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bunch of io ports, i dunno maybe 16x8?
i basically finished greys orcad design

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also a complete nutbag, ban on site

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senior vp guy came back from factory
he gave me fist pound in the list-of-wtf's meeting
job status: possibly secure
The download runs on Xbox 360 consoles that have been already been modified using a hack known as JTAG. | http://www.captivebredreptileforums.co.uk/319870-post41.html
topic fail
the mfkr who started this chan with tekrad

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ha @ 7500 redemptions
slacker_: ty
macegr: from PPG, A job opening matching your profile for a position of CNC Set-Up Operator-1000001501 has just been posted in our Career Section.
well i could go for it just to see how it goes and tell newjob like, hey this way big company wants to give me this much for this job and blah blah blah blah

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haha friend of exgf's family did that
9000 million is pretty funny tho

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