked the couple i have
mrtube: hi
did you hear how i went to south korea for newjob?
sk is nice the standard of living is almost like here
yeah i went, prob going back in a few weeks

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haha @ closing down mental institutions
fuckit its too hard to do it right just giving up!
last time i didnt vote we got arnold

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hes stated several times that they are not married and the kids are not his
also he has given details about her hemoroid surgury but will deny it (funneh)

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fuck that guy
i dont even know nonsense
freak hates me because he didnt know how to load values into 16b regs
and because he didnt know the lower 16 regs arent capable of a lot of opeocdes
and because he didnt know that avr opcode could be longer than one cycle to execute
whatever that guy couldnt deal with being wrong and the guy was a bighead
yeah he was old and with failing health and that sucks and i hope he gets better
but in general he was just a dickhead
so he should learn to get a long better so he doesnt have to be all by himself with his notwife

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who is nonsense am i banning him?
i still want to take aikido
save you the trouble i guess
i wonder if bike place is open today
now youre evading?

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