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i guess its like led zep instead of lead

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so it wasnt like wasted or anything
yeah ive heard
the girl who was conversing with me at the jukebox another night (no idea what she was saying to me)
she had like 6 beers in front of her when i got there
weird code
but yeah not a wobble in her step
and was drinking the whole time i was there
she was little too

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im like, bartenders here dont do shit for me except look sexy and smile because they know i tip like 20-40%
what do you mean my bosses
like from my company?
like one head manager guy and the buyer guy of the factory
i had no bosses there
oh, well i dunno they were drunk
we only had like 3 or 4 soju bottles and maybe 8 guinness between us over like 4 hours
while eating

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`nico: haha the first night i went there, the server lady was writing guiness, leffe, cass in perfect english writing
i was like, haha this is for my boss! and she laughed
after that she wrote stuff up in korean, i think her english is pretty good must be funny to watch people practicing their english with me
they have little 4 sided bars with integrated ice cooler
so you are sitting around like probably 60 types of beer stuck into the ice
and whenever you grab one, or have the server help you because they get lost in there, the server replaces it
and if she has a matching mug for the beer you grab, she will run off and come back with a chilled glass that has a logo like your beer
and they are totally confused by tips

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no thats the international beer bar i was going to
that i took the managers too after they took me to kbbq
oh i should turn in my receipts

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thats how mad max showed up on my card statement

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i know writes so smooth!
isnt that a grrl in an efnet stoner chan?
looks dangerous, maintained by carnis
pls2reference scary joellama stories

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yeah fuck that it almost rips paper
rolly ball should roll
they dont even sell 07 at this pen place

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the one you called the customer about?
0.3 isnt visible
writing notes on postits
link to your pen
thats pencils
im talking about pens

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seriously i was buying the pen/pencil set in junior high
the pencil has one of those slide back as you write tips
so you dont break them off when you click out a lot of lead
they make minis now!
i like the 0.7mm ones
thats fuckin sexy
your shit is a metal tube
no grippy ergonomics
youres is like a 60s design =(

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wtf you called the customer
no it wasnt because you gave it to him
dude those are $4 for a two pack here
and its really an 80s tech pen
you cannot fuck with this pen
self hatred

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welcome to reality
youre supposed to have boxes and boxes of pens with your business name on it
no youre fucking up
you put your name on the pens and you lose them on purpose
pen island
no because they will give up and expect you to find another
you either steal pens from businesses
and leave their out
because you stole but now you are advertising for them
so its okay
no seriously
theres businesses with their own pens
and businesses with everyone elses pens
you should put your awesome work pen out because it will get jacked
you will have made someones day brighter and happier
but you got no work pen
now you are using one of the shitty other business pens for work
the solution is getting your own pens
hey man getting a real cool pen can bring me a few minutes of pleasure

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its just a pwm chip and fet drives with a LPF on the output
want to do a class-g
something super awesome about a power supply rail scaling up with input signal after a threshhold
what into the headphone amp?
oh there could be DC
it might just be an opamp and a resistor
its the only way AB will survive

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well theyre big and they stick out
well someone needs to post numbers, controlled setups and either FFT/analyzer plots or something AP
mrtube: like if you hyave the space and money you just use wima polypropylene boxes for anything signal
honestly i would love to test that
or see it tested
it does if youre designing long stages
like in subwoofers or something
because youre THD through sections gets worse
class-d is getting really good
and it basically is the market
chipamps will prob still get action at like 50W and below
and i bet output stage driver chipamps get more popular

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have small PCB for chipamps, caps, power traces, feedback bits
the bpa200
oh his ive done diff a couple diff ways
yeah i wouldnt anymore
i would use electrolytic with an 1206 bypass
so you could 0R or go smt ceramic
you cant really
would probably almost be as big as the RCA jack
yeah but put a bypass on the board, either 1206 or 0805, labeled DNF or OMIT
DNA, D/F, everyone does that shit diff its kind of annoying
i always think norfair and do metroid daydream for 5 sec
it means dont use this part
dont assemble it onto the pcb
for price yeah, for a lot of sized bipolar electrolytics are cheaper than ceramic
or theyre just in stock in stupid quantities

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naw bullshit
its a cap in the signal path
it would be neat but the dc offset amplifies in boost stages
it kills your headroom
so its a headroom vs signal purity tradeoff
those things handle heat better than they should
make sure you solder them good else theyll just break off
they got 2.2uF 0603 now i think
jezus fuck no
stacked ceramic
theyre the only ones where the electrolytic part drips or sprays out
i would prob do your amps diff i think

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or between a .05%THD and a .001%THD
ferix: well i like making the THD plots go .0009% too
but the truth is it doesnt make a huge difference when the amps are run in their envelope
yeah it should
can you get the fft plots?
you can totally see how the THD measurement is derived
and what harmonics youre distorting at
its easy to do tho
you just measure you signal peak vs the next highest
but you have way more information
joellama: that will do audio?
most of them are like, KHz or MHz low range
yeah the chipamps are tuned to audio bandwidth
higher stuff they prob try and ignore

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ferix: everyone has inefficient speakers
watts per channel is mostly a bullshit spec from companies
tube is probably measuring sustained sine into big dale heatsink resistors =\
ferix: i really dont care
unless you pull the drivers out and tell me what each of their sensitivities is
mrtube: anything else is just a knockoff, prob same spec but they never look quite as awesome
anyway matching sensitivity of drivers during selection is a bigger deal than absolute sensitivity
ferix: also two amps run in their range, with acceptable THD specs of like <0.1%
people dont notice
theres been enough tests
people just cant tell the difference between even two lower end THD spec amps

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theyre used for a certain distortion effect, tubes are purely for sound
they have no other benefits
space shuttle is dated
tubes were useful when there was 1000 tube factories
and you could get high quality tubes
because of market competition, and it wasnt to expensive
yeah in limited audio applications
and in backup transmitters
danielson: +4dBu (pro) -10dBu (home)
most thing are built with headroom (except amps for obvious reasons)
danielson: make a max scale sine at several freq spread throughout the bandwodth
and test it
thats how you characterize a source
most preamps and amps will have an attenuator to cut hot signals to their input sensitivity spec
that way you can still get max power out of low signals
and deal with very hot signals that will be lower in noise picked up during transport and possible generation

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jking: jtag is a connector
it has bits
when you connect it to microcontrollers, it has boundary scan + extra capabilities
usually extra includes programming and realtime emulation
please refer to your microcontroller and programmer manufacturers' white papers regarding doing shit with jtag
it doesnt bounce the transformers coils so much
or at all maybe
bridge parallel
at like no% efficiency
and no reliability
as long as you dont overvoltage chipamps theyre rock solid
tubes distort with even order harmonics, or some shit, but it basically rounds the tops of the waves
yeah and the 50W amp signal will never be clipped out by overdriving the bass signal into the amps
ferix: meh, thats what all of commercial audio is doing
ferix: tube amps cannot be solid
because theyre made from tubes
and tubes just are consistent or reliable

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thats pretty good
yeah probably just the amp topology
mrtube: briangt=minimalist
you see a lot of people hang a coupling cap off the board

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that sounds efficient
dx^: hallo
ive never really like the power input setup on those
the way its on both side with the signal in between
mrtube: only suggestion really, make the wire to the amp by the mains input maybe 2" longer
so you dont have to curve over the caps and diodes
the diodes can throw EM stuff pretty far because of the fast switching
oh okay
besides that it looks cool
instead of 27V?
oh yeah he always does two bridges on his psu

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